World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are confirmed or withdrawn. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be confirmed in sessions until the authors/speakers are registered.

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Day 3: Time Zone displayed is UTC-7
Tuesday 11th May, 09:00 am. [Room: Stream C] SESSION 14C: Geophysics 5 -- Seismic Monitoring 1 - Developed Fields [Add to calendar]
Chair: Raymond Mwakirani

[13087] "Investigating the Effects of Earthquakes on Tuzla Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Burak Parlaktuna], Burak PARLAKTUNA, Caglar SINAYUC, Ismail DURGUT [Abstract] [Event Video]

[13108] "A Numerical Study on the Potential of Seismic Body Waves to Initiate Colloidal Mobilization in Fluid-Saturated Fractured Rocks," [Presenter: Nicolas Daniel Barbosa], Nicolás D. BARBOSA, Simón LISSA, Matteo LUPI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[13018] "Microearthquake Monitoring at Salak Geothermal Field, Indonesia: Application of Tomography Inversion and Its Impact on Reservoir Characterization," [Presenter: Muhamad Wildan Perdana], Muhamad Wildan PERDANA, Denny MENDROFA, Taufiq LUBIS, Gregg NORDQUIST [Abstract] [Event Video]

[13117] "Induced Seismicity - a Perspective on Monitoring, Mechanisms and Public Acceptability for Hydrothermal Systems," [Presenter: Chris Bromley], Chris BROMLEY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[13086] "Tasks, Requirements and Design as Well as First Results of a Local Seismic and Vibration Impact Monitoring System for a Geothermal Power Plant in the Inhabited Area of Poing, Germany," [Presenter: Thomas Schicht], Thomas SCHICHT, Daniel BLUMRICH [Abstract] [Event Video]

[13143] "The Thermal Structure of the Upper Crust in Central-Southern Italy and Its Correlation with the Distribution of GeoThermal Resources," [Presenter: Gianluca Gola], G. GOLA, S. BOTTEGHI, F. BROZZETTI, C. CHIARABBA, F. FERRARINI, G. GROPPELLI, G. LAVECCHIA, P. LIMONI, D. MONTANARI, G. NORINI, L. PETRACCHINI, M. POLEMIO, F. SANTALOIA, A. SANTILANO, D. SCROCCA, E. TRUMPY, A. MANZELLA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[WGC_14C] "Question and Answer 14C," Raymond Mwakirani [Abstract] [Event Video]

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