World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 5: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Tuesday 15th June, 13:00 pm. [Room: Stream D] SESSION 34D: Production Engineering 1 -- Measurements and Operations [Add to calendar]
Chair: Maria Gudjonsdottir

[25004] "Experiments for Real-time Measurement of Well Output," [Presenter: Egill Juliusson], Erlingur GEIRSSON, Egill JULIUSSON [Abstract]

[25026] "Production-Injection at the Costa Rica Geothermal Fields 1994 – 2019: Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti (Formerly Miravalles) and Pailas," [Presenter: Leonardo Solis], Federico NIETZEN, Leonardo SOLIS [Abstract]

[25016] "Designing and Maintenance of Pressure and Heat Loss in Production Pipeline to Optimize of Electric Power at Lumut Balai Geothermal Field Indonesia," Muh.Yustin KAMAH, Gathuk WIDIYANTO [Abstract]

[25053] "Thermoelectric Monitoring Systems in Iceland," [Presenter: Runar Unnthorsson], Robert DELL, Michael PETRALIA, Runar UNNTHORSSON [Abstract]

[25035] "The Orifice Wellhead Control Valve of HS Orka," [Presenter: Geir Thorolfsson], Geir THOROLFSSON [Abstract]

[WGC_34D] "Question and Answer 34D," Maria Gudjonsdottir [Abstract]

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