Welcome to the Farm!


Join us at Friday Beer! We usually meet in the Arco courtyard on Fridays at 5pm!


SPE Student Chapter is the official organization for petroleum engineering
students at Stanford University. We are committed to excellence as well as
creating an inviting and collaborative environment for students.

Listed below are some activities that we are involved in.

  • Regional and International Student Paper Contests
  • High School Informational Trips
  • Friday Beer and Drinks and BBQ
  • SPE GGS Meetings
  • Intramural Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, etc.)
  • Yearly Fun Events
We'd love to meet you! If you are interested in joining then please fill out the new member form.
The form can be found at SPE.org and membership is free for students.

You can fill the form out online and let one of the officers know you joined so you can start receiving emails from Stanford SPE.  

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