World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is FINAL but may be updated if we learn of cancellations or time conflicts.

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Day 3: Time Zone displayed is UTC-8
Tuesday 11th May, 10:00 am. [Room: Stream A] SESSION 15A: Exploration 6 -- Geophysics I [Add to calendar]
Chair: Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin

[11033] "Geothermal Characterization of Selected Volcanic Systems in Kenya from Resistivity and Gravity," [Presenter: Knutur Arnason], Charles Muturia LICHORO [Paper] [Event Video]

[11074] "Remote Sensing Volcanostratigraphy as a Tool to Support Delineation of Geothermal System Boundary Associated with High Terrain – Composite Volcanic," [Presenter: Suryantini Suryantini], SURYANTINI, Hendro WIBOWO [Paper] [Event Video]

[11137] "Magnetotelluric Models for the Characterization of the Geothermal System of the Azufral Volcano," [Presenter: Gilbert Rodriguez], Gilbert RODRIGUEZ-RODRIGUEZ [Paper] [Event Video]

[11082] "Application of Seismic and Geomechanical Approaches in Defining Geothermal Targets in the German Molasse Basin," [Presenter: Mohamed Fadel], Mohamed FADEL, John REINECKER, Horst KREUTER [Paper] [Event Video]

[11022] "Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysical Geothermal Exploration in Paucarani Zone, Tacna, Peru," [Presenter: Diana Pajuelo Aparicio], Vicentina CRUZ, Rosmery FLORES, Diana PAJUELO [Paper] [Event Video]

[11024] "Geological Structure Identification from Gravity Data in Baños de Cuenca Geothermal Prospect, Ecuador," [Presenter: Manabu SUGIOKA], Danilo ASIMBAYA, Matilde URQUIZO, Manabu SUGIOKA, Jun NISHIJIMA, Danilo IBARRA [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_15A] "Question and Answer 15A," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 10:00 am. [Room: Stream B] SESSION 15B: Geology 6 -- Geological Exploration 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Peter Mawejje

[12083] "Infrared Spectral Mineralogy for Geothermal Exploration: a Preliminary Study Using Cutting Edge Technology Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy (IRIS)," [Presenter: Kartika Savitri], Kartika P. SAVITRI, Christoph HECKER, Freek D. VAN DER MEER, Ridwan P. SIDIK, Marino C. BAROEK, Herwin AZIS [Paper] [Event Video]

[12146] "Geothermal Resources of the Yamagata Prefecture, Northeast, Japan," [Presenter: Takehiro Koseki], Takehiro KOSEKI [Paper] [Event Video]

[12074] "Hydrogeological Controls on Stratovolcanic Geothermal Systems in the Western Branch of the East African Rift System," [Presenter: Keg Alexander], Kenneth B. (Keg) ALEXANDER [Paper] [Event Video]

[12128] "Radiogenic Heat Production and Analysis in Jiangmen Region, South China Block," [Presenter: Yufei Xi], Yufei XI [Paper] [Event Video]

[12112] "Geological Field Mapping for Geothermal Exploration," [Presenter: Arturo Quezada], Arturo QUEZADA [Paper] [Event Video]

[12101] "Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Geothermal Areas – Case Studies Involving the Krýsuvík and Hengill Geothermal Fields, Southwest Iceland," [Presenter: Lucia Magali Ramirez Gonzalez], Lucía Magali RAMÍREZ-GONZÁLEZ, Ingibjörg JÓNSDÓTTIR, Þorvaldur ÞÓRÐARSON [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_15B] "Question and Answer 15B," Peter Mawejje [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 10:00 am. [Room: Stream C] SESSION 15C: Geophysics 6 -- Seismic Monitoring 2 - Developed Fields [Add to calendar]
Chair: Junzo Kasahara

[13063] "Induced Earthquakes in the Hellisheidi Geothermal Field, Iceland," [Presenter: Vala Hjorleifsdottir], Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Madison MCKENZIE, Kristin VOGFJORD, Kristján ÁGÚSTSSON, , Sandra Ósk SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Halldór GEIRSSON, Kristín JÓNSDÓTTIR, Bjarni Reyr KRISTJÁNSSON, Þorbjörg ÁGÚSTSDÓTTIR, Sigurlaug HJALTADÓTTIR [Paper] [Event Video]

[13099] "Preliminary Modelling Activities for an Adaptive Traffic Light System for the Hengill Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Vanille Ariane Ritz], Vanille A. RITZ, Antonio P. RINALDI, Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Raymi CASTILLA, Elisa COLAS, Peter M. Meier, Stefan WIEMER, Vala HJÖRLEIFSDÓTTIR, Gunnar GUNNARSSON and The COSEISMIQ Team [Paper] [Event Video]

[13133] "Local Earthquake Tomography at the Los Humeros Geothermal Field in Mexico," [Presenter: Tania Toledo], Tania TOLEDO, Philippe JOUSSET, Emmanuel GAUCHER, Marco CALÒ, Angel FIGUEROA-SOTO, Hansruedi MAURER, Charlotte KRAWCZYK [Paper] [Event Video]

[13025] "A Convolution Model for Earthquake Forecasting Derived from Seismicity Recorded During the ST1 Geothermal Project on Otaniemi Campus, Finland," [Presenter: Jean-philippe Avouac], Jean-Philippe AVOUAC, Maxime VRAIN, Taeho KIM, Jonathan SMITH, Thomas ADER, Zachary ROSS, Tero SAARNO [Paper] [Event Video]

[13228] "Relation Between Induced Seismicity and Geothermal Systems: A Case Study from the Gediz Graben, Western Anatolia, Turkey," [Presenter: Alper Baba], Huseyin UYTUN, Hasan SOZBILIR, Alper BABA, Kemal YILDIZDAG, Murat KARAS [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_15C] "Question and Answer 15C," Junzo Kasahara [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 10:00 am. [Room: Stream D] SESSION 15D: Geochemistry 6 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Joseph Moore

[14085] "Geochemical Modeling of Acidic Fluid Formation at the Shiramizugoe Geothermal System, Japan," [Presenter: Takuya Sakai], Takuya SAKAI, Norifumi TODAKA [Paper] [Event Video]

[14089] "Measurements on Fluid-Rock-Interaction of Thermal Water-Inhibitor-Mixtures with the HydRA Facility," [Presenter: Dietmar Kuhn], Sabine BAUR, Ann-Kathrin NEUBERGER, Dietmar KUHN, Andrea SEIBT [Paper] [Event Video]

[14104] "Thermodynamics of Geothermal Fluids: a Benchmark Between Thermodynamic Models, from Henry’s Approach to Advanced EoS (GECO Project)," [Presenter: Pascal Mougin], Angela DI LELLA, Pascal MOUGIN [Paper] [Event Video]

[14047] "Petrological and Isotopic Characterization of the Tikolob Geothermal Reservoir, Bacon-Manito, Philippines," [Presenter: Julius John Dimabayao], Julius John T. DIMABAYAO, Michael C. ROWE [Paper] [Event Video]

[14019] "Possible Coupling of Abiotic Hydrogen and Heat Generation in the EGS Soultz-sous-Forêts Site (France): a Hydrogeochemical Modeling Approach," [Presenter: Jesica Murray], Jesica MURRAY, Alain CLEMENT, Bertrand FRITZ, Jean SCHMITTBUHL, Vincent BORDMANN, Jean Marc FLEURY [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_15D] "Question and Answer 15D," Joseph Moore [Abstract] [Event Video]

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