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Nature selects Chris Field as one of five people to watch in 2014
Submitted on January 8, 2014

The journal Nature chose Chris Field as one of five people to watch in 2014 for his work on the upcoming IPCC report on climate change.

Lobell honored as "global thinker"
Submitted on January 8, 2014

The international magazine Foreign Policy selected Prof. David Lobell as one of 100 "Leading Global Thinkers," in good company with others including founder Jeff Bezos, New York Times writer and author Thomas Friedman, and Pope Francis. Lobell was cited for helping farmers feed the world.

Stanford and Carnegie team up to launch online forest monitoring course
Submitted on January 8, 2014

Powerful software developed by the Carnegie Institution for Science is now available at no cost to people who complete a training course hosted by Stanford Online.

Rising mountains dried out Central Asia
Submitted on January 8, 2014

The uplift of two mountain ranges in Central Asia beginning 30 million years ago expanded the Gobi Desert and set Central Asia on its path to extreme aridity, a Stanford study suggests.

Stanford researchers track a silent killer in rural Bangladesh
Submitted on January 8, 2014

An interdisciplinary team of Stanford researchers seek to understand why lead contamination persists in one of the poorest corners of the world, and how to stop its spread.

Sierra snow survey points to dry year ahead Read more here:
Submitted on January 8, 2014

Why no snow? PhD candidate Daniel Swain helps explain one of the driest starts to winter ever recorded in California

From water supplies to solar energy, undergrads present a year’s worth of research
Submitted on December 4, 2013

Senior Theo Gibbs researched cacao plantations and if chocolate was eco-friendly under guidance of Research Associate Ximena Rueda and Professor Eric Lambin.

The real truth about tornadoes
Submitted on December 4, 2013

Noah Diffenbaugh and five other tornado experts cowrote an op-ed that aims to set the record straight on the link between tornadoes and global warming.

Graduate application deadlines approaching
Submitted on December 4, 2013

Applications for most of our Master's and PhD programs are coming soon, as early as December 3 and as late as December 17. For an overview of Earth Sciences graduate degree programs, link to the headline above.

U.S. methane emissions 50 percent higher than expected
Submitted on November 27, 2013

A new analysis of U.S. methane emissions indicates that previous studies underestimated emissions from human activity, particularly cattle farming and fossil fuel production. The new analysis is based on a "top-down" methodology developed by EESS associate professor by courtesy Anna Michalak and her research group.