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Welcome to The Water Course

(Geophysics 104/Earth Systems 104)

The Water Course studies the pathway that water takes from precipitation, through the geologic environment, to our taps. Water quantity and quality issues are studied as well as the balance required between the needs of humans and the needs of the natural world.

As part of the course, students learn how and where to access information as they research the water resources of their home towns - a critical step in helping all of us become informed, "geo-literate" participants in decision-making in our home communities. Students then add this information to the Waterscape - a collection of projects that presents a broad view of water resources across the United States.

Students of The Water Course can use this website to find links to informational Data Resources, or begin creating their own Waterscape poster by going to the Upload Center. Specific class materials can be found on the GP 104/ES 104 CourseWork website.