Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics: the Ocean Circulation :: Lectures

Lecture 1: Introduction and motivation

Lecture 2: Physical characteristics of the ocean

Lecture 3: Equations of motion, the Coriolis force, and the geostrophic balance Presentation and notes.

Lecture 4: The observed mean circulation

Lecture 5: Wind-stress and Ekman layers

Lecture 6: Ekman pumping/suction and the Taylor-Proudman effect on a sphere

Lecture 7: The Sverdrup relation and the wind-driven gyres

Lecture 8: Western intensification. Movie showing observations of Rossby waves courtesy of Dudley Chelton (OSU).

Lecture 9: Recirculation gyres

Lecture 10: Air-sea fluxes, mixed layer dynamics, and water mass formation

Lecture 11: Subduction and the ventilation of the thermocline

Lecture 12: The Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Lecture 13: Deep and Bottom Waters

Lecture 14: Abyssal Circulation

Lecture 15: The Energetics of the Ocean Circulation

Lecture 16: The Ocean Heat Transport

Lecture 17: The Tropical Circulation

Lecture 18: El Niño