World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 6: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Tuesday 6th July, 01:00 am. [Room: Stream A] SESSION 37A: Geothermal Heat Pumps 1 -- Performance Analysis [Add to calendar]
Chair: Leland Mink

[29009] "Proposal of New Data Collection Methodology for Geothermal Heat Pumps Statistics - an Outcome of IEA Geothermal Working Group Activities," [Presenter: Yoonho Song], Yoonho SONG, Katharina LINK, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Josef WEBER [Abstract]

[29015] "Study on the Recovery Characteristics of Shallow Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: Yuan Yu], YU Yuan, LI Ningbo, YANG Junwei, LI Xiang, CAO Lei, YU Hao, XIAO Tianpeng [Abstract]

[29033] "Performance Monitoring of a Ground Source Heat Pump System with a Horizontal GHE in Los Humeros, Puebla, México," Fernando RIVAS-CRUZ, Vicente TORRES-LUNA, Daniel GONZÁLEZ-GARCÍA, Cesar ROSALES-LÓPEZ [Abstract]

[29026] "Method of Forecasting Undisturbed Ground Temperature Under Warm Temperate Climates in China," [Presenter: Wanli Wang], WANG Wanli, WANG Guiling, LIU Chunlei [Abstract]

[29025] "Experimental and Theoretical Cooling Mode Energy Analysis of Geothermal Heat Pump System in Vardavard Substation Building in Iran," [Presenter: Saeed Shayamehr], Saeed SHAYAMEHR, Madjid ABBASPOUR, Aidin KAHRABI [Abstract]

[29065] "Impact of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Borehole Heat Exchangers – a Holistic Experimental Approach," [Presenter: Jan-Henrik Kupfernagel], Jan-Henrik KUPFERNAGEL, Jan Christopher HESSE, Bastian WELSCH, Markus SCHEDEL, Lutz MUELLER, Ingo SASS [Abstract]

[WGC_37A] "Question and Answer 37A," Leland Mink [Abstract]

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