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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is now part of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.
This page is currently being maintained for archival purposes only. For the latest information, please visit us here.



Important Time Considerations for Post-Travel

  • Reimbursement requests (including clearing travel card purchases and travel advances) should be submitted to appropriate department staff within 10 days from the last day of business travel. If you cannot meet this deadline, please notify ESS staff as soon as possible.
  • If requests are not processed and submitted by the Department within 60 days from the last day of travel, expenses will be tax-reportable as income to the individual per IRS guidelines. For more information, please visit Stanford's Reimbursement/Expense Reporting Process.
  • Reimbursements are processed in the order received. Allow 2 weeks for ESS processing time.
  • The turn-around time for Stanford's central reimbursement office is approximately 20 working days.

Expensing Form

  • Students and post-docs are required to download and fill out the Expense Report Form for all travel related expenses. (Be sure to download before filling it out!) PI signature is required before you can be reimbursed (for course expenses this is Jonelle Whiting).


  • Submit ALL itemized receipts along with any needed forms. Receipts may be print originals, scanned and sent, or forwarded from email (such as airfares or Uber/Lyft rides).
  • If there are any receipts missing, regardless of amount, please complete Missing Receipt Form.
  • Below are receipt requirements for various expense types:


  • Submit airfare itinerary and receipt showing payment.
  • Include boarding passes as proof of travel if possible.
  • If airfare did not meet with Fly America Act and Open Skies agreement, complete the Certification of Exception to Fly America Act to help identify legitimate exceptions for use of a non-U.S. carrier.


  • Submit an itemized hotel bill showing method of payment and a zero balance. If necessary, have the hotel email it to you.


  • Submit car rental receipts (not agreements). Insurance, Loss / Damage Waiver (LDW), Collision, etc. are not reimbursable unless you are traveling in Hawaii or foreign countries.
  • Car Mileage - include a PDF map of start/end points that shows number of miles driven.

Meals & Alcohol

  • Meals - list all attendees present for meals if applicable.
  • Alcohol - Only allowable per PI's approval and not on grant-funded travel. Per Stanford Policy, tax and tip are included as unallowable expense added to alcohol.
  • Tips may not exceed 20%.

Per Diem

  • Per Diem Rates - generally only faculty are eligible for per diem. Students, postdocs and staff must submit receipts for reimbursement unless there is specific authorization for per diem from the faculty PI.

Proof of Travel Documentations

  • Class lists and additional attendees are needed for course field trips.
  • Include announcements and/or itineraries if attending a conference or inviting a guest speaker.
  • Submit Conference Program/Agenda regardless of whether you are a presenter or an attendee with your request for reimbursement. If you present an abstract, that must be included also.

Non-Stanford Visitors

  • Visitors or Suppliers will receive an invitation email with a link to the Supplier / Payee Request Portal where they can verify personal contact information and upload all confidential data, such as these forms, before payment.
  • LA-6 FORM (required for ALL non-Stanford travelers). This form is required in order to prevent you from being taxed on your reimbursement. Non-US citizens must provide copies of their passport, visa, I-94 card. J-1 visitors must also submit the DS-2019.