Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 24-26, 2014

Monday 24th February 2014
Chair: Kewen Li

(1) "DOE Geothermal Technology Program Overview 2014," Douglas HOLLETT

(2) "JASON Review of Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Raymond JEANLOZ and Howard STONE [Paper]

(3) "How to Use the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) and NGDS Node Deployment," David CUYLER, Arlene ANDERSON, Kim PATTEN

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A): EGS 1
Chair: Pat Dobson

(4) "Australian Experiences in EGS Permeability Enhancement – A Review of Three Case Studies," Betina BENDALL, Adrian LARKING, Robert HOGARTH and Peter REID [Paper]

(5) "Thermal Stimulation and Injectivity Testing at Raft River, ID EGS Site," Jacob BRADFORD, Mary OHREN, William L. OSBORN, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

(6) "Imaging the Newberry EGS Site Using Seismic Interferometry," Eric MATZEL, Dennise TEMPLETON, Anders PETERSSON, Meredith GOEBEL [Paper]

(7) "Utilization of Stimulation Technology in Conventional Resources - An Economic Analysis," Matt UDDENBERG, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Susan PETTY, Yini NORDIN, Michael SWYER

10:45 am SESSION 2(B): GENERAL 1 -- Cataloging Geothermal Data
Chair: David Cuyler

(8) "DOE Geothermal Data Repository - Tethering Data to Information," Jon WEERS, Arlene ANDERSON [Paper]

(9) "The State of California’s GeoSteam Database and Well Finder On-line Mapping System," Joseph A. AUSTIN [Paper]

(10) "A New Geothermal Play Type Catalog: Streamlining Exploration Decision Making," Inga S. MOECK, Graeme BEARDSMORE [Paper]

(11) "Geothermal Exploration Case Studies on OpenEI," Katherine YOUNG, Mitchell BENNETT, Darren ATKINS [Paper]

Chair: Frank Horowitz

(12) "Building Subsurface Velocity Models with Sharp Interfaces and Steeply-Dipping Fault Zones Using Elastic-Waveform Inversion with Edge-Guided Regularization," Youzuo LIN and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(13) "Seismicity and Subsidence: Examples of Observed Geothermal Deformation Synergies from New Zealand," Chris BROMLEY [Paper]

(14) "An Investigation of the Microseismicity at the Newberry EGS Site," Dennise TEMPLETON, Gardar JOHANNESSON, Stephen MYERS [Paper]

(15) "Micro-Seismicity and Seismic Moment Release Within the Coso Geothermal Field, California," J. Ole KAVEN, Stephen H. HICKMAN, Nicholas C. DAVATZES [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A): EGS 2
Chair: Joe Iovenitti

(16) "InSAR Measurements and Numerical Models of Deformation at Brady Hot Springs Geothermal Field (Nevada), 1997-2013," S Tabrez ALI, Nicholas C DAVATZES, Robert J MELLORS, William FOXALL, Peter S DRAKOS, Ezra ZEMACH, Corne KREEMER, Herbert F WANG, Kurt L FEIGL [Paper]

(17) "A Heat Extraction Prediction for Multiple Fractures in a Closed-loop Circulation Enhanced Geothermal System," Bisheng WU, Andrew P. BUNGER, Xi ZHANG, Robert G. JEFFREY and Cameron HUDDLESTONE-HOLMES [Paper]

(18) "Evaluating the Roles of Thermoelastic and Poroelastic Stress Changes in the Desert Peak EGS Stimulation," David DEMPSEY, Sharad KELKAR, Nicholas DAVATZES, Stephen HICKMAN, Daniel MOOS, and Ezra ZEMACH [Paper]

(19) "Fracture Permeability Assessment in Deeply Buried Carbonates and Implications for Enhanced Geothermal Systems: Inferences from a Detailed Well Study at Luttelgeest-01, the Netherlands," Katrien VAN OVERSTEEG, Lindsay LIPSEY, Maarten PLUYMAEKERS, Jan Diederik VAN WEES, Peter FOKKER and Chris SPIERS [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(B): GENERAL 2 -- International
Chair: Graeme Beardsmore

(20) "Geothermal Springs at Wairakei; Lessons for Future Developers," Sophie MILLOY, Juliet NEWSON, Fabian SEPULVEDA [Paper]

(21) "Re-Designing and Integrating National into Regional Geothermal Development Strategies to Increase Electric Energy for Economic and Social Transformation," Godfrey BAHATI and Ralph K. B. NYAKABWA-ATWOKI [Paper]

(22) "Feed-In Tariff for Indonesia's Geothermal Energy Development - Current Status and Challenges," Madjedi HASAN and Anton WAHJOSOEDIBJO [Paper]

(23) "Methodology of Determination of Geothermal Potential," Elemer BOBOK, Aniko TOTH, Peter SZUCS, Zoltan FEJES [Paper]

Chair: Colin Williams

(24) "Monitoring Geothermal Activity at Aso Volcano, Japan, After Small Eruption in May 2011," Yayan SOFYAN, Jun NISHIJIMA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Shin YOSHIKAWA, Tsuneomi KAGIYAMA, Takahiro OHKURA [Paper]

(25) "Development and Test of a 300°C Fiber Optic Borehole Seismic System," Björn PAULSSON, Julio TOKO, Jon THORNBURG, Frank SLOPKO, Ruiqing HE, Paul GREENE [Paper]

(26) "Geophysical Investigations of the Geologic and Hydrothermal Framework of the Pilgrim Springs Geothermal Area, Alaska," Jonathan M.G. GLEN, Darcy K. MCPHEE, Paul A. BEDROSIAN [Paper]

(27) "High Temperatures Predicted in the Granitic Basement of Northwest Alberta - an Assessment of the EGS Energy Potential," Jacek MAJOROWICZ, Greg NIEUWENHUIS, Martyn UNSWORTH, Jordan PHILLIPS and Rebecca VERVEDA [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A): EGS 3
Chair: Brian Anderson

(28) "Sustainability of Fractures in EGS Systems – A Laboratory Investigation," Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, Seiji NAKAGAWA, Patrick F. DOBSON, B. Mack KENNEDY, Jonathan P. ICENHOWER, Shinichiro NAKASHIMA, [Paper]

(29) "CO2 as a Working Fluid in Geothermal Power Plants: Comparison of Recent Studies and Future Recommendations," Waqas AHMED, Adil JAVED [Paper]

(30) "Thermal Performance of Directional Wells for EGS Heat Extraction," Elena KALININA, Teklu HADGU, Katherine KLISE, Thomas LOWRY [Paper]

(31) "Economic Valuation of Directional Wells for EGS Heat Extraction," Thomas S. LOWRY, Elena KALININA, Teklu HADGU, Katherine A. KLISE [Paper]

Chair: Rosalind Archer

(32) "A Study on the Production and Reservoir Performance of the Germencik Geothermal Field," O. Inanc TUREYEN, Hulya SARAK, Abdullah GULGOR, Bayram ERKAN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(33) "Application for Practical Gravity Monitoring Using a Portable Superconducting Gravimeter," Mituhiko SUGIHARA, Kazunari NAWA, Tsuneo ISHIDO, Nobukazu SOMA, Ayumu MIYAKAWA, and Yuji NISHI

(34) "Applications of Experimental Design and Response Surface Method in Probabilistic Geothermal Resource Assessment – Preliminary Results," Jaime Jose QUINAO, Sadiq ZARROUK [Paper]

(35) "Well Placement Optimization for Maximum Energy Recovery from Hot Saline Aquifers," Esmail ANSARI, Richard HUGHES, Christopher D. WHITE [Paper]

Chair: Dennise Templeton

(36) "Maximizing EGS Earthquake Location Accuracies," Gillian FOULGER, Bruce JULIAN [Paper]

(37) "Value of Information Assessment using Calibrated Geothermal Field Data," Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Michael HOVERSTEN, Egill JULIUSSON, Abelardo RAMIREZ, Jeff ROBERTS, Robert MELLORS [Paper]

(38) "Joint Inversion Modeling Algorithm of Geothermal Prospects," R. J. MELLORS, A. TOMPSON, K. DYER, X. YANG, M. CHEN, W. TRAINOR-GUITTON, and A. RAMIREZ [Paper]

(39) "Application of Low Amplitude Seismic Emission Analysis to Evaluation of Hydrothermal Fractures Underlying the Western Flank of Newberry Volcano, Oregon," Al WAIBEL and Zach FRONE [Paper]

Tuesday 25th February 2014
08:30 am SESSION 5(A): EGS 4 -- Induced Seismicity
Chair: Inga Moeck

(40) "Validating Forecasting Models for Induced Seismicity Related to Deep Geothermal Energy Projects," Eszter KIRÁLY, Valentin GISCHIG, Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Stefan WIEMER [Paper]

(41) "Micro-earthquake Observation Results in Ogachi HDR Project," Hideshi KAIEDA [Paper]

(42) "Lognormality, δκ ~ κ δφ, EGS, and All That," Peter LEARY, Peter MALIN, Justin POGACNIK, John RUGIS, Brice VALLES, Peter GEISER [Paper]

(43) "Reservoirs and Reinjection of the Thermal Waters of Kızıldere, Western Anatolia, Turkey," Nevzat OZGUR, CALISKAN Tugba [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(B): MODELING 1
Chair: Robert Podgorney

(44) "Stress-Permeability Relationships in Low Permeability Systems: Application to Shear Fractures," Carla CO and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(45) "Numerical Modeling of Geothermal Systems," Cedrick COPOL, Jacques LAMINIE, Simon LOPEZ [Paper]

(46) "Modeling of Failure Along Predefined Planes in Fractured Reservoirs," Rajdeep DEB, Patrick JENNY [Paper]

(47) "An Integrated Discrete Fracture Model for Description of Dynamic Behavior in Fractured Reservoirs," Jack NORBECK, Hai HUANG, Robert PODGORNEY, Roland HORNE [Paper]

Chair: Abdurrahman Satman

(48) "An Experimental Study of Thermal and Hydraulic Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation of Brittle Impermeable Material," Seth L. CRAIG, Kent S. UDELL, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(49) "Parallel Simulation of Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical (THM) Processes in Geothermal Reservoirs," Shihao WANG, Yi XIONG, Philip WINTERFELD, Keni ZHANG, Yu-Shu WU [Paper]

(50) "A New Analytical Solution for the Motion of a Two-Phase Interface in a Tilted Porous Medium," Pietro COLLA [Paper]

(51) "Exploring EGS Well Layouts That Mitigate Thermal Drawdown-Induced Flow Channeling," Pengcheng FU, Charles R. CARRIGAN [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(D): GEOLOGY 1
Chair: Rick Allis

(52) "The Blackfoot Volcanic Field, Southeast Idaho: A Hidden High-Temperature Geothermal Resource in the Idaho Thrust Belt," John WELHAN, Mark GWYNN, Suzette PAYNE, Michael McCURRY, Mitchell PLUMMER and Thomas WOOD [Paper]

(53) "Preliminary Results of Deep Geothermal Drilling and Testing on the Island of Montserrat," Paul BROPHY, Bastien POUX, Gene SUEMNICHT and Paul HIRTZ [Paper]

(54) "Conceptual Model for Snake River Plain Geothermal Systems Based on Slim-Hole Exploration at Mountain Home, Idaho," Dennis L. NIELSON, John W. SHERVAIS [Paper]

(55) "Implications of Geology, Structure and Tectonic Setting for Heat Extraction on the Eastern Snake River Plain," Alex MOODY, Mitchell PLUMMER [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A): EGS 5
Chair: Sabodh Garg

(56) "EGS Designs with Horizontal Wells, Multiple Stages, and Proppant," Sogo SHIOZAWA, Mark MCCLURE [Paper]

(57) "Proppant Behavior Under Simulated Geothermal Reservoir Conditions," Clay JONES, Stuart SIMMONS and Joesph MOORE [Paper]

(58) "CO2-Activated Rheoreversible Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids for Enhanced Geothermal Energy Production," Carlos A. FERNANDEZ, Hun Bok JUNG, Senthil KABILAN, David J. HELDEBRANT, Alain BONNEVILLE, David HOYT, Lirong ZHONG, Tamas VARGA, Kenneth C. CARROLL

(59) "Heat Extraction Performance of Enhanced Geothermal Systems with Multiple Wells," Fangming JIANG, Jiliang CHEN

10:45 am SESSION 6(B): MODELING 2
Chair: Serhat Akin

(60) "Discrete Element Modeling of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs," Azadeh RIAHI, Branko DAMJANAC, Jason FURTNEY [Paper]

(61) "Optimization of Re-Injection Allocation in Geothermal Fields Using Capacitance-Resistance Models," Serhat AKIN [Paper]

(62) "An Approach for Investigation of Geochemical Rock-Fluid Interactions," Carina BRINGEDAL, Inga BERRE, Florin A. RADU [Paper]

(63) "Modeling the Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems," Lilja MAGNUSDOTTIR [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(C): TRACERS 1
Chair: Ben Barker

(64) "Modeling Temperature-Time Tracers for Projecting the Thermal Behavior of Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs," Morgan AMES and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(65) "The Use of Amino G as a thermally Reactive Tracer for Geothermal Applications," Peter ROSE and Scott CLAUSEN [Paper]

(66) "Ability of Thermo-Sensitive Tracers for Precisely Estimating System Temperatures in Column Experiments with Thermal Gradient," Friedrich MAIER, Mario SCHAFFER, Nur, Silvia NNJIE, Tobias LICHA [Paper]

(67) "Characterization of Mass/Heat Transfer in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs Using Mathematical Model of Complex Dynamical System," Anna SUZUKI, Yuichi NIIBORI, Sergei A. FOMIN, Vladimir A. CHUGUNOV, Toshiyuki HASHIDA [Paper]

Chair: Colleen Barton

(68) "Imaging Steeply-Dipping Fault Zones Using a Novel Least-Squares Reverse-Time Migration Method," Sirui TAN, Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(69) "Hypocentral Relocations Aided by Virtual Receivers Constructed Via Seismic Interferometry," Franklin G HOROWITZ, Larry D. BROWN [Paper]

(70) "Imaging Steeply-Dipping Fault Zones Using Elastic Reverse-Time Migration with a Combined Wavefield-Separation and Poynting-Vector Imaging Condition," Ting CHEN and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(71) "Diverse Focal Mechanism Solutions of Microseismic Events During Active Deformation in Krysuvik Geothermal Area, SW Iceland, in 2009," Sigridur KRISTJANSDOTTIR, Kristjan AGUSTSSON, Olafur G. FLOVENZ, Laurent GEOFFROY, Catherine DORBATH [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A): EGS 6 -- Modeling
Chair: Charles Carrigan

(72) "Stimulation Mechanism and the Direction of Propagation of Microseismicity," Mark MCCLURE [Paper]

(73) "Development of a 3D Hydrogeological and Geomechanical Model of an Enhanced Geothermal System Using Microseismic and Ground Deformation Data from a 1-year Injection Program," Pierre JEANNE, Jonny RUTQVIST, Donald VASCO, Julio GARCIA, Patrick F. DOBSON, Mark WALTERS, Craig HARTLINE, Andrea BORGIA [Paper]

(74) "Numerical Studies of Combined Shallow and Deep Geothermal Systems," Patrick JENNY, Dimitrios KARVOUNIS [Paper]

(75) "Multi-Fluid Geothermal Energy Systems in Stratigraphic Reservoirs: Using Brine, N2, and CO2 for Dispatchable Renewable Power Generation and Bulk Energy Storage," Thomas A. BUSCHECK, Jeffrey M. BIELICKI, Jimmy B. RANDOLPH, Mingjie CHEN, Yue HAO, Thomas A. EDMUNDS, Yunwei, SUN [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(B): MODELING 3
Chair: Inanc Tureyen

(76) "Thermal-Hydrodynamic-Mechanical Modeling of the Subsidence During Exploitation of the Mutnovsky Geothermal Field, Kamchatka," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Jonny RUTQVIST, Mefody MAGUSKIN [Paper]

(77) "3D-Model of the Deep Geothermal Potentials of Hesse (Germany) for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Kristian BÄR and Ingo SASS [Paper]

(78) "Progress in Understanding the Geothermal Sedimentary Basins in Northeastern Morocco," Alae-Eddine BARKAOUI, Yassine ZARHLOULE, Massimo VERDOYA, Vincenzo PASQUALE, Hamid Lahrach [Paper]

(79) "Thermal Modeling and EGS Potential of Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon," Zachary FRONE, Al WAIBEL, David BLACKWELL [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(C): GENERAL 3
Chair: Katherine Young

(80) "Geothermal Development: Challenges in a Multiple Access Scenario," Sam MALAFEH, Basil SHARP [Paper]

(81) "Review of H2S Abatement Methods in Geothermal Plants," Esteban RODRIGUEZ, William Scott HARVEY, Einar Jón ÁSBJÖRNSSON [Paper]

(82) "Cooling System for Borehole Tools," Benedict HOLBEIN, Jörg ISELE, Luigi SPATAFORA [Paper]

(83) "Revisiting the Assessment of Geothermal Resources," Colin F. WILLIAMS, Jacob DEANGELO, and Marshall J. REED

Chair: Stuart Simmons

(84) "Deep Geothermal Reservoir Temperatures in the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho Using Multicomponent Geothermometry," Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Earl D. MATTSON, Travis L. MCLING, Carl D. PALMER, Robert W. SMITH, Thomas R. WOOD [Paper]

(85) "Geochemistry of the North Western Algerian Geothermal System," Mohamed BELHAI, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Fatima Zohra BOUCHAREB-HAOUCHINE, Tatsuto IWANAGA and Masami NOTO [Paper]

(86) "Hydrogeochemical Characterization and the Origin of Hot Springs in the Cidanau Geothermal Field, West Java, Indonesia," Boy Yoseph CSS SYAH ALAM, Ryuichi ITOI, Sachihiro TAGUCHI, and Rie YAMASHIRO [Paper]

(87) "Fluid Geochemistry of the Surprise Valley Geothermal System," Carolyn CANTWELL, Andrew FOWLER [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B): MODELING 4
Chair: Anna Suzuki

(88) "An Updated Computer Model of Rotorua Geothermal Field," Thomas RATOUIS, Michael O`SULLIVAN, John O`SULLIVAN [Paper]

(89) "A Set of New Correlations for the Compressibility of Two-phase Water and for the Steam Z Factor in a Wide Thermodynamic Range," Mario César SUÁREZ ARRIAGA and Fernando SAMANIEGO VERDUZCO [Paper]

(90) "Numerical Model for Mist Separators," Ali BAKHSHINEJAD, Magnús Þór JÓNSSON, Halldór PÁLSSON [Paper]

(91) "A Damage Mechanics Approach to Modeling Permeability Enhancement in Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Simulations," Justin POGACNIK, Mike O'SULLIVAN, John O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

Chair: Masami Nakagawa

(92) "Enhancement of Heat Exchange Capacity of Ground Heat Exchangers by Injecting Water Into Wells," Yohei INOUE, Ryuichi ITOI, Naokatsu CHOU, Hiroaki OKUBO, Hikari FUJII [Paper]

(93) "Supply Characterization of Geothermal District Heating and Cooling Applications in United States," Xiaoning HE and Brian ANDERSON [Paper]

(94) "Closed Loop Heat Extraction from Deep Single Wells," Ryan LAW, David BRIDGLAND, Duncan NICHOLSON [Paper]

(95) "Design of Sustainable Community using Abandoned Mine and Geothermal Resources," Yu KOIZUMI and Masami NAKAGAWA [Paper]

Chair: Pete Rose

(96) "Preliminary Assessment of Fluid Mineral Equilibria in Thermal Waters from Sedimentary Formations: Implications for Geothermal Resources," Stuart SIMMONS, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(97) "Application of Integrated Multicomponent Geothermometry at the Chachimbiro Thermal Area, a Difficult Geothermal Prospection Case," Fabrizio GHERARDI, Nicolas SPYCHER [Paper]

(98) "Experimental Determination of Chlorite Dissolution Kinetics at Geothermal Conditions," Megan M. SMITH, Susan A. CARROLL [Paper]

(99) "Change in Permeability of Porous Medium in Silica Scaling Experiment Under Different pH and Suspended Particle Concentration," Loren TUSARA, Ryuichi ITOI, Daisuke FUKUDA, and Yoshitaka KAWAHARA [Paper]

Wednesday 26th February 2014
08:30 am SESSION 9(A): EGS 7
Chair: Timothy Kneafsey

(100) "Discrete Fracture Network Simulations of Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Thomas DOE, Robert MCLAREN, and William DERSHOWITZ [Paper]

(101) "Sheared Fracture Conductivity," Ravindra BHIDE, Tyler GOHRING, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(102) "EGS Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment with 3-D Discrete Fracture Modeling," Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Gischig, VALENTIN, Stefan WIEMER [Paper]

(103) "Strain Measurement of Geological Samples Subjected to Triaxial Stresses Experienced During Hydraulic Fracture," Yarom POLSKY, Ke AN, Larry ANOVITZ and Luc DESSIEUX [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(B): MODELING 5
Chair: Elena Kalinina

(104) "Numerical Simulation on Fluctuation in Wellhead Pressure of Geothermal Well," Haruhiro INAGAKI, Ryuichi ITOI, Naoto KUMAGAI, Takaichi IWASAKI [Paper]

(105) "Temperature Behavior of Geothermal Wells During Production, Injection and Shut-in Operations," Kaan KUTUN, Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(106) "Modelling of Rock-Water Thermal Interaction in Different Scales," Milan HOKR, Tomas STRAKA, VITA Project Team [Paper]

(107) "Formation Damage and Fines Migration in Geothermal Reservoirs (Modelling and Field Case Study)," Zhenjiang YOU, Pavel BEDRIKOVETSKY, Alexander BADALYAN, Martin HAND, Chris MATTHEWS [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(C): GENERAL 4
Chair: Andrew Chiasson

(108) "Systematic Energy Life-Cycle Assessment on Perceptions of Efficiency with Non-technical Shareholders," Christopher RICHARD, Greg MINES, Jay NATHWANI [Paper]

(109) "Induced Seismicity of the Paradox Valley Brine Injection," Corinne E. BACHMANN, William FOXALL, Thomas DALEY [Paper]

(110) "Monitoring of Natural and Induced Seismicity Using Long Borehole Seismic Vs. Near Surface Seismic Arrays," Bjorn PAULSSON, Ruiqing HE

(111) "Seismostatistical Characterization of Earthquakes from Geothermal Reservoirs," Hiroshi ASANUMA, Tai ETO, Masaho ADACHI, Kazuhiro SAEKI, Kengo AOYAMA, Hitoshi OZEKI, Markus HARING [Paper]

Chair: Juliet Newson

(112) "Assessment of Key Research Findings for the Use of CO2 as a Working Fluid For Geothermal Energy Production," Susan CARROLL, Greg STILLMAN [Paper]

(113) "Distributed Bayesian Geophysical Inversions," Lachlan McCALMAN, Simon O'CALLAGHAN, Alistair REID, Darren SHEN, Simon CARTER, Lars KRIEGER, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Edwin BONILLA, , Fabio RAMOS [Paper]

(114) "Hydrogeological, Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Geochemical Features of the Thermal Waters in Simav and Environs, Turkey," Olayinka Abiodun BELLO, Nevzat OZGUR, CALISKAN Tugba Arife [Paper]

(115) "Harnessing Deep Geothermal Heat Using a New Concept Based on the Geyser Principle," Claus HELLER, Catalin TEODORIU, Gioia FALCONE [Paper]

(116) "A 1 KW Thermoelectric Generator for Low-temperature Geothermal Resources," Kewen LI, Changwei LIU, and Pingyun CHEN [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

Chair: Chris Bromley

(117) "Outcrop Analogue Vs. Reservoir Data: Characteristics and Controlling Factors of Physical Properties of the Upper Jurassic Geothermal Carbonate Reservoirs of the Molasse Basin, Germany," Sebastian HOMUTH, Ingo SASS [Paper]

(118) "Exploration Drilling and Technology Demonstration at Fort Bliss," Ben BARKER, Joe MOORE, Marylin SEGALL, Greg NASH, Stuart SIMMONS, Clay JONES, Jon LEAR, Carlon BENNETT [Paper]

(119) "Wairakei Geothermal Field Boundary: Insights from Recent Geophysics and Reservoir Information," Fabian SEPULVEDA, Christine SIEGA, Paul BIXLEY, Warren MANNINGTON, Sophie MILLOY, Supri SOENGKONO, Jennifer ANDREWS [Paper]

(120) "Formation Pressure as an Indicator of High Stratigraphic Permeability," Rick ALLIS [Paper]

Chair: David Dempsey

(121) "Reassessment of Balanced and Sustainable Thermal Output Potential and Reserves Base for Stratified Low Enthalpy Geothermal System of Bešeòová Elevation, Northern Slovakia," Branislav FRICOVSKY, Michal BARTKO, Ladislav TOMETZ, Marián FENDEK [Paper]

(122) "Coupled Reservoir, Wellbore, and Surface Plant Simulations for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Manish NANDANWAR and Brian ANDERSON [Paper]

(123) "A New Experimental Procedure for Formation Damage Assessment in Geothermal Wells," Alexander BADALYAN, Themis CARAGEORGOS, Zhenjiang YOU, Ulrike SCHACHT, Pavel BEDRIKOVETSKY, Chris MATTHEWS, Martin HAND [Paper]

(124) "The Principle of Density Differences Drive Geothermal Water to Move and the Short Range Recharge Model of Geothermal Water in Hilly Area," GAO Zongjun, LIU Yonggui, GAO Yuan [Paper]

Chair: Douglas Blankenship?

(125) "Kymera Hybrid Bit Technology Reduces Drilling Costs," William RICKARD, Alan BAILEY, Mark PAHLER, Shelly CORY [Paper]

(126) "Analysis of Power System Transient Stability Due To Increased Integration of Geothermal Power," Joel SUTTER [Paper]

(127) "Bit Performance Evaluation in Geothermal Wells Drilling," Bonar MARBUN, Devi ANGGARA, Bagus Zukhri FADHOLI, Bayu WILANTARA [Paper]

(128) "Feasibility Study of Casing While Drilling Application on Geothermal Drilling Operation," Bonar MARBUN, Widiyanto WIDIYANTO, Yudhistira ADINUGRATAMA, Bramantyo Eko KURNIANTO [Paper]

Chair: Chad Augustine

(129) "Long Term Performance Prediction of a Borehole and Determination of Optimal Thermal Response Test Duration," Murat AYDIN, Altug SISMAN, Ahmet GULTEKIN [Paper]

(130) "Determination of Optimal Distance Between Boreholes," Ahmet GULTEKIN, Murat AYDIN, Altug SISMAN [Paper]

(131) "Simulation of Hybrid Solar-Geothermal Heat Pump Systems," Andrew CHIASSON and Cy YAVUZTURK [Paper]

(132) "Reserch of Resevoir Reinjection Technology and Demonstration in Neogene Porous Guantao Group Reservoir in Binhai New Area, Tianjin," LIN Li, RUAN Chuanxia, WANG Yingping, ZHOU Xun, SUN Yixuan [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 11(A): GENERAL 5
Chair: Jay Nathwani

(133) "Comprehensive Studies on Hole Cleaning and ECD Management in Long Extended-Reach Geothermal Well Drilling," Shigemi NAGANAWA, Takashi OKABE [Paper]

(134) "Geologic Provenance of Rare Earth Elements in the United States, and Their Potential Collocation with Geothermal Resources," Brittany SEGNERI, Timothy REINHARDT, Jodi DEPRIZIO [Paper]

(135) "Video Inspection Probe for Deep Geothermal Boreholes - GeoKam," Luigi SPATAFORA, Jörg ISELE, Benedict HOLBEIN, Peter HEUSER [Paper]

(136) "Successful Discovery Drilling in Roseau Valley, Commonwealth of Dominica," Will OSBORN, Jonathan HERNÁNDEZ, and Alexis GEORGE [Paper]

Chair: Cameron Huddlestone-Holmes

(137) "Geothermal `Chance for Success` Study in Upper Permian and Triassic Carbonate Reservoirs," Edina BARTAKOVICS [Paper]

(138) "Rock Properties of Greywacke Basement Hosting Geothermal Reservoirs, New Zealand: Preliminary Results," David MCNAMARA, Daniel FAULKNER [Paper]

(139) "Impacts of Diagenesis on Reservoir Quality in a Sedimentary Geothermal Play," Antoine DILLINGER, Cameron HUDDLESTONE-HOLMES, Horst ZWINGMANN, Ludovic RICARD, Lionel Esteban [Paper]

Chair: Bill Rickard

(140) "Total Heat Energy Output from, Thermal Energy Contributions to, and Reservoir Development of Conventional, Hydrofractured, and CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) Systems," Nagasree GARAPATI, Jimmy B RANDOLPH, Martin O SAAR [Paper]

(141) "Hydraulic Response to Thermal Stimulation Efforts at Raft River Based on Stepped Rate Injection Testing," Mitchell PLUMMER, Carl PALMER, Rob PODGORNEY, Jacob BRADFORD, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(142) "Tomographic Fracture Imaging (TFI): Direct 5D Mapping of Transmissive Fracture/fault Fairways Using Seismic Emission Tomography (SET)," Peter GEISER, Peter LEARY [Paper]

(143) "Metal Organic Heat Carrier Nanofluids for Geothermal Systems," Satish K. NUNE, Peter B. MCGRAIL, J.J. JENKS, P. Faul MARTIN, P.K. THALLAPALLY, L.X. DANG

03:15 pm BREAK

12:00 am SESSION 13: Publication Only
Chair: -

(144) "The Unique Challenges of Geothermal Exploration in Papua New Guinea - An Overview," Conrad KUMUL, Philip IRARUE, Nathan MOSUSU

(145) "Estimation of Scale Formed in a Water Dominated Geothermal Well," Nenny Miryani SAPTADJI, Dimas TAHA

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