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Environmental Earth System Science (EESS) Ph.D. Thesis/ Oral Defense for Lida Teneva

This talk comprises the public portion of the PhD dissertation defense from approximately 10am -11am 

Department of Environmental Earth System Science- Lida T. Teneva

Advisor: Rob Dunbar      

Title: Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change: Insights from Models and Field Measurements.

Abstract: Coral reefs are key ecosystems not only for ocean health, but also for human well-being, as many millions of people depend on them for food, income, and protection. Reefs harbor a third of all marine species, yet there is significant uncertainty about how severely these ecosystems will be affected with future climate change. This work brings in a small piece of puzzle and contributes to our understanding of what makes coral reefs resilient, specifically when it comes to warming and acidifying seas. We now know carbon biogeochemistry on reefs is affected by a few more processes than used to be considered previously. We now have a greater appreciation of the complex interactions between physics, chemistry, and biology which control the conditions experienced by reefs. This helps us not only improve our mechanistic understanding of how reefs work and how different processes affect their successful growth in different locations, but also gets us a step closer to identifying where the reef strongholds of the future may be. 

Date and Time: 
Monday, August 12, 2013 - 10:00am
Mitchell Building, Hartley Conference Room
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Department of Environmental Earth System Science