World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 3: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Tuesday 11th May, 13:00 pm. [Room: Stream D] SESSION 16D: Geochemistry 7 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Andrea Blair

[14166] "Geochemical Monitoring and Tracer Tests in the Reykjanes Production Field," [Presenter: Kiflom Gebrehiwot Mesfin], Kiflom G. MESFIN, Iwona M. GALECKA, Finnbogi OSKARSSON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[14144] "Soft-stimulating Injection Procedures to Improve Geothermal Reservoir Performance," [Presenter: Laura Wasch], Laura J WASCH, Hester E. DIJKSTRA, Marielle KOENEN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[14106] "DESCRAMBLE Project: Gas Logging During Drilling of Venelle_2 Geothermal Well (Larderello, Italy)," [Presenter: Geoffrey Giudetti], Gabriella MAGRO, Fabrizio GHERARDI, Geoffrey GIUDETTI, Nicola COSTANTINO, Ettore CARCIONE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[14032] "Geochemical Variations in Thermal Fluids After the Construction of Chingshui Geothermal Power Plant, Taiwan," [Presenter: Yi Chia Lu], Yi-Chia LU, Sheng-Rong SONG, Po-Hsiu LIN, Sachihiro TAGUCHI, Chyi WANG, Yu-Ming LAI, Tsung-Ren PENG, Hsiao-Fen LEE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[14129] "Reservoir Tracer Test in the Krafla Geothermal Field Using Conservative and Potentially Degrading Liquid-phase Tracers," [Presenter: Finnbogi Oskarsson], Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Gunnar ÞORGILSSON, Alain GADALIA, Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[14057] "Experimental Determination of Rate Constants for the Breakdown of the Organic Tracers 2-NSA, 2, 6-NDS, 2, 7-NDS, 1, 5-NDS and 1, 6-NDS Under Geothermal Conditions," [Presenter: Lucjan Sajkowski], Lucjan SAJKOWSKI, Bruce MOUNTAIN, Terry SEWARD [Abstract] [Event Video]

[WGC_16D] "Question and Answer 16D," Andrea Blair [Abstract] [Event Video]

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