Louis J. Durlofsky

Professor and Chair of Energy Resources Engineering
Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2220
phone: 650-723-4142
fax: 650-725-2099


Recent Talks

 Optimization of Advanced Well Type and Performance

 Upscaling of Geocellular Models for Flow Simulation


Recent Papers

Sternlof, K.R., Karimi-Fard, M., Pollard, D.D., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Flow effects of compaction bands in sandstone at scales relevant to aquifer and reservoir management,” to appear in Water Resources Research.  (pdf)

Durlofsky, L.J.: “Upscaling and gridding of fine scale geological models for flow simulation,” Proceedings of the 8th International Forum on Reservoir Simulation, Stresa, Italy, June 20 – 25, 2005. (pdf)

Chen, Y., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Adaptive local-global upscaling for general flow scenarios in heterogeneous formations,” to appear in Transport in Porous Media. (pdf)

Chen, Y., Durlofsky, L.J., Gerritsen, M., Wen, X.H.: “A coupled local-global upscaling approach for simulating flow in highly heterogeneous formations,” Advances in Water Resources, 26, 1041-1060 (2003).  (pdf)

He, C., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Structured flow-based gridding and upscaling for modeling subsurface flow,” submitted. (pdf)

Prevost, M., Lepage, F., Durlofsky, L.J., Mallet, J.-L.: “Unstructured 3D gridding and upscaling for coarse modeling of geometrically complex reservoirs,” The European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, Cannes, France, Aug. 30 - Sept. 2 (2004). (pdf)

Mlacnik, M.J., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Unstructured grid optimization for improved monotonicity of discrete solutions of elliptic equations with highly anisotropic coefficients,” submitted. (pdf)

Efendiev, Y., Durlofsky, L.J.: “A generalized convection-diffusion model for subgrid transport in porous media,” SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, 1, 504-526 (2003). (pdf)

Hui, M., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Accurate coarse modeling of well-driven, high mobility ratio displacements in heterogeneous reservoirs,” to appear in Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. (pdf)

Lødøen, O.P., Omre, H., Durlofsky, L.J., Chen, Y.: “Assessment of uncertainty in reservoir production forecasts using upscaled flow models,” presented at the Seventh International Geostatistics Congress, Banff, Canada, Sept. 26 – Oct. 1 2004. (pdf)

Sarma, P., Durlofsky, L.J., Aziz, K., Chen, W.H.: “Efficient real-time reservoir management using adjoint-based optimal control and model updating,” to appear in Computational Geosciences. (pdf)

Aitokhuehi, I., Durlofsky, L.J.: “Optimizing the performance of smart wells in complex reservoirs using continuously updated geological models,” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 48, 254-264, 2005. (pdf)

Yeten, B., Brouwer, D.R., Durlofsky, L.J., Aziz, K.: “Decision analysis under uncertainty for smart well deployment,” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 43, 183-199 (2004). (pdf)

Artus, V., Durlofsky, L.J., Onwunalu, J., Aziz, K.: “Optimization of nonconventional wells under uncertainty using statistical proxies,” submitted. (pdf)