World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 4: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Wednesday 12th May, 05:00 am. [Room: Stream B] SESSION 21B: Geology 12 -- Geological Exploration 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Ghislain Trullenque

[12088] "Geological Interpretation of Geothermal Manifestations in the East of Morocco," [Presenter: Meryem Redouane], REDOUANE Meryem, HAISSEN Faouziya, SADKI Othman, RAJI Mohammed [Abstract] [Event Video]

[12091] "Application of Chemostratigraphy and Petrology to Characterize the Reservoirs of the Mesozoic Sequence Crossed by the Geo-01 Well: Potential for Direct Heat Production and Heat-Storage," [Presenter: Andrea Moscariello], FERREIRA DE OLIVEIRA G, DE HALLER A., GUGLIELMETTI L., MAKHLOUFI Y., MOSCARIELLO A [Abstract] [Event Video]

[12195] "Comparison of Geological and Thermal Structure of Three High-temperature Geothermal Areas in the Neo-volcanic Zone of NE-Iceland," [Presenter: Anette Kaergaard Mortensen], Anette K. MORTENSEN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[12107] "The Tulancingo-Acoculco Caldera Complex, Puebla, Mexico: the Geology and Geophysics as Key Data for a Geothermal Energy Prospect," AGUIRRE-DÍAZ, Gerardo J., LOPEZ-HERNANDEZ, Aida, PEREZ-FLORES, Marco, GONZALEZ-PARTIDA, Eduardo, DIAZ-CARREÑO, Erik H., COUTIÑO-TABOADA, Mariana E., JASSO-TORRES, Katia, RAMIREZ-MONTES, Miguel [Abstract] [Event Video]

[12072] "Hydrothermal Alteration in the Geothermal System of the Irruputuncu Volcano Deep Well PGC-01, Northern Chile," [Presenter: Christian Betancourt], Christian BETANCOURT, Jeanne VIDAL, Diego MORATA, Santiago MAZA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[12159] "Structural Control of the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Field – Surface and Subsurface Evidences," [Presenter: Maria Jhonnie Villareal], Maria Jhonnie VILLAREAL, Armando LICUP, Xyza OMAC-CANARIAS, Zosimo SARMIENTO [Abstract]

[WGC_21B] "Question and Answer 21B," Ghislain Trullenque [Abstract] [Event Video]

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