World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

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[Room: Stream D] SESSION 16P: Poster 4 [poster sessions are open continously from April to October]
Chair: Roland Horne

[31004] "Evaluating System and Indicators Analysis of EGS Geothermal Project in Eastern China," [Presenter: Xianbin Zeng], CHEN Peipei, ZENG Xianbin, Zhou Wei, LI Hui [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31009] "Hot-Dry-Rock Resource Investigation in Changbai Mountain, China," [Presenter: Du Jizhong], DU Jizhong TAN Hongyan ZHAO Dongfang [Abstract]

[31012] "Resource Assessment of Kozak Granodiorite for an EGS Application in Dikili-İzmir Region, Western Turkey," [Presenter: Aysegul Turan], Aysegul TURAN, Emre ARTUN, Salih SANER [Abstract]

[31015] "Numerical Simulation of Heat Extraction of CO2-EGS with THM Coupling Method Based on Discrete Fracture Models," SUN Zhixue, JIANG Chuanyin, ZHANG Kai, MAO Qiangqiang, Kelvin BONGOLE, XIN Ying [Abstract]

[31016] "Heat Extraction Performance Investigation of a Coaxial Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger in a Deep Geothermal Well," LU Xinli, ZHANG Jiaqi, ZHANG Wei, YU Hao, WANG Taidou [Abstract]

[31017] "Investigation on the Interaction of Alkaline Chemical Stimulation with the Hot Dry Rock (HDR) with Quartz-rich Minerals," [Presenter: Jianan Xu], Jianan XU, Bo FENG, Yilong YUAN, Fengyu LI, Xin XIN [Abstract]

[31019] "Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer by Water Flowing Through Rough Fractures," ZHANG Yanjun, MA Yueqiang, HUANG Yibin, ZHANG Chi [Abstract]

[31030] "Techno-economic Performance of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for EGS with Different Cycle Configurations," [Presenter: Tailu Li], Tailu LI, Nan MENG, Yanhua YAO, Yinchao ZHU [Abstract]

[31044] "Basic Principles for Selection of HDR Target Region and Well Sites in China," [Presenter: Jianhua Ping], Jianhua PING, Jiaqi LIU, Jichang ZHAO [Abstract]

[31045] "Particle Transport in Fractures: A Common Problem in Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Hydraulic Fractures," [Presenter: Hamid M Nick], Saeed SALIMZADEH, James KEAR, Hamidreza M. NICK [Abstract]

[31046] "A Semi-Analytic Transient Approach to Modelling Plasticity and Stimulation of Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Peter Fokker], Aditya SINGH, Brecht B.T. WASSING, Peter A. FOKKER [Abstract]

[31047] "Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS): A Review of Cambay Basins," Bhavi PANCHAL, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[31049] "Energy Balance Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing During EGS Development," [Presenter: Tamaki Ishikawa], Tamaki ISHIKAWA, Koichi YAMADA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31050] "The Importance of Successful Dissemination in the DEEPEGS Project," [Presenter: Sigurdur Gretar Bogason], Sigurdur T BJORGVINSSON, Amel BARICH, Hjalti P INGOLFSSO, Sigurdur G BOGASON and Alicja Wiktoria STOKLOSA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31054] "Preliminary Results of the Seismicity Induced During the Stimulation of the Vendenheim Enhanced Geothermal System (France)," [Presenter: Emmanuel Gaucher], Emmanuel GAUCHER, Marine Jolivet, Mariane Peter-Borie [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31060] "The EPOS thematic Core Service on Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS-AH): a Hotspot for Geothermal Research," [Presenter: Marc SCHAMING], Marc SCHAMING, Alice FREMAND, Jean SCHMITTBUHL, Pascal BIGARRE, Aglaja BLANKE, Savka DINEVA, Alexander GARCIA, Jean-Robert GRASSO, Abror KARIMOV, Jannes KINSCHER, Joanna KOCOT, Elena KOZLOVSKAYA, Grzegorz KWIATEK, Stanislaw LASOCKI, Grzegorz LIZUREK, Jouni NEVALAINEN, Beata ORLECKA-SIKORA, Jamie PRINGLE, Pamela ROSELLI, Gilberto SACCOROTTI, Mariusz STERZEL, Tomasz SZEPIENIEC, Sam TOON, Pawel URBAN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31061] "Assessment of the Possibility of the CO2 Use Obtained from Biomass Burning as a Working Medium in Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Leszek Pajak], Leszek PAJĄK, Anna SOWIŻDŻAL, Paweł GŁADYSZ, Maciej MIECZNIK [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31063] "Heat Mining Process of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, a Numerical Study of Gonghe Basin, China," YUE Gaofan, LIN Wenjing, XING Linxiao, ZHU Xi, GAN Haonan [Abstract]

[31066] "Dilemma and Breakthrough on Large-scale Commercial Exploitation of Hot Dry Rock: A Novel Enhanced Geothermal System," [Presenter: Fangchao Kang], KANG Fangchao, TANG Chunan, LI Yingchun [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31067] "Target Selection of Enhanced Geothermal System in Shandong Province," [Presenter: Tingting Zheng], JIANG Haiyang,WANG Shuxing,KANG Fengxin,ZHANG Ling,SHI Meng [Abstract]

[31070] "Seismic Velocity Variations Associated with Injection Stimulation Based on Seismic Ambient Noise Interferometry at the Pohang, Korea, EGS Site," Lanbo LIU, and Kwang-Hee KIM [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31073] "Lessons Learned from the Ogachi and Hijiori HDR/EGS Projects, Japan," [Presenter: Hideshi Kaieda], Hideshi KAIEDA [Abstract]

[31082] "Applying Variscan Metasediments as an EGS Reservoir - A Conceptual 3D-Structural Model as a First Approach," [Presenter: Katie Ford], Katherine FORD, Bianca WAGNER, Bernd LEISS, Max ZEUNER, Julien FLOCH, Lorraine DE CÉRIS, Graciela SOSA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[31097] "Shear Induced Seepage and Heat Transfer Evolution in Hot Dry Rock Reservior," Hongwei ZHANG, Zhijun WAN, Derek ELSWORTH, Yixin ZAO, Yuan ZHANG [Abstract]

[32010] "Geochemical Characteristics of Low-, Medium-, and Hot-temperature Geothermal Resources of the Great Basin, USA," [Presenter: Bulbul Ahmmed], Bulbul AHMMED, Velimir V. VESSELINOV, Maruti K. MUDUNURU, Richard MIDDLETON, Satish KARRA [Abstract]

[32011] "Hidden Geothermal Signatures of the Southwest New Mexico," [Presenter: Velimir Vesselinov], Velimir V. VESSELINOV, Bulbul AHMMED, Maruti K. MUDUNURU, Satish KARRA, Richard MIDDLETON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[32020] "A Framework for Coordinated Earth and Numerical Modeling and Simulation of the Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Aleta Finnila], Robert PODGORNEY, Stuart SIMMONS, Aleta FINNILA, John MCLENNAN, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Jeremy O’BRIEN, Janina Elliott, Phil WANNAMAKER, Brennan WILLIAMS, Bastien POUX, and Joe MOORE [Abstract]

[33002] "Numerical Simulation of Wellbore Flow of Well MW-13B in Menengai Geothermal Field, Kenya," [Presenter: Muriga George], George MURIGA, ITOI Ryuichi [Abstract] [Event Video]

[33003] "Single and Double-Flash Cycle Design of Menengai Prospect Geothermal Power Plant, Nakuru- Kenya," [Presenter: Muriga George], George MURIGA, Saeid JALILINASRABARDY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[33006] "The Study of Optimal Geothermal Well Capacity Evaluation on an Innovative Similar Capacity Test Model," David T.W. LIN, Chun Ping JEN, Yi Chun DU, Jui Ching HSIEH, Bo Heng LEE [Abstract]

[33007] "Power Plant Automatic Trip and Synchronization Push SMS," [Presenter: Kennedy Ndiema], Kennedy NDIEMA [Abstract]

[33019] "Numerical Analysis of Influencing Factors on Fast Water-Steam Transient in Geothermal Process," [Presenter: Xinzhe Zhao], Xinzhe ZHAO, Huilin XING [Abstract]

[33020] "Automation on Enhancing the Ground Temperature Sensing Using Machine Learning Approach," Avish MEHTA, Kanish SHAH, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[33024] "MoBTES – A New Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Model in Modelica," [Presenter: Julian Formhals], Julian FORMHALS, Hoofar HEMMATABADY, Daniel SCHULTE, Bastian WELSCH, Ingo SASS [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 52D)

[33026] "Optimizing Geothermal Power Plants Using Artificial Intelligence," Jay GOHIL, Preyansh MALAVIYA, Vishwadeepsinh SARVAIYA, Manan SHAH, [Abstract]

[33028] "Simulators for Steam-Water Flow in Geothermal Wells and Pipelines," Aleksandr N. SHULYUPIN, Alla A. CHERMOSHENTSEVA and Natalia N. VARLAMOVA [Abstract]

[33029] "Numerical Simulators for Well Test Analysis and Two-phase Wellbore Flow of Kyushu University," [Presenter: Ryuichi Itoi], Ryuichi ITOI, Toshiaki TANAKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[33030] "The General Idea of Construction of Beijing Geothermal Resources Monitoring and Forecast Information Platform," [Presenter: Zheng Han], HAN Zheng, ZHANG Mingwei, WANG wenwen, GUO Gaoxuan [Abstract]

[33041] "An Investment Capacity Calculator for Geothermal Power Plant, District Heating and Greenhouses Investments: Geothermal Investment Tool," Murat KARADAS, Gulcan KARADAS, Alptug GUR, Selim TUNA [Abstract]

[33046] "Geothermal 4.0: Data, Information, Visuals," [Presenter: Gregor Rumberg], Gregor RUMBERG, Marit BROMMER [Abstract]

[34000] "Perspectives of Geothermal Water Concentrates Reuse in Different Directions in Poland, Also in the Balneology and Cosmetology Industry," [Presenter: Magdalena Tyszer], Barbara TOMASZEWSKA, Magdalena TYSZER [Abstract] [Event Video]

[34002] "Geothermal Health Tourism Assessment of Negros Island, Philippines," [Presenter: Leizl Honculada], Leizl M. HONCULADA, Julmar Shaun S. TORALDE, Christ C. QUINICOT [Abstract] [Event Video]

[34011] "A Powerful Place to Explore," [Presenter: Kristin Hrafnkelsdottir], Kristín Ýr HRAFNKELSDÓTTIR, Elísabet Berglind SVEINSDÓTTIR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[35005] "Geothermal Heating Technology in China," ZENG Meixiang, LI Yuanyuan [Abstract]

[35009] "100 Years of Experience in Implementation of Russian Scientific and Technical Concepts of Geothermal Heat Supply," Vitaly A. BUTUZOV, Robert A. AMERKHANOV [Abstract]

[35015] "Geldinganes Geothermal Field: Exploration of a Potential New Production Site for the Reykjavík District Heating System," Sandra Ó. SNAEBJORNSDOTTIR, Ragna B. BRAGADOTTIR, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Bergur SIGFUSSON, Gretar IVARSSON, Guðmundur Ó. GUNNARSSON, Aðalsteinn MÖLLER, Edda S. ARADOTTIR, Vala HJORLEIFSDOTTIR, Hafliði J. SIGURDSSON, Einar GUNNLAUGSSON [Abstract]

[35016] "Evaluation of Geothermal District Heating Systems of Turkey," [Presenter: Burak Parlaktuna], Mahmut PARLAKTUNA, Ökem ÇELEM, Burak PARLAKTUNA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[35017] "Geothermal Potential Increase Related to Low and Ultra-Low-Temperature District Heating System Application," [Presenter: Bartlomiej Ciapala], Bartłomiej CIAPAŁA, Marek HAJTO, Mirosław JANOWSKI, Beata KĘPIŃSKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[36000] "Desalination of SeaWater Using Geothermal Energy for Food and Water Security: GCC and Sub-Sahara Countries," [Presenter: Dornadula Chandrasekharam], DORNADULA Chandrasekharam [Abstract] [Event Video]

[36002] "Geothermal Water and Energy Uses in Agriculture – Prospects in Poland," [Presenter: Beata Kepinska], Robert SKRZYPCZAK, Wiesław BUJAKOWSKI, Beata KĘPIŃSKA, Leszek PAJĄK [Abstract] [Event Video]

[36003] "Map of Geothermal Food - an Overview of Applications of Geothermal Energy for Food Production," [Presenter: Luca Guglielmetti], Luca GUGLIELMETTI, Marit BROMMER, Stephane MATTÉO, Andrea MOSCARIELLO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[37005] "Energy Test-Beds Role in Providing Safe and Sustainable Energy from the Subsurface," [Presenter: John Ludden], John LUDDEN, Mike STEPHENSON, Helen CURRAN-TAYLOR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[37010] "Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics in Super-long Gravity-assisted Heat Pipe for Deep Geothermal Energy Exploitation," [Presenter: Juanwen Chen], Juanwen CHEN, Jiwen CEN, Wenbo HUANG, Fangming JIANG [Abstract]

[37012] "Three-Dimensional Thermal Structure in the Tohoku District, Japan Estimated from the Activity Index," [Presenter: Yota Suzuki], Yota SUZUKI, Hirofumi MURAOKA, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Abstract]

[37014] "Survey of the Casing Material Corrosion Problem for Supercritical Geothermal Development," [Presenter: Norio Yanagisawa], Norio YANAGISAWA, Yoshio MASUDA, Hiroshi ASANUMA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[37016] "A New Approach to Further Utilise Geothermal Energy Globally," [Presenter: Yerasimos Angelis], Yerasimos ANGELIS [Abstract] [Event Video]

[37021] "Comparative Analysis of Energy Extraction Systems for High Temperature, High Pressure Geothermal Steam Considering Silica Precipitation," [Presenter: Silje Bordvik], Silje BORDVIK, Erling NÆSS [Abstract] [Event Video]

[38002] "Utilizing Energy Piles as Cold Storages," [Presenter: Birgitta Martinkauppi], R. LAUTKANKARE, N. SALOMAA, J.B. MARTINKAUPPI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[38014] "Cascade Utilization of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Water from the Geothermal Power Plant in Fengshun, Guangdong," [Presenter: Yulie Gong], LU Zhenneng, GONG Yulie, YAO Yuan, LUO Chao, MA Weibin [Abstract]

[39005] "A Study on Recovery of Lithium from Geothermal Water and Study of Assal Geothermal Field," Amin HOUSSEIN, Takushi YOKOYAMA, Kazuharu YOSHISUKA [Abstract]

[40000] "Ten Years of Geothermal Trend Reporting and Statistics by IEA Geothermal," [Presenter: Lothar Wissing], Josef WEBER, Lothar WISSING [Abstract]

[40002] "GEMex – Cooperation in Geothermal Energy Research Europe-Mexico for Development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: David Bruhn], David BRUHN, Aída LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ, and The GEMex Consortia [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 47A)

[40005] "The GEMex Project: Investigation of Acoculco (Mexico) as a Potential EGS Site," [Presenter: David Bruhn], David BRUHN, Domenico LIOTTA, Jan Diederik VAN WEES, Philippe CALCAGNO, Victor Hugo GARDUNO-MONROY, Abel HERNANDEZ, Paromita DEB, Alfonso ARAGON, Aída LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ [Abstract]

[41000] "The Reutilization of a Small Coal Mine as a Mine thermal Energy Storage," [Presenter: Florian Hahn], Florian HAHN, Felix JAGERT, Gregor BUSSMANN, Isabella NARDINI, Rolf BRACKE, Torsten SEIDEL, Christoph KÖNIG [Abstract] [Event Video]

[41001] "The Reutilization of the Dannenbaum Coal Mine for Heating and Cooling of the Redeveloped Commercial Area Mark 51.7 with Mine Water," [Presenter: Gregor Bussmann], Gregor BUSSMANN, Florian HAHN, Felix JAGERT, Rolf BRACKE [Abstract]

[41002] "Petroleum Enterprises Boost the Healthy Development of China's Geothermal Industry," [Presenter: Junwen Hu], YAN Jiahong, HU Junwen, REN Hengtai, WANG Shejiao, WANG Kaihong [Abstract]

[41004] "Towards the Use of Geothermal Resources Available in Oil and Gas Sedimentary Basins in Colombia," [Presenter: Omar Pinto], Omar PINTO, Pablo AGUILERA, Oscar CIDEOS and Jose Luis HENRIQUEZ [Abstract] [Event Video]

[41005] "The Polish Experience in Utilization of Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Purposes," [Presenter: Anna Sowizdzal], Anna CHMIELOWSKA, Anna SOWIŻDŻAŁ, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[41013] "Rehabilitation of Petroleum Wells as Borehole Heat Exchangers to Provide Heat for District Heating Networks in Small Towns or Villages: Case Study in Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia," [Presenter: Mauricio Munoz], Emil STEFANI, Mauricio MUÑOZ, Diego MORATA, Lisandro ROJAS, Ernesto MENESES-RIOSECO [Abstract] [Event Video]

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