World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 5: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Tuesday 15th June, 11:00 am. [Room: Stream B] SESSION 33B: Reservoir Engineering 6 -- Modeling [Add to calendar]
Chair: Thomas Ratouis

[22119] "Numerical Simulation of Cerro Pabellon Geothermal Field (Chile) with TOUGH-2," [Presenter: Maurizio Cei], Maurizio CEI, Marco CECIONI [Abstract]

[22069] "Observation of a Repeated Step-wise Fracture Growth During Hydraulic Fracturing Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site," [Presenter: Nathan Dutler], Nathan DUTLER, Benoît VALLEY, Linus VILLIGER, Valentin GISCHIG, Florian AMANN [Abstract]

[22157] "Lifetime and Energy Prediction of Geothermal Systems: Uncertainty Analysis in Highly Heterogeneous Geothermal Reservoirs ( Netherlands)," [Presenter: Sanaz Saeid], Sanaz SAEID, Yang WANG, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Mark KHAIT, David BRUHN, Denis VOSKOV [Abstract]

[22012] "Numerical Pressure Transient Analysis of CO2-Containing Geothermal Reservoirs During Draw-Down Buildup Testing," [Presenter: Eylem Kaya], Gitta SEPTIANI, Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Eylem KAYA, Sadiq J. ZARROUK [Abstract]

[22042] "Accelerating the Solution of Geothermal Inverse Problems Using Adjoint Methods in Waiwera: a Case Studies on Kerinci and Wairakei," [Presenter: Ruanui Nicholson], Benjamin GONZALEZ-GUTIERREZ, Elvar BJARKASON, Ruanui NICHOLSON, John O’SULLIVAN, Angus YEH, Michael O’SULLIVAN, Oliver MACLAREN [Abstract]

[22050] "An Analysis of 40 Years of Subsidence Due to Geothermal Production from the Svartsengi-Eldvörp Geothermal System in SW Iceland," [Presenter: Melissa De Freitas], Melissa Anne DE FREITAS, Guðni AXELSSON, Páll EINARSSON [Abstract]

[WGC_33B] "Question and Answer 33B," Thomas Ratouis [Abstract]

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