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Postdoctoral Research Position in U-Th-Pb Geochronology

We invite applications for a postdoctoral position in the development and application of 230Th-U and U-Pb geochronology to low-temperature secondary mineralization associated with fault-related rocks. The proposed research seeks to establish a new approach for directly dating fault-related authigenic materials using complimentary in situ secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and MC-ICPMS (multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) methods. The postdoctoral fellow would work closely with an interdisciplinary team involving scientists from Stanford and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Applicants should have a PhD in geochemistry or a related field with experience in the application of 230Th-U and/or U-Pb to low-temperature environments.  Familiarity with both SIMS and MC-ICPMS approaches, and a strong background in fault-related deformation and fluid flow are also desired. Experience in developing numerical codes would be beneficial for developing models for fluid-rock interaction within fault zones. The project will involve fieldwork and microstructural characterization of thin-sections using a variety of techniques, including scanning electron microscopy, electron microprobe analysis (EMPA), and electron backscatter diffractometry EBSD. Measurement would be performed with the Stanford-USGS SHRIMP-RG (Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe – Reverse Geometry) instrument and mass spectrometers within Stanford’s ICP-MS facility.  Candidates should also exhibit strong oral and written communication skills.

Contact Name: 
Kate Maher
Contact Email:

To apply, please submit a brief statement of research interests, along with a complete CV, and contact information for three references to:

Kate Maher,