World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

Time Zone displayed is UTC-7

Day 4: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Wednesday 12th May, 13:00 pm. [Room: Stream A] SESSION 25A: Resource Assessment 5 -- Regional [Add to calendar]
Chair: Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin

[16020] "Geological Conditions, Current Status and Near Future Possibilities of Geothermal Development in Kamchatka, Russia," [Presenter: Alexey Kiryukhin], Alexey V. KIRYUKHIN, Victor M. SUGROBOV [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16053] "Characterization of Fractured Basement Rocks from Two Geothermal Areas: Charlevoix Meteorite Impact Crater (Canada) and Nevado del Ruiz Volcano (Colombia)," [Presenter: Maria Jose Oviedo Valencia], María Isabel VÉLEZ-MARQUEZ, María Alejandra TABORDA-ORTIZ, David MORENO, Mafalda MIRANDA, Jasmin RAYMOND, Jacqueline LOPEZ-SANCHEZ, Daniela BLESSENT, Linda DANIELE, María José OVIEDO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16030] "Continental Conductive Surface Heat Flow in Mexico - the Analysis from Deep Boreholes," [Presenter: Orlando Miguel Espinoza-Ojeda], Orlando Miguel ESPINOZA-OJEDA, Rosa Maria PROL-LEDESMA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16041] "Geothermal Potential in Galapagos Islands: Supporting Sustainable Energy Transition," [Presenter: Matilde Urquizo], Jose JARA, Matilde URQUIZO, Danilo ASIMBAYA, Valerie GRAW [Abstract] [Event Video]

[16057] "The Hexagon Concept: A Fundamental Approach for the Geoscientific Spatial Data Compilation and Analysis at European Scale," [Presenter: Bernd Leiss], Bianca WAGNER, Stefanie GÜNTHER, Katherine FORD, Graciela SOSA, Bernd LEISS, Richu Mary SHELLY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[WGC_25A] "Question and Answer 25A," Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin [Abstract] [Event Video]

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