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CAP System - Maintaining Your University Profile (for Affiliated Faculty, Post-Docs, Grad Students, and Staff)

The Community Academic Profiles system (or CAP) is a university-wide Stanford system for maintaining your profile information. It will serve as both a source for all School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences profile pages at the School, Department, Program, and Research Group levels as well as a web destination in its own right for public and Stanford-only viewing.

Please use the following as a brief tutorial to review and update your profile. I will be holding several drop-in sessions to provide direct assistance with any problems you are having setting up your profiles. Please see the schedule in the email that linked to this page.

 There are two available versions of each person's profile. The public version at, and the Stanford-only version at

Pages on the public site are currently protected by WebAuth, but will be available for anonymous viewing on January 30th. See section 5, below, for more on visibility settings.

1. Go to to view the public profiles site. While it is currently protected behind WebAuth, it will become publicly available on January 30, 2014. 

2. Enter your name in the search bar to go to your profile page.

3. Check the title information under your display name, your profile picture, and the other information on the various tabs. 

4. Make updates and change various settings by clicking the 'View Stanford-only Profile' link. This will take you to your page on the Stanford-only CAP site. Click the 'edit my profile' link to make changes.

5. Email Notifcation, Visibility, and Maintainer Information

a) Click the "Email Preferences" link to change the way the CAP system notifies you of updates.

b) Click "Profile Visibility Settings" to change visibility options. You can choose to hide your profile completely from both the public and Stanford-only sites, or if your profile is visible, you can choose to make the various sections visible either publicly or to Stanford-only.  Important note: only publicly available sections of a visible profile will be available to display on School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences web pages.

c) There is a list of people who have update access to your profile. You may add additional maintainers by SUNet ID by clicking the "add new" link.

6. Profile Photo

There is a formatting issue in the CAP system where square thumbnails are used for rectangular images. This can cause someone's chin to be cut off if the profile photo is a full head shot. For best results, please use a profile photo in which your head only takes up the top half of the photo.  

7. Inbox. This section will let you know if there are new publications from PubMed or Reuter's Web of Science awaiting your confirmation to be added to your profile.

8. Display Name. Click on 'edit name' to change your display name and to change the public URL of your profile page.

9. Affiliations and Contact info.

a) Affiliations data comes from Stanford HR systems and from StanfordWho and is not editable here, though the system will let you show or hide secondary affiliations.

b) Contact information comes from your StanfordYou settings and are not editable here.

10. "Bio", "Current Role","Administrative Appointments", "Honors and Awards",  etc. are available for you to fill in.

11. Publications

a) The list of publications has 3 sources: Stanford's PubMed database, Reuter's Web of Science database, and Manual Entry. New publications appear in your inbox for your approval, or you may add publications by searching for the title or DOI. If it is not found in the database, you may enter a publication manually.

b) Please note: Capitalization and other formatting may be different from record to record depending on the source of the record. The CAP development team is aware of the problem, but will not have a fix in this release to make the formatting more uniform.

c) Pubmed and Web of Science records, and manual entry records that include a Document Object Identifier (DOI) number will include a "More" link which will display links to the actual publication. 

d) We will continue to look for DOIs or Web of Science entries for publication records which currently do not have a "More" link.

e) Click on "edit publication import settings" to turn automatic publication import on or off, or to add publications written under a different name or while at a different institution.

g) Notice the "publication topics for this person" on the publications page of your public profile. These topics are generated only for keywords found in articles that are in the PubMed database. The CAP development team is looking at options to turn this feature off for this release.

12. Help

Your Stanford-only profile page includes a "Feedback" link on the right side of the page. This link  will allow you to create a HelpSU ticket to report any problems or concerns, That ticket will first go to me. If I can't address the problem, I will escalate it to the CAP development team.