World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

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Day 3: Time Zone displayed is UTC-8
Tuesday 11th May, 04:00 am. [Room: Stream A] SESSION 12A: Exploration 3 -- Africa [Add to calendar]
Chair: Helen Robinson

[11078] "The Fantale Geothermal Development Project, Ethiopia – an Update," [Presenter: Tom Elliott], Thomas P. ELLIOTT, Matthew J. SHARP, George D. PERCY [Paper] [Event Video]

[11088] "Burundi Geothermal Energy Production Project," [Presenter: Jean Marie Sinzinkayo], Jean Marie SINZINKAYO, Claudio PASQUA [Paper] [Event Video]

[11140] "Geophysical Exploration and Drilling for Thermal Gradient Distribution Study: Joint Project at Bugarama Geothermal Graben Located Between Rwanda, R. D Congo and Burundi," [Presenter: Constantin Irabaruta], Constantin IRABARUTA [Paper] [Event Video]

[11052] "Exploration Status of the Kibiro Geothermal Prospect, Western Uganda," [Presenter: Peter Mawejje], Peter MAWEJJE, Nicholas H. HINZ, William CUMMING, Edward ISABIRYE, Isa LUGAYIZI, and James F. NATUKUNDA [Paper] [Event Video]

[11115] "The Katwe Geothermal Prospect in Western Uganda: A Deep Circulation, Fault Zone-Hosted Geothermal System?," [Presenter: Edward Isabirye Mugaddu], Edward M. ISABIRYE, William CUMMING, Thomas ASKEW, Nick HINZ, David SUSSMAN, Peter MAWEJJE and Isa LUGAIZI [Paper] [Event Video]

[11135] "Zambia: Conceptual Model and Drilling Update of the Deep Circulation Bweengwa River Geothermal Prospect," [Presenter: Nicholas Hinz], Nicholas HINZ, Peter VIVIAN-NEAL, Jill HAIZLIP, Gabe MATSON, William CUMMING, Peter HARRISON, Stuart CAMPBELL [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_12A] "Question and Answer 12A," Helen Robinson [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 04:00 am. [Room: Stream B] SESSION 12B: Geology 3 -- Structural Geology & Tectonics [Add to calendar]
Chair: James Francis Natukunda

[12041] "Structural Patterns and Transitional States of Stress at an Active Triple Junction: the Hengill Region," [Presenter: Ashley Stanton-Yonge], Ashley STANTON-YONGE, Catalina SANCHEZ-ROA, Thomas M. MITCHELL, Sandra OSK SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Philip M. MEREDITH [Paper] [Event Video]

[12039] "Geological Structure of Flores Island, Indonesia: Relationship with Volcanism and Geothermal Implications," [Presenter: Ahmad Fauzi Purwandono], Ahmad F. PURWANDONO, Damien BONTÉ, Pri UTAMI, Fred BEEKMAN, Subagyo PRAMUMIJOYO, Jan-Diederik VAN WEES [Paper] [Event Video]

[12095] "Geological Mapping to the NW of Mt. Fantale, Main Ethiopian Rift," [Presenter: Matt Sharp], Matthew J. SHARP, Thomas P. ELLIOTT, Mike OEHLERS [Paper] [Event Video]

[12053] "Borehole Geology of Well Fiale 3, Asal-Fiale Geothermal Field, Djibouti," [Presenter: Araksan Ahmed], Araksan AHMED [Paper] [Event Video]

[12055] "Geothermal Exploration in Graendalur Valley, Hveragerdi, S-Iceland," [Presenter: Andualem Gemechu], Andualem Eshetu GEMECHU [Paper] [Event Video]

[12058] "Permeability Obtained by Digital Analysis and Lattice-Boltzmann Method: Liquiñe Geothermal Area as Case Study, Southern Volcanic Zone (39ºS, Chile)," [Presenter: Tomas Roquer], Eduardo MOLINA, Gloria ARANCIBIA, Josefa SEPÚLVEDA, Tomás ROQUER, Diego MORATA [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_12B] "Question and Answer 12B," James Francis Natukunda [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 04:00 am. [Room: Stream C] SESSION 12C: Geophysics 3 -- Resistivity Methods 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Greg Ussher

[13113] "The Acoculco High Enthalpy Geothermal Area in Mexico: Resistivity Survey (TEM and MT); Data Acquisition, Processing and Inversion – Geological Significance," [Presenter: Gylfi Hersir], Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Claudia ARANGO-GALVÁN, Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Sebastian HELD, José Manuel ROMO-JONES, Jose Luis SALAS, Thalia AVILES, Diego RUIZ-AGUILAR, Adele MANZELLA, Alessandro SANTILANO and Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON [Paper] [Event Video]

[13148] "The Los Humeros Superhot Geothermal Resource in Mexico: Resistivity Survey (TEM and MT); Data Acquisition, Processing and Inversion – Geological Significance," [Presenter: Asdis Benediktsdottir], Ásdís BENEDIKTSDÓTTIR, Claudia ARANGO GALVÁN, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Sebastian HELD, José Manuel ROMO JONES, Jose Luis SALAS, Thalia AVILES, Diego Ruiz AQUILAR, Arnar Már VILHJÁLMSSON, Adele MANZELLA and Alessandro SANTILANO [Paper] [Event Video]

[13214] "Head on Resistivity Method Application in Geothermal Fields of El Salvador, Central America," [Presenter: Pedro Santos], Jose RIVAS [Paper] [Event Video]

[13083] "Geophysical Characterization of Medium and Low Temperature Geothermal Systems Using MT: an Example of the Villarrica Area," [Presenter: Maximiliano Pavez], Maximiliano PAVEZ, Eva SCHILL, Sebastian HELD, Daniel DIAZ, Thomas KOHL [Paper] [Event Video]

[13091] "Identification of Magmatic Intrusions Through Integrated Geophysical Methods. A Contribution for a Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development: Borinquen Geothermal Project - Central America Case Study," [Presenter: Ernesto Meneses Rioseco], Leonardo SOLIS Salguero, Ernesto MENESES Rioseco [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_12C] "Question and Answer 12C," Greg Ussher [Abstract] [Event Video]

Tuesday 11th May, 04:00 am. [Room: Stream D] SESSION 12D: Geochemistry 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Agnes Reyes

[14064] "Stable Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Sulfur-bearing Minerals in the Seawater Hydrothermal System of Surtsey Volcano, Iceland," [Presenter: Barbara Irene Kleine], Barbara I. KLEINE, Andri STEFÁNSSON, Martin J. WHITEHOUSE, Tobias B. WEISENBERGER, Marie D. JACKSON, Magnús T. GUÐMUNDSSON [Paper] [Event Video]

[14083] "Isotope Geochemistry with Implications on the Genesis of Alkaline Bicarbonate Water Along the Himalayan High-temperature Geothermal Belt," [Presenter: Jiao Tian], Jiao TIAN, Zhonghe PANG, Yifan BAO [Paper] [Event Video]

[14027] "Dating of Icelandic Groundwater by Stable Water Isotopes, Tritium and 14C," [Presenter: Arny Sveinbjornsdottir], Arny SVEINBJORNSDOTTIR, Andri STEFANSSON, Jan HEINEMEIER and Stefan ARNORSSON [Paper] [Event Video]

[14111] "Simulating Reservoir Processes of Siliciclastic ATES Reservoirs in Flanders, Through Empirical Experiments," [Presenter: Michael Verbiest], Michael VERBIEST, Gert-Jan WELTJE, Rudy SWENNEN [Paper] [Event Video]

[14072] "Isotope Systematics of Volatile Elements in Icelandic Thermal Fluid," [Presenter: Andri Stefansson], Andri STEFANSSON, Sæmundur A. HALLORSSON, David HILTON, Árný E. SVEINBJÖRNSDOTTIR, Jaime D. BARNES, Shuhei ONO, Jan HEINEIRER, Jens FIEBIG, Stefan ARNORSSON [Paper] [Event Video]

[WGC_12D] "Question and Answer 12D," Agnes Reyes [Abstract] [Event Video]

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