Program Co-Director 
Professor Khalid Aziz
Department of Energy Resources Engineering 
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Program Co-Director
Professor Lou Durlofsky
Department of Energy Resources Engineering 
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Program Administrator 
Joleen Castro 
Department of Energy Resources Engineering 
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Faculty and Staff


Current Ph.D. Students
  Anshul Agarwal Thermal Adaptive Implicit Method
  Marco Antonio Cardoso Reduced Order Models for Reservoir Simulation
  Tianhong Chen Modeling Fluid Flow in High Porosity Materials
  Yuanlin Jiang A Flexible Computational Framework for Efficient Integrated Large-scale Modeling of Advanced Wells and Complex Reservoirs
  Yaqing Fan Chemical Reaction Modelling in GPRS
  Bin Gong Fractured Reservoir Modeling and Upscaling
  Chuanping He Structured 3D Gridding and Upscaling
  Marc Hesse Mathematical Modelling and Multiscale Simulation of CO2 storage in Saline Aquifers
  Yuanlin Jiang A Flexible Computational Framework for Efficient Integrated Large-scale Modeling of Advanced Wells and Complex Reservoirs
  Jihoon Kim Reservoir Simulation Coupled with Geomechanics
  Pipat Likanapaisal Uncertainty quantification using stochastic differential equations
  Toshinori Nakashima Near well upscaling in three-phase system
  Jerome Onwunalu Nonconventional Well Optimization & Field Development Planning
  Rami Younis Simulation Software Generators; Fast Automatic Differentiation & A class of nonlinear solvers guaranteed to converge rapidly regardless of time-step size
  Hui Zhou Multi-scale Modeling of Reservoir Simulation
Current M.S. Students Project
  Alireza Iranshahr Parameterization of the Compositional Space, with Focus on the Super-critical Region
  Romain de Loubens Construction of High Order Adaptive Implicit Methods for Reservoir Simulation
  Deepanshu Kumar Application of Well Optimization in CO2 sequestration
  Mohammad Moravvej Farshi Improving GA search for Optimal Wells
  Mona Fallah Tafti Applying pseudo-time into Adwell software to make it more applicable for gas
  Yi Wang Variable bubble point problem in GPRS
  Wentao Zhou
Uncertainty Assessment of Subsurface Flow by PDF Method
Recent Ph.D. and M.S. Students Project
  Masroor Chaudhri (M.S. 6/05)
  Avesh Dixit Upscaling Error Assesment
  Birendra Jha (M.S. 6/06) Computational Geomechanics and its Interaction with Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Fluid Flow
  Anand Nagoo (M.S. 6/06) Real-time Model Updating & Calibration for Automated Surface Production Facilities
  Pallav Sarma (Ph.D. 6/06) Optimal Control of Petroleum Reservoirs under Uncertainty
  Liisa Stright (MS 6/06) Real-time Optimization and History Matching of Smart Wells
  Jones Shu (MS 6/05) Modeling of Nonconventional Wells
  Yuguang Chen (Ph.D. 6/05) Upscaling and Subgrid Modeling of Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Reservoirs
  Robin Hui (Ph.D. 6/05 ) Upscaling of Two-phase Flow Processes: Near-well Effects and Miscible Displacements
  Chuanping He (Ph.D. 6/04) Structured 3-D Flow Based Gridding and Upscaling Techniques
  Inegbenose Aitokhuehi (M.S. 6/04) Semi-Analytical Modeling in Gas Reservoirs
  Luis Rodrigo Diaz Teran Ortegon (M.S. 6/04) Drift-Flux Modeling of Wellbore Flows
  Ritesh Sablok (M.S. 6/04) Uncertainty in Reservoir Performance Predictions
  Mathieu Prévost (Ph.D. 12/03) Unstructured Gridding and Upscaling
  Vincent Rigot (M.S. 6/03) New Well Optimization in Mature Fields
  Jose Villa (M.S. 6/03) Optimization of Multilateral Well Trajectories
  Tao Shu (M.S. 6/03) Coupled Geomechanics and Fluid Flow Modeling
  Burak Yeten (Ph.D. 6/03) Optimization of Non-conventional Well Performance
  Pengju Wang (Ph.D. 3/03) Optimization of Surface Facilities
  Hiroshi Fukugawa (M.S. 12/02) Practical Modeling of Non-conventional Wells
  Jing Wan (Ph.D. 11/02) Combined Modeling of Fluid Flow and Rock Mechanics
  Amit Kumar (M.S. 9/02) Modeling of Gas Cap Blowdown
  Banu Alkaya (M.S. 8/02) Drift-flux Modeling of Wellbore Flows
  Hui Cao (Ph.D. 6/02) General Purpose Compositional Modeling
  Jerôme Serve (M.S. 6/02) Semi-analytical Modeling of Non-conventional Wells
  Christian Wolfsteiner (Ph.D. 6/02) Simulation of Non-conventional Wells