Stanford Geothermal Workshop

February 11-13, 2013


Monday 11th February 2013

Chair: Kewen Li (Stanford)

(1) "DOE Geothermal Technology Program Overview 2013," Douglas HOLLETT

(2) "Is Pure Shear Stimulation Always the Mechanism of Stimulation in EGS?," Mark MCCLURE, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(3) "Fracture Connectivity of Fractal Fracture Networks Estimated using Electrical Resistivity," Lilja MAGNUSDOTTIR, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(4) "The Utility of Threshold Reactive Tracers For Characterizing Temperature Distributions in Geothermal Reservoirs," Morgan AMES, Kewen LI, Roland HORNE [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A) EGS 1
Chair: Whitney Trainor-Guitton (LLNL)

(5) "CO2-EGS and the Utilization of Highly Pressurized CO2 for Purposes Other than Power Generation," Alan EASTMAN and Mark P. MUIR [Paper]

(6) "EGS Rock Reactions with SCCO2 Saturated with Water and Water Saturated with SCCO2," Earl D. MATTSON, Travis L. MCLING, and William SMITH [Paper]

(7) "Experiment-Based Modeling of Geochemical Interactions in CO2-based Geothermal Systems," Yoojin JUNG, Tianfu XU, Patrick F. DOBSON, Norine CHANG, and Miroslav PETRO [Paper]

(8) "Experimental Investigation of Brine-CO2 Flow through a Natural Fracture: Permeability Increases with Concurrent Dissolution/Reprecipitation Reactions," Megan SMITH, Stuart WALSH, Walt MCNAB, Susan CARROLL [Paper]

Chair: Abdurrahman Satman (ITU Turkey)

(9) "Analysis of Operational Strategies for Utilizing CO2 for Geothermal Energy Production," Thomas A. BUSCHECK, Mingjie CHEN, Chuanhe LU, Sunwei SUN, Yue HAO, Michael A. CELIA, Thomas R. ELLIOT, Hyungjin CHOI, Jeffrey M. BIELICKI [Paper]

(10) "Well Permeability Enhancement through Hydraulic Stimulation Conducted in the Mt. Apo Geothermal Project, Philippines," Mark Angelo O. MALIBIRAN, Jerry L. LEYRITA, Benson Ma G. SAMBRANO, James B. NOGARA [Paper]

(11) "Multiple Subregion Upscaling for Thermal Reservoir Simulation," Keita YOSHIOKA, Robin HUI [Paper]

(12) "Thermal Stimulation of Geothermal Wells: A Review of Field Data," Malcolm A GRANT, Jonathon CLEARWATER, Jaime QUINAO, Paul F BIXLEY and Morgane LE_BRUN [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 2(C) GENERAL 1 - NGDS
Chair: Arlene Anderson (DoE)

(13) "NGDS User Centered Design - Meeting the Needs of the Geothermal Community," Harold BLACKMAN, Suzanne BOYD, Kim PATTEN, Sam ZHENG [Paper]

(14) "National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) Geothermal Data Domain: Assessment of Geothermal Community Data Needs," Arlene ANDERSON, David BLACKWELL, Cathy CHICKERING, Toni BOYD, Roland HORNE, Matthew MACKENZIE, Joe MOORE, Duane NICKULL, Stephen RICHARD, Lisa SHEVENELL [Paper]

(15) "NGDS Node Deployment Adoption of CKAN for Domestic and International Data Deployment," Ryan CLARK, Christoph KUHMUENCH, Stephen RICHARD [Paper]

(16) "Fueling Innovation and Adoption by Sharing Data on the DOE Geothermal Data Repository Node on the National Geothermal Data System," Jon WEERS, Arlene ANDERSON [Paper]

Chair: Guðni Axelsson (ISOR)

(17) "Design Parameter Acquisition of an Underground Heat Storage and Extraction System – a Deep BHE Array in a Karstic Alpine Marble Aquifer for 1 GWh Power," Ingo SASS and Clemens LEHR [Paper]

(18) "Three Heating Seasons Monitoring of Usage of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Resources:Exergetic Performance Analysis of an EAHE Assisted Agricultural Building," Onder OZGENER, Leyla OZGENER, Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

(19) "Geothermal Resource Assessment: a Case Study of Spatial Variability and Uncertainty Analysis for the State of New York and Pennsylvania," Gloria Andrea AGUIRRE, Jery R. STEDINGER, and Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

(20) "A Proposed Hybrid Geothermal-Natural Gas-Biomass Energy System for Cornell University. Technical and Economic Assessment of Retrofitting a Low-Temperature Geothermal District Heating System and Heat Cascading Solutions," Maciej Z. LUKAWSKI, Konstantinos VILAETIS, Lizeta GKOGKA, Koenraad F. BECKERS, Brian J. ANDERSON, Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A) EGS 2
Chair: Will Osborn (Geothermal Resource Group)

(21) "Applications of the Fractured Continuum Model (FCM) to EGS Heat Extraction Problems," Elena KALININA, Sean McKENNA, Katherine KLISE, Teklu HADGU, Thomas LOWRY [Paper]

(22) "Pre-stimulation Coupled THM Modeling Related to the Northwest Geysers EGS Demonstrations Project," Jonny RUTQVIST, Patrick F. DOBSON, Julio GARCIA, Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Donald W. VASCO, Mark WALTERS, Craig HARTLINE [Paper]

(23) "Computational Investigation of Hydro-Mechanical Effects on Transmissivity Evolution During the Initial Injection Phase at the Desert Peak EGS Project, NV," Stefano BENATO, Donald M. REEVES, Rishi PARASHAR, Nicholas DAVATZES, Steve HICKMAN, Derek ELSWORTH, Paul SPIELMAN, Joshua TARON [Paper]

(24) "Multi-Fracturing in Geothermal Reservoir and Induced Seismicity using Particle based, Discrete Element-Fracture Network Model," Jeoung Seok YOON, Günter ZIMMERMANN, Arno ZANG [Paper]

Chair: Thomas Buscheck (LLNL)

(25) "A New Lumped Parameter (Tank) Model for Reservoirs Containing Carbon Dioxide," Fatma Bahar HOSGOR, Murat CINAR, Fusun Tut HAKLIDIR, Omer Inanc TUREYEN and Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(26) "Measurements of Relative Permeabilities for Water and Steam," Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Jonas ELIASSON, Halldor PALSSON and Gudrun SAEVARSDOTTIR [Paper]

(27) "Uncertainty Quantification of Reactive Transport in Fractured Media," Souheil EZZEDINE and Fredrick RYERSON [Paper]

(28) "Characterization of Fractures via Electrical Impedance," Lawrence VALVERDE, Kewen LI and Roland HORNE [Paper]

Chair: Les Beard (Zonge International)

(29) "3D Inversion of Magnetotelluric (MT) Resistivity Data from Krýsuvík High Temperature Geothermal Area in SW Iceland," Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Knútur ÁRNASON and Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON [Paper]

(30) "Correlation of Geothermal Springs with Sub-Surface Fault Terminations Revealed by High-Resolution, UAV-acquired Magnetic Data," Jonathan M.G. GLEN, Anne E. EGGER, Corey IPPOLITO, Noah D. ATHENS [Paper]

(31) "The Role of MT in Geothermal Exploration at Newberry Volcano, Oregon," Al WAIBEL, Les BEARD, Gary OPPLIGER [Paper]

(32) "Interpretation of MT and SP Survey Results at Minami-Izu Geothermal Field, Japan," Kasumi YASUKAWA, Tsuneo ISHIDO, Osamu MATSUBAYASHI, Toshihiro UCHIDA, Keiichi SAKAGUCHI and Kazuo MATSUYAMA [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(D) TRACERS 1
Chair: Esther Rosenbrand (Technical University of Denmark)

(33) "Thermal Stability and Chemistry of Fluorescent Nanocrystals for use as a Novel Geothermal Tracer," Eric BRAUSER, Peter ROSE, Michael BARTL [Paper]

(34) "Investigating Well Connectivity Using Ionic Tracers," Matthew W. BECKER, Krystle REMMEN, Paul W. REIMUS, Georgios P. TSOFLIAS [Paper]

(35) "Tracer Test in Hot Spring Fluid Layer at Minami-Izu Geothermal Field, Shizuoka, Japan," Norio YANAGISAWA, Kazuo MATSUYAMA, Yasuto TAKEDA, Kazuo TOMITA, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Keiichi SAKAGUCHI [Paper]

(36) "Laboratory Experiments to Characterize Cation-Exchanging Tracer Behavior at Newberry Crater, OR," Cynthia DEAN, Paul REIMUS, Kevin LEECASTER, Dennis NEWELL, Peter ROSE, and Susan PETTY [Paper]

3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A) EGS 3
Chair: Jeoung Seok Yoon (Helmholtz Center Potsdam}

(37) "Fracture Propagation under Poro-thermally Induced Stress using the Displacement Discontinuity method," Kwanghee CHUN [Paper]

(38) "Thermal Fracturing of Geothermal Wells and Effects of Borehole Orientation," Kjetil HALS, Inga BERRE [Paper]

(39) "Numerical Study of Hydro-shearing in Geothermal Reservoirs with a Pre-existing Discrete Fracture Network," Azadeh RIAHI, Branko DAMJANAC [Paper]

(40) "Geomechanically Coupled Simulation of Flow in Fractured Reservoirs," C. A. BARTON, D. MOOS, L. HARTLEY, S. BAXTER, L. FOULQUIER, H. HOLL, R. HOGARTH [Paper]

Chair: Keita Yoshioka (Chevron)

(41) "Performance Evaluation of Deepened Wells 420DA and 517DA in the Leyte Geothermal Production Field, Philippines," Rowena ABAPO, Marie Hazel COLO, Romeo ANDRINO, Edwin ALCOBER [Paper]

(42) "A Study on Pressure and Temperature Behaviors of Geothermal Wells in Single-Phase Liquid Reservoirs," Yildiray PALABIYIK, Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Mustafa ONUR, Melek Deniz [Paper]

(43) "Fluid-Flow Zones in a Geothermal Sandstone Reservoir: Localization From Thermal Conductivity and Temperature Logs, Borehole EPS1 (Soultz-sous-Forêts, France)," Sébastien HAFFEN, Yves GERAUD, Marc DIRAISON, Chrystel DEZAYES [Paper]

(44) "Estimating Natural-Fracture Permeability From Mud-Loss Data," Serhat AKIN [Paper]

Chair: Jim Combs (Gradient Resources)

(45) "Three Dimensional Seismic Tomography at The Geysers Geothermal Field, CA, USA," Roland GRITTO, Seung Hoon, YOO, Steve P. JARPE [Paper]

(46) "Applications of Radar Interferometry to Detect Surface Deformation in Geothermal Areas of Imperial Valley in Southern California," Mariana ENEVA, David ADAMS, Giacomo FALORNI, Jessica MORGAN [Paper]

(47) "Preliminary Investigation of Reservoir Dynamics Monitored through Combined Surface Deformations and Micro-Earthquake Activity: Brady’s Geothermal Field, Nevada," Nicholas C. DAVATZES, Kurt L. FEIGL, Robert MELLORS, William FOXALL, Herb WANG, and Peter DRAKOS [Paper]

(48) "Micro-seismicity within the Coso Geothermal Field, California, from 1996 to 2012," J. Ole KAVEN, Stephen H. HICKMAN, Nicholas C. DAVATZES [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(D) DIRECT USE 1
Chair: Josephine Varney (University of Adelaide)

(49) "Influence of Convection on Production from Borehole Heat Exchangers," Carina BRINGEDAL, Inga BERRE, Jan NORDBOTTEN [Paper]

(50) "An Enterprise Development Look at Geothermal Resources in KERZ," Robert KINSLOW, Phillip MADDI, Piyush BAKANE, Bridget HASS [Paper]

(51) "Supply Characterization of the Direct Use Potential in the U.S.," Xiaoning HE and Brian ANDERSON [Paper]

(52) "Direct Use Of Geothermal Energy For Drying Agricultural Products and Making Palm Sugar Crystal," H.Jacoba ROEROE, Noldy TUERAH [Paper]


Tuesday 12th February 2013

08:30 am SESSION 5(A) EGS 4
Chair: Dan King (DoE)

(53) "Development of a Neutron Diffraction Based Experiemental Capability for Investigating Hydraulic Fracturing for EGS-like Conditions," Yarom POLSKY, Ke AN, Luc DESSIEUX, Larry ANOVITZ, Philip BINGHAM, Justin CARMICHAEL [Paper]

(54) "Application of Neutron Imaging to InvestigateFlow Through Fractures for EGS," Yarom POLSKY, Ke AN, Larry ANOVITZ, Philip BINGHAM, Justin CARMICHAEL [Paper]

(55) "CGS – Controlled Wellbore-to-Wellbore Geothermal System Flow," Justin POGACNIK, Peter LEARY & Peter MALIN [Paper]

(56) "Laboratory Investigation of supercritical CO2 use in Geothermal Systems," Mario MAGLIOCCO, Steven GLASER, and Timothy J. KNEAFSEY [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(B) MODELING 1
Chair: Souheil Ezzedine (LLNL)

(57) "FISHA - Forward Induced Seismic Hazard Assessment, Application to Synthetic Seismicity Catalog Generated by Hydraulic Stimulation Modeling," Amir Hossein HAKIMHASHEMI, Jeoung Seok YOON, Oliver HEIDBACH, Arno ZANG, Gottfried GRÜNTHAL [Paper]

(58) "Modeling Reservoir Stimulation Induced by Wellbore Fluid Injection," Eyal SHALEV, Vladimir LYAKHOVSKY [Paper]

(59) "Dynamic Model of Discrete Fracture Opening under Fluid Injection," George DANKO and Davood BAHRAMI [Paper]

(60) "Simulated Evolution of Fractures and Fracture Networks Subject to Thermal Cooling and Fluid Pressure Changes: A Coupled Network Flow and Discrete Element Model," Hai HUANG, Mitchell PLUMMER, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

Chair: Inanc Tureyen (ITU)

(61) "Production Decline Analysis of Dry Steam Wells in Wayang Windu Field," Aditya HERNAWAN, Jantiur SITUMORANG [Paper]

(62) "A Numerical Analysis on Flow in Hydrothermal Systems," Larus THORVALDSSON, Halldor PALSSON [Paper]

(63) "Density Driven (Including Geothermal Effect) Natural Convection of Carbon Dioxide in Brine Saturated Porous Media in the Context of Geological Sequestration," Akand ISLAM, Muhammad SHARIF, Eric CARLSON [Paper]

(64) "Kaolinite Mobilisation in Sandstone: Pore Plugging vs. Suspended Particles," Esther ROSENBRAND, Ida LYKKE FABRICIUS, Frans KETS [Paper]

Chair: Nicholas Davatzes (Temple University)

(65) "Thermal State of the Niger Delta Basin," Idara AKPABIO, Joe EJEDAWE and Joseph EBENIRO [Paper]

(66) "Oxygen Isotopic Evidence of Water-Rock Interactions in the Coso Geothermal System," Thomas ETZEL, John BOWMAN, Jesse MCCULLOCH, Joseph MOORE, Micheal SPICUZZA, John VALLEY [Paper]

(67) "An Initial Value of Information (VOI) Framework for Geophysical Data Applied to the Exploration of Geothermal Energy," Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Abelardo RAMIREZ, John ZIAGOS, Robert MELLORS, and Jeffery ROBERTS [Paper]

(68) "Exploration Techniques for Locating Offshore Geothermal Resources Near Iceland," Darren ATKINS, Haraldur AUDUNSSON [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A) EGS 5
Chair: Wolfram Rühaak (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

(69) "Three-Dimensional Heat Flow Model for Enhanced Geothermal Systems using Boundary Element Method," Dharmendra KUMAR, Marte GUTIERREZ [Paper]

(70) "A Variational Approach to the Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing," Blaise BOURDIN, Chukwudi CHUKWUDOZIE [Paper]

(71) "Probabilistic Assessment of the Deep Sedimentary Geothermal System with CO2 Injection at Reservoir Depth," Si-Yong LEE, Feng PAN, Brian MCPHERSON, Joseph MOORE, and Rick ALLIS [Paper]

(72) "Analyzing Heat Extraction and Sustainability of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) with a Novel Single-Porosity Model," Jiliang CHEN, Liang LUO, Fangming JIANG [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(B) MODELING 2
Chair: George Danko (Univ Nevada, Reno)

(73) "Integrated 3D Modeling of Structural Controls and Permeability Distribution in the Patua Geothermal Field, Hazen, NV," Neil PETERSON, Jim COMBS, Leif BJELM, Sabodh GARG, Benjamin KOHL, Colin GORANSON, Robert MERRILL, Peter VAN DE KAMP, Amie LAMB [Paper]

(74) "Numerical Modeling of the Mita Geothermal Field, Cerro Blanco, Guatemala," Brendan Michael FEATHER and Ramonchito Cedric M. MALATE [Paper]

(75) "Phenomenological Study of Temperature Gradient Anomalies in the Buntsandstein Formation, Above the Soultz Geothermal Reservoir, Using Tough2 Simulations," Deborah SIFFERT, HAFFEN Sébastien, GARCIA Michel H., GERAUD Yves [Paper]

(76) "Reservoir Modeling of Geothermal Energy Production from Stratigraphic Reservoirs in the Great Basin," Milind DEO, Richard ROEHNER, Rick ALLIS, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

Chair: Colin Williams (USGS)

(77) "Analysis of Multiscale Porosity at the Coso Geothermal Field," L.M. ANOVITZ, H.-W. WANG, D.R. COLE, J. SHEETS, G. ROTHER, D.D. FAULDER, M. WALTERS [Paper]

(78) "Local Seismicity in the Exploitation of Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico," Edgar URBAN and Javier LERMO [Paper]

(79) "Analyses and Modelling of Reservoir Pressure Changes to Interpret the Rotokawa Geothermal Field Response to Nga Awa Purua Power Station Operation," Jaime QUINAO, Lutfhie SIRAD-AZWAR, Jonathon CLEARWATER , Viola HOEPFINGER, Morgane LE_BRUN, Candice BARDSLEY [Paper]

(80) "Updated Conceptual Model and Capacity Estimates for the Greater Olkaria Geothermal System, Kenya," Gudni AXELSSON, Andri ARNALDSSON, Sigridur S. GYLFADÓTTIR, Saeunn HALLDÓRSDÓTTIR, Clety K. BORE, Kizito M. OPONDO, Peter OUMA [Paper]

Chair: Roland Gritto (Array Information Technology)

(81) "State of Stress in the Northwest Geysers Geothermal Field and Implications for Fault-Controlled Fluid Flow," Katie BOYLE, Mark ZOBACK [Paper]

(82) "Full Moment Tensor Analysis Using First Motion Data at The Geysers Geothermal Field," O. S. BOYD, D. S. DREGER, V. H. LAI, R. GRITTO [Paper]

(83) "A High Performance Fiber Optic Seismic Sensor System," Björn N.P. PAULSSON, Julio L. TOKO, Jon A. THORNBURG, Frank SLOPKO, Ruiqing HE, Chang-hua ZHANG [Paper]

(84) "Stress Analysis for Boreholes on Department of Defense lands in the Western United States: A study in stress heterogeneity," Kelly BLAKE [Paper]

(85) "Seismological Software for Geothermal Monitoring," Gillian R. FOULGER, Bruce R. JULIAN [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A) EGS 6 - Dixie Valley
Chair: Roy Baria (MIL-TECH UK Ltd)

(86) "Assessing Thermo-Hydrodynamic-Chemical Processes at the Dixie Valley Geothermal Area: A Reactive Rransport Modeling Approach," Christoph WANNER, Loic PEIFFER, Nicolas SPYCHER, Eric SONNENTHAL, Jon SAINSBURY, Joe IOVENITTI, Burton Mack KENNEDY [Paper]

(87) "Developing a Calibrated EGS Exploration Metodlogy using the Dixie Valley Geothermal System, A Progress Report," Joe IOVENITTI, Robert KARLIN, Mahesh THAKUR, David BLACKWELL, Ilieana TIBULEAC, Philip WANNAMAKER, Fletcher IBSER, Jon SAINSBURY [Paper]

(88) "EGS Exploration Methodology Development Using the Dixie Valley Geothermal District as a Calibration Site. The Seismic Analysis Component," Ilieana TIBULEAC, David VON SEGGERN, Joe IOVENITTI, Jon SAINSBURY [Paper]

(89) "Intersecting Fault Trends and Crustal-Scale Fluid Pathways Below the Dixie Valley Geothermal Area, Nevada, Inferred from 3D Magnetotelluric Surveying," Philip WANNAMAKER, Virginie MARIS, Jon SAINSBURY, Joe IOVENITTI [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(B) MODELING 3
Chair: Eyal Shalev (Geological Survey of Israel)

(90) "Applied Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupled Modeling of Geothermal Prospection in the Northern Upper Rhine Graben," Wolfram RÜHAAK & Ingo SASS [Paper]

(91) "Coupled Geomechanical and Reactive Geochemical Simulations for Fluid and Heat Flow in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs," Yi XIONG, Litang HU, Yu-Shu WU [Paper]

(92) "Relative Importance of Processes Leading to Stress Changes in The Geysers Geothermal Area," Johannes B. ALTMANN, Oliver HEIDBACH, Roland GRITTO [Paper]

(93) "Simulation of Hydraulic Stimulation of Fractured Reservoir and Induced Seismicity using Discrete Element Fracture Network Model," Jeoung Seok YOON, Arno ZANG, Ove STEPHANSSON [Paper]

Chair: Rick Allis (Utah Geological Survey)

(94) "Advective (Heat Sweep) Geothermal Systems," Manfred P HOCHSTEIN, Keyan ZHENG, Suzan PASVANOGLU, Peter VIVIAN-NEAL [Paper]

(95) "New Geothermal Resource Delineated Beneath Black Rock Desert, Utah," Mark GWYNN, Bob BLACKETT, Rick ALLIS, Christian HARDWICK [Paper]

(96) "Performance Evaluation of Double-flash Geothermal Power Plant at Dieng Using Second Law of Thermodynamics," Nugroho Agung PAMBUDI, Ryuichi ITOI, Saeid JALILINASRABADY, KHASANI [Paper]

(97) "The Exploration and Utilization Status of Geothermal Resources and Future Development in Tianjin, China," SUN Yixuan, RUAN Chuanxia [Paper]

Chair: Patrick Dobson (LBNL)

(98) "Experimental Study of Rock–Fluid Interactions using Automated Multi-Channel System operated under Conditions of CO2-based Geothermal Systems," Miroslav PETRO, Jim ZESCH, Norine CHANG, Alan BELL, Ashutosh KOLE, Alexandra RODKIN, Patrick F. DOBSON, Yoojin JUNG, Tianfu XU [Paper]

(99) "Microbial Impacts on Geothermometry Temperature Predictions," Yoshiko FUJITA, David W. REED, Kaitlyn R. NOWAK, Vicki S. THOMPSON, Travis L. MCLING, Robert W. SMITH and D. Craig COOPER [Paper]

(100) "Volumetric Properties and Fluid Phase Equilibria of CO2+H2O," Ryan CAPOBIANCO, Miroslaw S. GRUSZKIEWICZ, David J. WESOLOWSKI, David R. COLE and Robert J. BODNAR [Paper]

(101) "Numerical Evaluation of Energy Extraction, CO2-Rock Interactions, and Carbon Sequestration in Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) with Supercritical CO2 as Working Fluid," Feng PAN, Brian J.O.L. MCPHERSON, Peter C. LICHTNER, John P. KAZUBA, Caroline LO_RE, Satish KARRA, Chuan LU, Tianfu XU [Paper]

3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B) MODELING 4
Chair: Cedric Malate (Sinclair Knight Merz)

(102) "Development of a Reservoir Stimulation Model at Pilgrim Hot Springs, Alaska using TOUGH2," Arvind CHITTAMBAKKAM, Ronald DAANEN, Anupma PRAKASH, Christian HASELWIMMER, Markus MAGER, Gwen HOLDMANN [Paper]

(103) "Numerical Modeling and Performance Prediction of Balcova Geothermal Field, Turkey," Goker ERTUNC, Mahmut PARLAKTUNA [Paper]

(104) "Modeling and Observations of the Enthalpy, Pressure, Chloride, CO2 and Vertical Deformation Transient Change in the Mutnovsky Geothermal Field (Kamchatka, Russia)," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Olga MIROSHNIK, M.A. MAGUSKIN, I.F. DELEMEN [Paper]

(105) "3-D Geomechanical Modeling of the Stress Field in North German Basin: Case Study GeneSys-Borehole GT1 in Hannover Groß-Buchholz," Ernesto MENESES RIOSECO, Jörn LÖHKEN, Rüdiger SCHELLSCHMIDT, Torsten TISCHNER [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(C) GENERAL 2
Chair: Brian Anderson (West Virginia University)

(106) "Analysis of Data Gaps in Geothermal Exploration in the Western United States," Ariel ESPOSITO, Dan GETMAN, Kate YOUNG, Hidda THORSTEINSSON, and Arlene ANDERSON [Paper]

(107) "Characterizing the Power Potential of Hot Stratigraphic Reservoirs in the Great Basin, U.S.," Rick ALLIS, Joseph N. MOORE, Stefan KIRBY, Tom ANDERSON, Thomas SPENCER [Paper]

(108) "The Current Status of Geothermal Projects in Australia – A National Review," Betina BENDALL, Barry GOLDSTEIN and Mieka WEBB [Paper]

(109) "Assessment of Geothermal Resources in China," Guiling WANG, Wenjing LIN, Zhiming LIU, Wei ZHANG, Feng MA, Wanli WANG, and Kewen LI [Paper]

(110) "Challenges in Developing Katwe Geothermal Power Project in Western Uganda," Ralph K.B. NYAKABWA-ATWOKI [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(D) EGS 6.5
Chair: Elena Kalinina (Sandia)

(111) "Maximazing Heat Extraction and Minimazing Water Losses in Hydrothermal Systems: A Numerical Investigation," William BOURCIER, Souheil EZZEDINE, Jonathan HUNT, Sarah ROBERTS & Jeffery ROBERTS [Paper]

(112) "A Laboratory Investigation of Reversible Permeability Decline Effects during Flow through Stimulated Fracture Networks: Implications for Improved EGS Reservoir Operation Methodologies," Luke FRASH, Marte GUTIERREZ, Jesse HAMPTON [Paper]

(113) "Integrated Reservoir Modeling for Enhanced Geothermal Energy Systems in Central Alberta, Canada," Hannes HOFMANN, Simon WEIDES, Tayfun BABADAGLI, Gunther ZIMMERMANN, Inga MOECK, Jacek MAJOROWICZ and Martyn UNSWORTH [Paper]

(114) "Design of CO2-Based Geothermal Power Plant for Transient Reservoir Dry-out – or ‘Enhanced Water Recovery\'," Aleks ATRENS, Hal GURGENCI [Paper]


Wednesday 13th February 2013

08:30 am SESSION 9(A) EGS 7
Chair: Joe Iovenitti (AltaRock)

(115) "Improving Geothermal Project Economics with Multi-Zone Stimulation: Results from the Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration," Susan PETTY, Yini NORDIN, William GLASSLEY, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Mike SWYER, [Paper]

(116) "Microseismic Monitoring of Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration," Trenton T. CLADOUHOS, Susan PETTY, Yini NORDIN, Michael MOORE, Kyla GRASSO, Matt UDDENBERG, Mike SWYER, Bruce JULIAN, and Gillian FOULGER [Paper]

(117) "Multiple-Well Multiple-Reservoir long term Thermal Modelling at Soultz sous Forêts EGS Site," Dominique BRUEL, Jacques DENTZER [Paper]

(118) "A Roadmap for Strategic Development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Technologies," John ZIAGOS, Benjamin R. PHILLIPS, Lauren BOYD, Greg STILLMAN, Allan JELACIC, Eric HASS [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(B) MODELING 5
Chair: Sharad Kelkar (LANL)

(119) "Evaluating the Role of the Rhyolite Ridge Fault System in the Desert Peak Geothermal Field with Robust Sensitivity Testing through Boundary Element Modeling and Likelihood Analysis," Michael SWYER and Nicholas C. DAVATZES [Paper]

(120) "Connectivity Index and Connectivity Field towards Fluid Flow in Fracture-based Geothermal Reservoirs," Younes FADAKAR ALGHALANDIS, Chaoshui XU, Peter A. DOWD [Paper]

(121) "Parametric Study with GEOFRAC: a Three-Dimensional Stochastic Fracture Flow Model," Alessandra VECCHIARELLI, Rita SOUSA, Herbert H. EINSTEIN [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(C) GENERAL 3
Chair: Aniko Toth (University of Miskolc)

(123) "West Java Geothermal Update," Achmad FADILLAH, Tubagus NUGRAHA and Jemmi GUMILAR [Paper]

(124) "Multiple License Holders in the Same Area: An Expected Risk to Geothermal Development in Turkey," Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(125) "Geothermal Energy: The Energy-Water Nexus," Christopher HARTO, Jenna SCHROEDER, Lou MARTINO, Robert HORNER, and Corrie CLARK [Paper]

(126) "Comparison of Geothermal with Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems," Kewen LI [Paper]

(127) "Utilization of Offshore Geothermal Resources for Power Generation," Baldur KARASON, Maria GUDJONSDOTTIR, Pall VALDIMARSSON, Geir THOROLFSSON [Paper]

Chair: Joseph Moore (EGI)

(128) "Multicomponent Equilibrium Models for Testing Geothermometry Approaches," Carl D. PALMER, Robert W. SMITH, D. Craig COOPER [Paper]

(129) "Impacts of Rock-brine Interactions on Sandstone Properties in Lower Miocene Sediments, Southwest Louisiana," Masoud SAFARI-ZANJANI, Christopher WHITE, Jeffrey S. HANOR [Paper]

(130) "Fluid Mineral Equilibria in Geothermal Reservoirs from the Great Basin: Implications for Chemical Geothermometry," Stuart F. SIMMONS [Paper]

(131) "Comparison of Reservoir Conditions in High Noncondensible Gas Geothermal Systems," Jill Robinson HAIZLIP, Fusun TUT HAKLIDIR, and Sabodh K.GARG [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 10(A) EGS 8
Chair: Hai Huang (INL)

(132) "Direct Power Generation from Heat without Mechanical Work," Kewen LI, Changwei LIU, Pingyun CHEN [Paper]

(133) "Using Geothermal Energy to Preheat Feedwater in a Traditional Steam Power Plant," Josephine VARNEY, Nigel BEAN [Paper]

(134) "Possibility to Use CO2 as EGS Fluid in Hungary," Aniko N. TOTH, Elemer BOBOK [Paper]

(135) "Creating Enhanced Geothermal Systems in Depleted Oil Reservoirs via In situ Combustion," Murat CINAR [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(B) MODELING 6
Chair: Jonathan Hernandez (Geothermal Resource Group)

(136) "Rift Zones as a Case Study for Advancing Geothermal Occurrence Models," Daniel KING, Elisabet METCALFE [Paper]

(137) "Application of a Dual-Continuum Model for Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs," Yue HAO, Pengcheng FU, and Charles R. CARRIGAN [Paper]

(138) "Preliminary Analytical Solutions of the Geomechanical and Thermal Stresses on Fracture Walls.," Randy KOON_KOON, Indra HARAKSINGH [Paper]

(139) "A New Double Porosity Fractal Model for Well Test Analysis with Transient Interporosity Transference for Petroleum and Geothermal Systems," Alex R. VALDES-PEREZ, Hector PULIDO, Heber CINCO-LEY, Leif LARSEN [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(C) GENERAL 4
Chair: Bill Rickard (Geothermal Resource Group)

(140) "Geothermal Codification Impacts on Geothermal Development and Investments," Brittany SEGNERI, Dale S. JENNE, Katherine YOUNG, Hildigunnur THORSTEINSSON, Eric HASS [Paper]

(141) "A Roadmap for Strategic Development of Geothermal Exploration Technologies," Benjamin R. PHILLIPS, John ZIAGOS, Hildigunnur THORSTEINSSON, Eric HASS [Paper]

(142) "Development of Metric for Measuring the Impact of RD&D Funding on GTO’s Geothermal Exploration Goals," Scott JENNE, Katherine YOUNG, Hildigunnur THORSTEINSSON [Paper]

(143) "Prediction of Carbon Behaviors with Emphasis on Clean Development Mechanism: the Darajat Geothermal Field - Preliminary Study," Dewi PERMATASARI, Arias SUGANDHI, Nenny M. SAPTADJI, Niniek R. HERDIANITA, Ali ASHAT, Ramos SURYANTA [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(D) DIRECT USE 2
Chair: Frank Horowitz (Cornell)

(144) "Numerical Modeling of Slinky-coil Horizontal Ground Heat Exchangers with Snow-covered Ground Surface," Hikari FUJII, Shohei YAMASAKI, Takahiro MAEHARA [Paper]

(145) "Freeze-Thaw-Behaviour: Observations in grouted BHEs," Hauke ANBERGEN and Ingo SASS [Paper]

(146) "A Design, Economic and Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Space Heating and Cooling Using an Absorption Heat Pump Integrating Solar, Geothermal, and Natural Gas Sources," Arian AGHAJANZADEH, Franklin G. HOROWITZ [Paper]

(147) "Field Test of Ungrouted Ground Heat Exchangers with In-Hole Vertical Ground Water Flow," Takahiro MAEHARA, Hikari FUJII, Seiichiro IOKA, Atsushi WATABE [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 11(A) EGS 9
Chair: Trenton Cladouhos (AltaRock)

(148) "Determining Injection-Induced Earthquake Magnitude and Ground Motion Exceedance Probability Using Paradox Valley, Colorado, Injection and Seismicity Data Including Parametric Sensitivities," Daniel O\'CONNELL, Robert CREED [Paper]

(149) "Massive Hydraulic Fracturing in Low Permeable Sedimentary Rock in the GeneSys Project," Torsten TISCHNER, Stefanie KRUG, Evelin PECHAN, Annalena HESSHAUS, Reiner JATHO, Monika BISCHOFF, Thomas WONIK [Paper]

(150) "Recent Developments at the Raft River Geothermal Field," Jacob BRADFORD, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE, Douglas GLASBY, Douglas WATERS, Richard KRUWELL, Alan BAILEY, William RICKARDS, Kevin BLOOMFIELD, and Dennis KING [Paper]

(151) "Using CO2 from an IGCC Plant as a Heat Transfer Fluid for the Extraction of Geothermal Energy for Power Generation from EGS," Arun RAM MOHAN, UDAY Turaga, Vishakha SHEMBEKAR, SUBBARAMAN Viswanathan, Derek ELSWORTH, Sarma PISUPATI [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 11(B) MODELING 7
Chair: Pengcheng Fu (LLNL)

(152) "Multiscale Simulation of Flow and Heat Transport in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs: Inexact Solvers and Improved Transport Upscaling," Tor Harald SANDVE, Inga BERRE, Eirik KEILEGAVLEN, Jan Martin NORDBOTTEN [Paper]

(153) "Controlling Complex Geothermal Simulations using PyTOUGH," John O\\\'SULLIVAN, David DEMPSEY, Adrian CROUCHER, Angus YEH, Mike O\\\'SULLIVAN [Paper]

(154) "A Geomechanical Mechanism that Counteracts Flow Channeling Induced by Reservoir Thermal Drawdown," Pengcheng FU, Yue HAO, and Charles R. CARRIGAN [Paper]

Chair: Serhat Akin (METU)

(156) "Utilization of Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Geothermal Well Cementing," Baris ALP and Serhat AKIN [Paper]

(157) "Kinetics of the Gelation of Colloidal Silica at Geothermal Conditions, and Implications for Reservoir Modification and Management," Jonathan HUNT, Souheil EZZEDINE, William BOURCIER, Sarah ROBERTS [Paper]

(158) "Economic Comparison between a Well-head Geothermal Power Plant and a Traditional Geothermal Power Plant," Carlos Atli CORDOVA GEIRDAL, Maria Sigridur GUDJONSDOTTIR, Pall JENSSON [Paper]

(159) "Impact of Having a Majorly Geothermal Powered Economy: A Critique of Kenyan Power System," Joel SUTTER, Peter OBIMO [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 11(D) GEOLOGY 1
Chair: Mariana Eneva (Imageair)

(160) "Characterization of Geothermal Reservoir Units in Northwestern Alberta by 3D Structural Geological Modelling and Rock Property Mapping," Simon N. WEIDES, Inga S. MOECK, Doug R. SCHMITT, Jacek A. MAJOROWICZ, Elahe P. ARDAKANI [Paper]

(161) "Fault Exploration based on the Microcrack Distribution Pattern: the Example of the Tsukiyoshi Fault, Central Japan," Tomoyuki OHTANI, Kazunari OKAZAKI, Yuki NISHIMURA, Satoru KOJIMA, Koji KUBOSHIMA, Eiji SASAO, Tadahiko TSURUTA [Paper]

(162) "Geologic Model of the Geothermal Anomaly at Pilgrim Hot Springs, Seward Peninsula, Alaska," Joshua K. MILLER, Anupma PRAKASH, Ronald DAANEN, Christian HASELWIMMER, Michael WHALEN, William CUMMING, Dick BENOIT, Arthur C. CLARK, Markus MAGER, Gwen HOLDMANN [Paper]

(163) "Hydrogeological, Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Geochemical Modeling of the Thermal Waters of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey," Nevzat ÖZGÜR [Paper]

3:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 12(A) EGS 10
Chair: Roland Horne (Stanford)

(164) "Estimated Power Generation Costs for EGS," Jay NATHWANI, Greg MINES [Paper]

(165) "Introducing GEOPHIRES v1.0: Software Package for Estimating Levelized Cost of Electricity and/or Heat from Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Koenraad F. BECKERS, Maciej Z. LUKAWSKI, Timothy J. REBER, Brian J. ANDERSON, Michal C. MOORE and Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

(166) "Optimization of Integrated Reservoir, Wellbore, and Power Plant Models for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Jason PELUCHETTE and Brian ANDERSON [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 12(B) MODELING 8
Chair: Ole Kaven (USGS)

(168) "Stochastic Joint Inversion of a Geothermal Prospect," R. MELLORS, A. RAMIREZ, A. TOMPSON, M. CHEN, X. YANG, K. DYER, J. WAGONER, W. FOXALL, and W. TRAINOR-GUITTON [Paper]

(169) "Collapse Analysis of the Casing in a High Temperature Geothermal Well," Gunnar Skulason KALDAL, Magnus Thor JONSSON, Halldor PALSSON, Sigrun N. KARLSDOTTIR [Paper]

(170) "The Wellbore Simulator FloWell," Halldora GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Magnus Thor JONSSON, Halldor PALSSON [Paper]

(171) "A Coupled Wellbore-Reservoir Simulator Utilizing Measured Wellhead Conditions," Halldora GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Magnus Thor JONSSON, Halldor PALSSON [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 12(C) GENERAL 5
Chair: Serhat Akin (METU)

(172) "Top Squeeze or Top Fill: Improved Secondary Cementing for Geothermal Wells," William M. RICKARD, Jonathan HERNANDEZ and Alan BAILEY [Paper]

(173) "Development of a Research Probe for Geothermal Boreholes," Benedict HOLBEIN, Joerg ISELE [Paper]

(174) "Development of a Cooling-System for Research Probes for Geothermal Boreholes," Benedict HOLBEIN [Paper]

(175) "Sustainable Development of Geothermal Resources: an Economic Alternative," Sam MALAFEH, Basil SHARP [Paper]

Chair: Peter Rose (EGI)

(176) "Geothermometry and Shallow Circulation of a Low Enthalpy System: The Bath Geothermal Reservoir, Jamaica," DeBonne N. WISHART [Paper]

(177) "Effects of Volcanism, Crustal Thickness, and Large Scale Faulting on the He Isotope Signatures of Geothermal Systems in Chile," Patrick F. DOBSON, B. Mack KENNEDY, Martin REICH, Pablo SANCHEZ, and Diego MORATA [Paper]

12:00 am SESSION 13 Publication Only
Chair: -

(179) "Compact Ground Source Heat Exchangers and Solar Ground Re-charge, a Case Study," Davide MARITAN, Alessandro TREVISAN [Paper]

(180) "Overview of Extraction of Mineral/Metals with the Help of Geothermal Fluid," Piyush BAKANE [Paper]

(181) "The Chemical Properties of Yangyi High Temperature Geothermal Field in Tibet," ZHENG Xiuhua, DUAN Chenyang, LIU Haiyang [Paper]

(182) "Siliceous Sinter: An Early Exploration Tool and Direct Link to a Geothermal Reservoir," Bridget Y. LYNNE [Paper]

(183) "A Five Spot Well Cluster for Hydraulic and Thermal Tomography," Phillip OBERDORFER, Ekkehard HOLZBECHER, Rui HU, Thomas PTAK, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(184) "Development of Fractional Derivative-Based Mass and Heat Transport Model," Anna SUZUKI, Roland N. HORNE, Hiroshi MAKITA, Yuichi NIIBORI, Sergei A. FOMIN, Vladimir A. CHUGUNOV, Toshiyuki HASHIDA [Paper]

(185) "CCS Site Characterization by Single-Well and Inter-Well Tracer Tests," Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Jac BENSABAT, Auli NIEMI, Tobias LICHA, Thomas PTAK, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(186) "In Situ Material Studies at the High Temperature Skid (HTS) Bypass System of the Geothermal Power Plant in Soultz-sous-Forêts, France," Julia SCHEIBER, Guillaume RAVIER, Oriane SONTOT, Christina HENSCH, Albert GENTER [Paper]

 (188) "Modelling of Modes of Heat Supply from Hybrid Fuel-Geothermal Station," Volodymyr BUGAI, Andriy REDKO [Paper]

 (190) "Tracer-Based Prediction of Thermal Reservoir Lifetime: Scope, Limitations, and What Reactive Tracers Can Tell," Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Tobias LICHA, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(191) "Hydrogeothermal Convective Systems of Ilidža Area near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina," Neven MIOSIC, Natalija SAMARDZIC and Hazim HRVATOVIC [Paper]

(192) "Controlled Column Experiments to Determine the Theory and Sensitivity of thermo-sensitive Tracers," Friedrich MAIER, Adriatik OLLONI, Tobias LICHA [Paper]

 (194) "Directly Imaging Steep Fault Zones Using Multicomponent Seismic Data," Ting CHEN and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(195) "Developments in Thermal Pile and Thermal Tunnel Linings for City Scale GSHP systems," NICHOLSON Duncan, CHEN Alex, PILLAI Anton, CHENDORAIN Michael [Paper]

 (197) "A Novel Analytical Solution for Single Well Thermal Transient Testing in an Idealized Single Fracture Geothermal System," Friedrich MAIER, Ibrahim KOCABAS [Paper]

(198) "Numerical Back-Analysis of Geothermal Laboratory Tests with Forced Groundwater flow," Ulvi ARSLAN, Heiko HUBER [Paper]

 (200) "The Impact of Varying Wellbore Area on Flow Simulation," Mark J. MCGUINNESS [Paper]

(201) "A Coupled FEM Model for Numerical Simulation of Rechargeable Shallow Geothermal BHE Systems," Phillip OBERDORFER, Rui HU, Ekkehard HOLZBECHER, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(202) "Single-Well Tracer Push-Pull Test Sensitivity to Fracture Aperture and Spacing," Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Shyamal KARMAKAR, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(203) "Can Peclet Numbers Depend on Tracer Species? Going Beyond SW Test Insensitivity to Advection or Equilibrium-Exchange," Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Martin SAUTER, Tobias LICHA, Martin NOTTEBOHM [Paper]

 (207) "A Piece of Geothermal Art in the N-German Basin: Horstberg 2004, Revisited," Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Reinhard JUNG, Martin SAUTER, Torsten TISCHNER [Paper]

 (209) "Evaluation of Non Productive Time of Geothermal Drilling Operations - Case Study in Indonesia," Bonar MARBUN, Ramadhana ARISTYA, Riantana H.PINEM, Budi S.RAMLI, Karolina B.GADI [Paper]

 (215) "Thermal Conductivity Estimates in the Niger Delta using Lithologic Data and Geophysical Well Logs," Idara AKPABIO and Joe EJEDAWE [Paper]

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