World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

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[Room: Stream A] SESSION 4P: Poster 1 [poster sessions are open continously from April to October]
Chair: Roland Horne

[01000] "Geothermal Energy in Romania: Country Update 2015-2019," [Presenter: Robert Gavriliuc], Robert GAVRILIUC, Marcel ROSCA, Radu POLIZU, Codruta BENDEA, Doinita Iuliana CUCUETEANU, Cornel ANTAL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01010] "Geothermal Energy Update of Nepal," [Presenter: Mahendra Ranjit], Mahendra RANJIT [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01025] "Geothermal Energy Country Update 2020 of Madagascar," [Presenter: Lala Andrianaivo], Lala ANDRIANAIVO [Abstract]

[01031] "Albanian Progress on Geothermal Usage, 2015-2019," [Presenter: Nevton Kodhelaj], Nevton KODHELAJ [Abstract]

[01032] "Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Serbia," Sibela OUDECH, Ivan DJOKIC [Abstract]

[01033] "Geothermal Potentials of Pakistan," [Presenter: Malik Malik], MALIK Sikander Bakht [Abstract]

[01035] "Comoros Geothermal Project: Exploration Drilling Infrastructure Assessment," Adaïne ANLIL-WAFA, Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Keith SWEDHIN and Mauricio TAULIS [Abstract]

[01036] "Geothermal Resource of Georgia," George MELIKADZE, Nodar TSERTSVADZE, Otar VARDIGORELI, Nino KAPANADZE [Abstract]

[01039] "Geothermal Status in Burundi," Ferdinand WAKANA [Abstract]

[01044] "Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Nigeria’s Sedimentary Basins," [Presenter: Mohammed Yerima Kwaya], Mohammed Yerima KWAYA and Ewa KUROWSKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01052] "The Current and Future Status of Geothermal Energy in Yemen," [Presenter: Ramzi Murshed], Ramzi Hazza Abdullah MURSHED [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01054] "A Review of the Geothermal Resources of Saudi Arabia: 2015-2020," [Presenter: Aref Lashin], Aref LASHIN, Dornadula CHANDRASEKHARAM, Abdulaziz AL BASSAM, Nassir AL ARIFI, Shafiqur REHMAN, Hussain AL FAIFI [Abstract]

[01057] "Geothermal Update for Bulgaria (2014-2018)," V. HRISTOV, A. BENDEREV, N. STOYANOV, D. ANTONOV, M. TRAYANOVA, S. KOLEV [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01062] "Geothermal Energy Status in Iran," [Presenter: Soheil Porkhial], Soheil PORKHIAL [Abstract]

[01067] "Netherlands Country Update," Bas GODSCHALK, Melanie PROVOOST, Frank SCHOOF [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01069] "Geothermal Energy Country Update - Lithuania," [Presenter: Feliksas Zinevicius], Feliksas ZINEVICIUS, Saulius SLIAUPA, Arunas MAZINTAS [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01074] "Costa Rica Country Update," Eddy SANCHEZ - RIVERA, Leonardo SOLIS - SALGUERO, Hartman GUIDO - SEQUEIRA, Osvaldo VALLEJOS - RUIZ [Abstract]

[01077] "Updating of the Most Important Algerian Geothermal Provinces," Abdelkader AIT OUALI, Abdelhakim AYADI, Djamel MAIZI, Abderrahman ISSAADI, Salima OUALI, Khadidja BOUZIDI, Khaled IMESSAAD [Abstract]

[01078] "Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update Report for Denmark," [Presenter: Anders Mathiesen], Anders MATHIESEN, Lars Henrik NIELSEN, Henrik VOSGERAU, Søren Erbs POULSEN, Henrik Bjørn, Birte RØGEN, Claus DITLEFSEN, Thomas VANGKILDE-PEDERSEN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01079] "Review of the Geothermal Resources of Egypt: 2015-2020," [Presenter: Aref Lashin], Aref LASHIN [Abstract]

[01080] "Portugal Country Update 2020," João Carlos NUNES, Luís COELHO, José Martins CARVALHO, Maria Do Rosário CARVALHO, João GARCIA, António CORREIA [Abstract]

[01081] "An Overview on Geothermal Potential Assessment and Geothermal Development in Vietnam," TRAN Trong Thang [Abstract]

[01096] "Country Update for the Spanish Geothermal Sector," Iñigo ARRIZABALAGA, Margarita DE GREGORIO, Cristina DE SANTIAGO, Celestino GARCÍA DE LA NOCEDA, Paloma PÉREZ, Javier URCHUEGUÍA [Abstract]

[01097] "Czech Republic Country Update 2018," Petr DEDECEK, Jan SAFANDA, Antonin TYM, Jan HOLECEK [Abstract]

[01098] "Geothermal Development in Malawi - A Country Update 2015 - 2020," [Presenter: Kondwani Gondwe], Kondwani GONDWE, Tufwane MWAGOMBA, Gift TSOKONOMBWE, Charleson ELIASI, Khumbolawo LUNGU [Abstract]

[01099] "Geothermal Energy Development of Sri Lanka," [Presenter: Amali Samaranayake], S.A.SAMARANAYAKE, Nalin De SILVA, U. DAHANAYAKE, H.O.WIJEWARDANE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01107] "United Kingdom Country Update," [Presenter: Tony Batchelor], Tony BATCHELOR, Robin CURTIS, Jonathan BUSBY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[01108] "Austria -Country Update," [Presenter: Johann Goldbrunner], GOLDBRUNNER Johann E [Abstract]

[02000] "Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability in Geothermal Exploration Areas; Case Study of Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya," JOSPHAT MWANDIGHA [Abstract]

[02006] "Financial and Environmental Analysis of Ground-source Heat Pump Utilization in Residential Sector in Iran," [Presenter: Hossein Yousefi], Hossein YOUSEFI, Maryam PARVIN, Soheil ROUMI [Abstract]

[02008] "Ascent in Environmental and Social Aspects of Geothermal Energy," Sunskrati PANDEY, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[02010] "Reinjection of CO2 in Geothermal Fields," [Presenter: Niyazi Aksoy], Niyazi AKSOY, Ozge Solak GOK, Halim MUTLU, Gizem KILINC [Abstract]

[02012] "Sustaining Gold Standard Achievement in Environmental Management and Innovation Based on PROPER Criteria (Study Case: Pertamina Geothermal Energy Area Kamojang)," Prasetya KHARISMA, Bagus WIDYANTORO [Abstract]

[02014] "Environmental and Social Consideration of a Geothermal Project in Arta Area, Djibouti," [Presenter: Abdek Mahamoud Abdi], Abdek MAHAMOUD ABDI [Abstract]

[02020] "Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Ulubelu’s Roadmap Towards Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Business Through Integration of Innovative Programs with Local Communities," Thesa Kemmy PRATAMA, Widodo SUWANTO [Abstract]

[02021] "Characterization of Topographic Changes in Geothermal Fields Around the South Bandung Basin, Indonesia," [Presenter: Panggea Sabrian], Panggea Ghiyats SABRIAN, Asep SAEPULOH, Katsuaki KOIKE, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN [Abstract]

[02034] "Sustainable Geothermal Utilization for Outstanding Universal Value Sustainability," Havidh NAZIF, Eko Hari Purwanto, Andi SUSMANTO, Dini PARADIGMA [Abstract]

[02041] "Sustainable Environmental Management to Support Operational Excellence and Provide Added Values to Communities and Environment in PGE Area Lahendong," Arie Fandya Nugraha ELTASSA, Hendrik K. SINAGA, Ramadoni FEBRIANDINATA, [Abstract]

[02045] "Impacts of the Alalobad Geothermal Project on Wild Life," GUTU DEGEFA [Abstract]

[02055] "Integration of HSE Principles on Project Design Stage: A Lesson Learn from PGE," Irma KHOIRUNISSA, Marmelia Puja DEWI, Mufthi Gana SUKARDI [Abstract]

[02072] "Main Risks Related to Deep Geothermal Energy in the World," [Presenter: Philippe Gombert], Philippe GOMBERT, Franz LAHAIE, Auxane CHERKAOUI, Isabelle CONTRUCCI, Francesca DE SANTIS [Abstract] [Event Video] (Reserve in Session 55A)

[03000] "Recent Attainments and Regulations in the Field of Geothermal Energy in Iran," [Presenter: Farhad Abdollahzadeh Bina], Farhad ABDOLLAHZADEH BINA, Mohammad SATKIN, Ali SHABNAVARD [Abstract] [Event Video]

[03004] "Sustainable Management of Cumulative Environmental and Social Impacts of Geothermal Investments: Turkey as a Case Study," Burcu Yazgan KAYABALI, Hande YUKSELER [Abstract]

[03008] "Geothermal Is the Best Choice of Cleaning Energy for Winter District Heating," Zihui CHEN, Keyan ZHENG [Abstract]

[03018] "Economic Characteristics and Policies Study on Geothermal Space Heating Project of Typical Sandstone Reservoir in Northern China," [Presenter: Jiachao Huang], ZHANG Zhaoping, HUANG Jiachao, LIU Rui, LIANG Haijun [Abstract]

[03022] "Challenges Affecting Procurement Process for Geothermal Projects in Tanzania," Hassan Kapungu MIHAYO, Shakiru Idrissa KAJUGUS [Abstract]

[03024] "Challenges in Development of Geothermal Energy in India," Prafulla B. SAROLKAR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[03026] "Development of a Geothermal Resource Policy for Papua New Guinea," [Presenter: Mark Chrisp], Mark CHRISP [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 51B)

[03028] "Regional Government Strategy for the Sustainable Use and Development of the Kawerau Geothermal Field by Multi-Tappers in New Zealand," [Presenter: Jason Laurent], Penny DOORMAN and Jason LAURENT [Abstract]

[03030] "A Critical Analysis of Geothermal Industry in China: a Diamond Model Study," [Presenter: Yalin Lei], LEI Yalin, JIANG Yong, GE Jianping [Abstract]

[03033] "Influencing Factors Analysis of the Development of Geothermal Energy Industry, a Case Study of Beijing, China," [Presenter: Yalin Lei], JIANG Yong, LEI Yalin, GE Jianping [Abstract]

[03042] "Methane Emissions from Suspended Wells: Can Internalizing the Cost of Methane Leaks Incentivize Plugging and Reclamation of Petroleum Wells in Alberta?," [Presenter: Daniel Schiffner], Daniel SCHIFFNER [Abstract]

[03046] "Geothermal Resources Development Forecast Under Policy Incentives in China: A System Dynamics Analysis," [Presenter: Qun Li], LI Qun, LEI Yalin, GE Jianping, WEI Jingxue, LI Dongrui, ZHANG Zhicong [Abstract]

[03052] "Peru: Key Factors to Develop a Geothermal Industry with a Comprehensive Approach," [Presenter: Victor Vargas Rodriguez], Víctor VARGAS and Jackeline REYES [Abstract]

[04005] "The Competitiveness of Geothermal Regard to Conventional Energy Carriers in the Selected Large Polish Heating Systems," [Presenter: Leszek Pajak], Leszek PAJĄK, Wiesław BUJAKOWSKI, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[04007] "Financing Aluto Langano Geothermal Project Field: an Overview of LA 9D and LA10D," Makda KINFE [Abstract]

[04010] "Financial Feasibility Assessment of a Wellhead Geothermal Power Plant at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia," [Presenter: Joaquin Pablo Aguilera Bustos], Pablo AGUILERA, José Luis HENRIQUEZ [Abstract] [Event Video]

[04011] "Socioeconomic Life Cycle Analysis of Geothermal Power Generation Considering Regional Industrial Structures," Shunichi HIENUKI, Hiromi KUBOTA [Abstract]

[04014] "The Economic Case for Geothermal District Heating for Residential and Industrial Applications in Europe - an LCOH Analysis," [Presenter: Kai Imolauer], Benjamin RICHTER, Manuel THOM, Maria UELTZEN, Kai IMOLAUER [Abstract]

[04018] "The Role of Geothermal Power Within the Energy Mix in the Union of Comoros," Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Jane BROTHERIDGE, Peter APPERLEY, Paul QUINLIVAN, Karim ALI AHMED [Abstract]

[04035] "Well Head Technology Concept as an Early Financing Strategy in Geothermal Development. Case Study- Baringo-Silali Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Moses Kachumo], Moses KACHUMO [Abstract]

[04036] "Factors That Influenced Public Private Partnership (PPP) Adoption for Implementing Geothermal Power Project, Menengai Project," [Presenter: Calisstus Ndongoli], Calisstus NDONGOLI [Abstract]

[05004] "International Cooperation to Address and Mitigate the Climate Change Issue Using Unconventional Geothermal Technology (EGS)," [Presenter: Roy Baria], Roy BARIA, Joerg BAUMGAERTNER, Hylke GLASS, Andrew JUPE, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Graeme BEARDSMORE, Corinna ABESSER, Dimitra TEZA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Igor KOCIS [Abstract]

[05009] "Mechanisms for Activating Applications of Geothermal Energy in Achieving Sustainable Development," [Presenter: Ramzi Murshed], Ramzi Hazza Abdullah MURSHED [Abstract] [Event Video]

[05010] "Guidelines for Geothermal Energy Development Technology," [Presenter: Tianshu Li], CAO Yaofeng, ZHAO Fengnian, LI Tianshu, GONG Hao [Abstract]

[05011] "Design and Evaluation of Small Wind Turbine Driven Earth to Air Heat Exchanger System for Heating Greenhouses in Izmir, Turkey," Leyla OZGENER Onder OZGENER [Abstract] [Event Video]

[05014] "An Energy Systems Perspective on the Life Cycle Assessment of Geothermal Heating Networks," [Presenter: Marc Jaxa-rozen], Marc JAXA-ROZEN, Astu Sam PRATIWI, Evelina TRUTNEVYTE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[05015] "Exploring the Social Dimension of Sustainability Within the Geothermal Sector in Iceland: A Preliminary Investigation," [Presenter: Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson], Fe Amor P. GUDMUNDSSON and Sveinn AGNARSSON [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 48A)

[05022] "Power Relations and the Energy Transition: A Critical Review on Discourses, Ideologies and Perspectives for Sustainable Geothermal Energy Development in Valemount, BC," [Presenter: Nadine Suliman Abdelrahman], Nadine Naguib Suliman ABDELRAHMAN [Abstract]

[05026] "Use of Non-Condensable Geothermal Gas and Geothermal Seawater to Grow Biomass," [Presenter: Halldor Svavarsson], Halldor G. SVAVARSSON, Johannes E. VALBERG, Hronn ARNARDOTTIR, Asa BRYNJOLFSDOTTIR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[05030] "Comprehensive Greenhouse Model for Demand Simulation and Design of Geo-Solar Energy Supply System Based on Geothermal and Solar Energy," [Presenter: Hossein Yousefi], Hossein YOUSEFI, Kianoush CHOUBINEH, Tohid JAFARINEJAD, Mohammad SALEHI, Amir Hossein FATHI [Abstract]

[05031] "Institutionalizing Resiliency Programs for Geothermal Operations in Disaster-Prone Areas: A Case Study of the Tiwi Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Elvin Marcelo], Edith Louise BATAC, Jonathan VIZON, Erwin VARGAS [Abstract]

[05033] "Unlocking the NCG Utilization Potential of Turkish Geothermal Fields: Criteria of Selection NCG Injection Well for GECO Project, Kizildere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Erdinc Senturk], Erdinc SENTURK, Taylan AKIN [Abstract]

[05049] "Implementation of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Lahendong Unit 5 and 6 Geothermal Project PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy for Further Development of Carbon Credit Program from Geothermal Project in Indonesia," Sapto CIPTADI, Imam HIDAYAT, Primawan RATIANSYAH, Bagus BRAMANTIO, Irma KHOIRUNISSA, Priatna BUDIMAN, Tumpal Parulian NAINGGOLAN, Glifanny RAMADANI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[05050] "Establishment and Business Development of a Geothermal Eco-Industrial Park in Iceland," [Presenter: Marta Ros Karlsdottir], Dagný HAUKSDÓTTIR, Bergur SIGFÚSSON, Marta R. KARLSDÓTTIR, Ólöf ANDRJESDÓTTIR, Berglind R. ÓLAFSDÓTTIR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[06001] "Malawi Geothermal Potential," Ruth MUMBA [Abstract]

[06005] "Induced Seismicity and Deformation at Geothermal Fields in California, USA," [Presenter: Andrew Barbour], Andrew BARBOUR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[06008] "The 5 Years, 2015 – 2020, Development of Geothermal Energy Used in Indonesia: Problems and Solution," [Presenter: Alanda Idral], Alanda IDRAL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[06014] "Utilization of Ground Water Directly for Space Heating Application Using Heat Pump- Demonstration and Case Study of Dehradun, India," Rajinder BHASIN, Vijay CHAUHAN, Sander JACOBSEN [Abstract]

[06015] "Comparison of Wind Pressures Using Wind Tunnel Test (WTT), the Prescriptive Approach (NSCP 2015), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the Case of Cooling Towers for Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Virgilio Lapuz], Ernesto Q. MALICAD, Jr., Virgilio G. LAPUZ, Jr., Martin Jude V. LACAMBRA [Abstract]

[06021] "Challenges Faced in Progressing Geothermal Development in SIDS - Case Study on the Union of Comoros," [Presenter: Jane Brotheridge], Jane BROTHERIDGE, Mike ALLEN, Mohamed CHAHEIRE, Karim Ali AHMED, Peter APPERLEY [Abstract]

[06025] "Study on Integrated Utilization of Geothermal and Multi-clean Energy Heating and Cooling in Xiongan New Area, China," [Presenter: Qiang Wang], GUO Dianbin, LI Hongwu, WANG Qiang [Abstract]

[06027] "Low Heat Flow in the Orsha Depression, Belarus," Vladimir ZUI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[06035] "Geothermal Development in Aceh, Indonesia: Challenges and Prospect," [Presenter: Teuku Mukhlis], Teuku MUKHLIS [Abstract]

[06039] "Development Approach on Portfolio Geothermal Project in Dieng and Patuha," Ruly Husnie RIDWAN, Henky IRAWAN [Abstract]

[06042] "Risk Management in Geothermal Projects Funding and Governance Issues," [Presenter: Sigurdur Gretar Bogason], S.G. BOGASON, G.O. FRIDLEIFSSON, H.P. INGOLFSSON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[06046] "The Development of Ulubelu Geothermal Power Plant 2x55 MW - Lampung Indonesia," [Presenter: Novi Purwono], Novi PURWONO, Andi Joko NUGROHO [Abstract]

[06048] "Workover Challenges Using Hydraulic Workover Unit in Dieng Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Daniel Wilhelmus Adityatama], Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Agung MUKTI, Dorman PURBA, Supriadinata MARZA, Ingria ARRASY, Ribka ASOKAWATY, Riviani KUSUMAWARDANI, Farhan MUHAMMAD [Abstract]

[06052] "Case Study of the Yerka Mt. Ida Geothermal Project, Canakkale Province, Turkey," [Presenter: James Lovekin], James LOVEKIN, Logan HACKETT, Merve AYDIN [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 52C)

[06059] "Tiwi Geothermal Field: Reservoir Management After 40 Years of Commercial Operation," [Presenter: Arnel Mejorada], Arnel MEJORADA, Joy TOLENTINO, Ronald VICEDO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[07004] "How Did Turkey Succeed in Raising Public Awareness and Environmental Protection Along with Geothermal Developments," [Presenter: Hakan Sahiller], Hakan Alp SAHİLLER, Reyhan Nergis ÖNER, Ural HALAÇOĞLU [Abstract] [Event Video]

[07006] "Public Perception of Geothermal Energy at the Local Level in the UK," [Presenter: Cees Willems], Cees Jan Leonardus WILLEMS, Olivier EJDERYAN, Robert WESTAWAY, Neil M. BURNSIDE [Abstract]

[07009] "Public Engagements with Induced Seismicity: Lessons for Geothermal Energy in the UK’s Net-Zero Transition," Owen KING [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 49A)

[07034] "Sharing Value Based Community Engagement Practices for Geothernal Development: Kenya and New Zealand Partnership," [Presenter: Joshua Were], Joshua WERE, Grace CHEPKWONY, Jennifer ODUOR and Caitlin SMITH [Abstract]

[07037] "Co-Design of an Implementation Concept for a Deep Geothermal Energy Project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)," [Presenter: Christine Roesch], Christine ROESCH, Melanie MBAH, Sophie KUPPLER [Abstract]

[07051] "Mediation as a Solution to Geothermal Social Safeguard Conflicts in Kenya," [Presenter: Joshua Were], Joshua WERE, Karanja NJOROGE [Abstract]

[07062] "Work-life Balance and Equality for Employees in Geothermal Power Plants in an Operational and Social Context," [Presenter: Dagur Helgason], Trausti BJORGVINSSON, Asdis E. SIMONARDOTTIR, Dagur HELGASON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[07066] "Advances in the Participation of Women in the Geothermal Industry of El Salvador," [Presenter: Rosa Escobar], Rosa ESCOBAR [Abstract]

[08000] "An Alternative Drilling Contract Type (Non IPM) for Geothermal Exploration and Development Drilling," [Presenter: Boga Isa], Boga ISA [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 48B)

[08004] "Integration of Drilling and Workover Services in the Geothermal Project Laguna Colorada," Carlos GARCIA, Jose PEREZ [Abstract]

[08017] "The H2020 GEORISK Project – Inventory and Assessment of Risks Associated to the Development of Deep Geothermal Heating and Power Projects," [Presenter: Thomas Le Guenan], Thomas LE GUENAN, Philippe CALCAGNO, Fernanda VELOSO, Virginie HAMM, Annick LOSCHETTER, Camille MAUREL, Ferid SEYIDOV, Philippe DUMAS [Abstract] [Event Video]

[08030] "Geothermal Drilling Contracts - Scope of the Work, Risk and Cost Factors," [Presenter: Vilhjalmur Gudmundsson], Vilhjalmur GUDMUNDSSON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[09007] "United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland: Training Activities Abroad," [Presenter: Ingimar Haraldsson], Ingimar G. HARALDSSON, Lúdvík S. GEORGSSON, Málfrídur ÓMARSDÓTTIR [Abstract] [Event Video] (Reserve in Session 47D)

[09016] "Pop-Up Experiences to Engage Youth Audiences with Geothermal," [Presenter: Sofia Otero], Sofía OTERO, Luz FARIÑA [Abstract]

[09017] "Developing Geothermal Drilling Training in Indonesia: an Effort to Implement the National Competency Standard," [Presenter: Dorman Purba], Mukhamad Faeshol UMAM, Joko SUSILO, Dorman PURBA, Daniel ADITYATAMA, Farhan MUHAMMAD [Abstract]

[09019] "Enhancement of the Geothermal Engineering Curriculum of Negros Oriental State University in Response to the Philippine Geothermal Energy Agenda," [Presenter: Angel Angel], Angel HONCULADA [Abstract]

[09025] "A Study on Competency Assessment of the Geothermal Exploration Project Manager in Indonesia," [Presenter: Dorman Purba], Dorman PURBA, Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Agus SOEDARSA, Mukhamad F. UMAM, M. Rizqi A. ASY'ARI, Kamil D. MORMES [Abstract]

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