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Joint EESS/GES Winter Seminar Series, Andrew Ridgwell, University of Bristol

Joint EESS/GES Winter Seminar Series, Andrew Ridgwell, University of Bristol, "(Modelling) the co-evolution of life and the planet", Abstract: Species do not live in isolation, but adapt and ultimately, evolve, in relationship with other species as well as with their chemical and physical environment. In the marine environment, this interaction is intimately two-way - the surface biogeochemical environment modulates the makeup of the pelagic ecosystem, yet at the same time, the ecosystem assemblage, by setting the strength of the biological pump and ultimately, in regulating the carbon and nutrient inventory of the ocean and atmospheric pCO2, influences the surface geochemical environment. Feedbacks, both negative and positive, must therefore exist between plankton ecology and global biogeochemical cycles. This has implications for understanding the geological record and particularly the response and recovery of marine ecosystems following major environmental perturbation, but also complicates making projections of future ocean changes. The question underlying this talk is quite simple: Can we usefully model such a system?  

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 2:15pm
GeoCorner, Room 220
Event Sponsor: 
Department of Environmental Earth System Science