Gas Flow During Well Testing


Zhun Li







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The methods of gas well testing may be different from those of liquid well testing due to the nonlinearity of the gas flow equation. The pseudopressure, pseudotime and material balance pseudotime methods are three of the analytical methods used in gas well testing. These three methods resolve the nonlinearity of the gas flow equation by making transformations and assumptions to linearinze the gas flow equation approximately. However, these three methods do not always work. The objective of this research was to investigate under which conditions these methods work or not.

In this research, the simulation method was assumed to be accurate and be treated as "true data" and was used to provide a "benchmark" to evaluate the accuracies of these three analytical methods. Several cases were designed to study the validity of the three analytical methods. For each case the results of the pseudopressure, pseudotime and material balance pseudotime methods were compared with that of simulation. Some conclusions were drawn on the basis of these case studies.

For all the cases, three kinds of well test schemes were studied, namely drawdown tests during pseudosteady state, buildup tests with the well shut in during infinite-acting radial flow period and buildup test with the well shut in during pseudosteady state.

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