Reservoir Analysis Using Intermediate Frequency Excitation


Yan Pan







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This study investigated mathematical models to describe the motion of fluids in porous media, and applied these models to harmonic well testing at intermediate frequencies. The purpose was to examine the possibility of obtaining more information about reservoirs than can be usually derived in conventional well testing (low frequency excitation) and seismic data processing (high frequency excitation). The problem of fluid flow in the pores or small channels of a periodic elastic solid matrix was studied at pore scale, and the homogenization technique was applied to predict
the macroscopic behavior of reservoirs.

The theoretical analysis and the numerical results show that the responses of a porous medium to harmonic perturbations depend on the parameters of the pore structure, the properties of fluid and solid and the frequencies of the excitation signals. The effective parameters, such as dynamic permeability and porosity, are also functions of perturbation frequencies. From the investigation of the coupling effects of fluid and solid motions, it seems that the elastic solid vibration has positive impact on fluid flow under harmonic perturbations of intermediate frequencies, which may provide a potential new technique for stimulation of oil production.

Based on the homogenization study, five separate characteristic macroscopic model were identified according to the relation between a length scale parameter and a property contrast number. These five models can be used to interpret the corresponding responses of a reservoir. It is possible to infer the effective parameters of porous media, such as porosity and fracture density, by analyzing the diphasic macroscopic response to cyclic excitation at various frequencies.

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