World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 4: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Wednesday 12th May, 15:00 pm. [Room: Stream A] SESSION 26A: Resource Assessment 6 -- Sedimentary Basins [Add to calendar]
Chair: Robert Vagnetti

[16024] "Re-purposing Hydrocarbon Wells for Geothermal Use in the UK: a Preliminary Resource Assessment," [Presenter: Sean Watson], Sean M. WATSON, Gioia FALCONE, Rob WESTAWAY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16032] "Glacial Influence on Hydrogeology and Geothermal Potential in the North Alpine Foreland Basin - A Fossil Temperature Imprint in the Upper Jurassic Carbonate Aquifer?," [Presenter: Tom Schintgen], Tom SCHINTGEN, Inga MOECK [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16081] "Geothermal Assessment of Two Regionally Extensive Upper Devonian Carbonate Aquifers in Alberta, Canada," [Presenter: Leandra Weydt], Leandra M. WEYDT, Kristian BÄR, Claus-Dieter J. HELDMANN, Hans G. MACHEL, Ingo SASS [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16040] "HotLime – Mapping and Assessment of Geothermal Plays in Deep Carbonate Rocks," [Presenter: Gerold Diepolder], Gerold DIEPOLDER, Staša BOROVIĆ, Ignasi HERMS and The HotLime Team [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16003] "Geothermal Anomaly Identified Under a Dense Urban Area in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, Spain," [Presenter: Enric Vazquez-Sune], Enric VÁZQUEZ-SUÑÉ, Miguel Angel MARAZUELA; Rotman CRIOLLO; Marc DIVIU; Leia MAYER-ANHALT; Laura SCHEIBER; Joan BOTEY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16094] "Geospatial Estimation of the Electric Power Potential in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources Using Geologically Stored Carbon Dioxide," [Presenter: Jeffrey Bielicki], Jeffrey M. BIELICKI, Marcos W. MIRANDA, Jonathan D. OGLAND-HAND, Christina HOWARD, Stephen MALDONADO, Benjamin ADAMS, Thomas A. BUSCHECK, Martin O. SAAR [Abstract]

[WGC_26A] "Question and Answer 26A," Robert Vagnetti [Abstract] [Event Video]

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