Khalid Alnoaimi

Research Interests

My research focuses on studying the multi-physics of gas transporting experimentally in shales at core level and the influence of micro-cracks in the determination of dominant transport mechanism. With decreasing net effective stresses, the micro-cracks growth, hence influence, increases accordingly and that would impact gas permeability and adsorption/desorption rates. The existence of micro-cracks at noticeable amounts during SEM imaging can assist the determination of pore volumes in the micro-cracks and matrix including organic and inorganic fabrics in a pressure pulse decay test. The revelation of primary and secondary porosity in intact shale samples has a significant importance in assigning accurate average rock properties for both media, such as pore size, interface area and gas diffusivity. With the aid of numerical modeling, history-match method is employed to study the indicated gas and rock properties.

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Gas Shale


  • BSc. Newcastle Upon Tyne Univ.
  • MSc. Petroleum Eng., Stanford
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