Louis J. Durlofsky

Professor and Chair of Energy Resources Engineering
Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2220
phone: 650-723-4142
fax: 650-725-2099


Research Interests:
My general research interests include the upscaling and gridding of detailed geological models for flow simulation, multiscale modeling, modeling and optimization of advanced wells and smart fields, wellbore flow modeling, modeling of fractured reservoirs, modeling of CO2 sequestration, and general reservoir simulation. Specific topics currently (or recently) under investigation include:

  • Development of upscaling and multiscale procedures that account for complex physics, wells, and large-scale (global) effects
  • Gridding, discretization and upscaling for unstructured simulation models (e.g., 3D models based on tetrahedral grids)
  • Closed-loop reservoir modeling and optimization (includes optimization of well rates/BHPs, automatic history matching, reduced-order modeling, and uncertainty propagation)
  • Optimization of nonconventional well type and placement
  • Modeling of multiphase flow in the wellbore and linkage of complex well and reservoir models (including near-well upscaling)
  • Modeling of flow through fractured systems using multiple subregion models (generalized dual-porosity/dual-permeability representations)
  • Modeling of CO2 sequestration operations