World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

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[Room: Stream C] SESSION 12P: Poster 3 [poster sessions are open continously from April to October]
Chair: Roland Horne

[21003] "Application of Modified Inflatable Packer to Repair Production Casing Leak in Big Hole Geothermal Well," Ali MUNDAKIR, Agus A. ZUHRO, Budi SETIAWAN [Abstract]

[21017] "Issues of Air-Lift Reverse Circulation Drilling Technologies for Geothermal Wells in China," Xiuhua ZHENG, Bin LIU, Bole ZHENG, Chenyang DUAN [Abstract]

[21021] "A New Method of Liquid Nitrogen Assisted PDC Bit Breaking Hot Dry Rocks in Geothermal Drilling," [Presenter: Chao Xiong], XIONG Chao, HUANG Zhongwei, YANG Ruiyue, DAI Xianwei, HUI Chengyu, KUI Guofeng [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21024] "An Integrated analytical Approach to Casing Connection Evaluation for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Mark Droessler], Jueren XIE, Mark DROESSLER [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21025] "IDDP-2 DEEPEGS Drilling Experience and Lesson Learned," [Presenter: Ari Stefansson], Ari STEFANSSON, Gudumundur O. FRIDLEIFSSON, Þor GISLASON, Omar SIGURÐSSON [Abstract]

[21028] "Improvement of CMC on the Performance of CGA Drilling Fluids for Geothermal Drilling," Wenxi ZHU, Xiuhua ZHENG, Li ZENG [Abstract]

[21035] "Evaluation of Cuttings Transport Impact on Percussive Drilling Performance," [Presenter: Xianfeng Song], Xianfeng SONG, Gaspar GOHIN, Trond Harald BERGSTRØM, Terence COUDERT, Pascal Alexandre KANE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21037] "Stuck Pipe Prediction and Avoidance: Invocation of Basic Principle of Standard Methods, Pre and Post Sticking," [Presenter: Douglas Mati], Douglas MATI [Abstract]

[21043] "Pertamina Geothermal Energy Drilling Campaign 2014 - 2018," [Presenter: Agus A Zuhro], Agus A. ZUHRO, Widoyo KRISNANTO, Fatah GUNAWAN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21045] "Sensitivity Analysis of Geothermal Drilling Parameters-A Case Study of Well Mw-17 in Menengai Kenya," [Presenter: Thomas Miyora Ongau], Thomas MIYORA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21050] "Flow Field Characteristics of Swirling Abrasive Jet Nozzle for Geothermal Radial Jet Drilling," [Presenter: Xin Liu], Xin LIU, Zhongwei HUANG, Jingbin LI, Xiao HU [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21051] "Phase Behavior of Nitrogen Transport in Fractures During Liquid Nitrogen Fracturing in Deep Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Haitao Wen], WEN Haitao, YANG Ruiyue, HUANG Zhongwei, HONG Chunyang, CHEN Jianxiang, SONG Guofeng [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21053] "Evaluation of Potential Recompletions of Asal Offset Wells: Techniques and Challenges Assets Evaluations," [Presenter: Farah Omar Farah], Farah OMAR FARAH [Abstract]

[21055] "System for Drilling Deeper and Wider Wellbores," [Presenter: Nikola Lakic], Nikola LAKIC [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21061] "Risk-based Maintenance Decision Support for Geothermal Drilling Rigs. A Case Study for KenGen Drilling Rigs," [Presenter: Sandys Mukhongo], Sandys MUKHONGO, James WAKIRU, Peter MUCHIRI, Njenga MBURU [Abstract]

[21063] "Improved Bottom Hole Assembly Design at Field Dieng, Indonesia," [Presenter: Bonar Marbun], Bonar Tua Halomoan MARBUN, Ruly HUSNIE, Samuel Zulkhifly SIINAGA, Batara Pande SILALAHI, Bayu Aji PURBANTANU [Abstract]

[21064] "Example Case of Geothermal Well Control Event," [Presenter: Tommy Souvanir], Tommy SOUVANIR, Redha Bhawika PUTRA, Doddy DARMAWAN [Abstract]

[21076] "Evaluation of Lost Circulation Mechanisms and Solutions in Ulubelu Geothermal Field Drilling," [Presenter: Bambang Yudho Suranta], Bambang Yudho SURANTA, Adi Setiawan RAISYA, Faishal HAFIZH, Akhmad SOFYAN, Hari Sumantri AKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21082] "The Significance of Drilling Data Management to Improve Geothermal Drilling Planning and Operation," [Presenter: Daniel Wilhelmus Adityatama], Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Dorman PURBA, Ruly HUSNIE, Farhan MUHAMMAD, Ribka ASOKAWATY, Riviani KUSUMAWARDANI [Abstract]

[21085] "Novel Productivity Enhancement Concept for a Sustainable Utilization of a Geothermal Resource – the SURE Project," [Presenter: Thomas Reinsch], Thomas REINSCH, Guido BLÖCHER, David BRUHN, Jörg ZOTZMANN, Volker WITTIG, Ingólfur Örn ÞORBJÖRNSSON, Gunnar SKÚLASON KALDAL, Koos HOOGLAND, Elisabeth PETERS, John-Paul LATHAM, Sigitas PETRAUSKAS, Hamid M. NICK, Saulius ŠLIAUPA, SURE CONSORTIUM [Abstract] [Event Video]

[21092] "Utilization of Small Size Drilling Rig for Workover Operation in Dieng Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Daniel Wilhelmus Adityatama], Daniel ADITYATAMA, Agung W. MUKTI, Dorman PURBA, Riviani Kusumawardani, Rany Putri, Farhan MUHAMMAD, R. Bayu Wibowo [Abstract]

[21108] "Top Squeeze or Top Fill: Improved Secondary Cementing for Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Ernesto Rivas], William M. RICKARD, Sam ABRAHAM and Ernesto RIVAS [Abstract]

[22001] "Energy Reserve Estimation of Los Humeros Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Hector Gonzalez Garcia], Hector GONZALEZ GARCIA, Ernst HUENGES, Francesco PARISIO, Henning FRANCKE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22004] "Numerical Simulation Study of the Geothermal Reservoir, Sabalan - Iran," [Presenter: Farhad Abdollahzadeh Bina], Farhad ABDOLAHZADEH BINA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22005] "Numerical Simulation of Mineral Composition Effect on Thermal Cracking of Rock," [Presenter: Junrong Liu], Junrong LIU, Zhe WANG, Shijie CAO, Xingru WU, Mingliang LUO [Abstract]

[22006] "Development and Protection of Geothermai Resources in Tianjin China," [Presenter: Baiming Zhang], ZHANG Baiming, ZHAO Guoli, YAN Yong [Abstract]

[22007] "Conceptual Model of Asal Rift," [Presenter: Abass MOUSSA MIGUIL], Abass MOUSSA MIGUIL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22008] "Resolving the Shifting of Pressure, Temperature and Spinner Dataset Using Geostatistical Prediction Data Methods: in Case of Single Error Data Recorded Tools," Erwandi YANTO, Fadiel Evan MARASTIO [Abstract]

[22010] "Quick and Preliminary Approach for Forecasting Natural Recharge to a Hydrothermal Reservoir During Production," [Presenter: Mitsuo Matsumoto], Mitsuo MATSUMOTO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22015] "Analysis of Well Testing, Temperature and Pressure in High-Temperature Wells of Aluto-Langano, Ethiopia," Mesay FEKADU BIRU [Abstract]

[22017] "Evaluation of the Downflow Effect on the Well X to Reservoir Temperature Decrease in the Field Y Using PetraSim Geothermal Reservoir Simulation," [Presenter: Hari Sumantri Aka], Akhmad SOFYAN, Hari Sumantri AKA, Bambang Yudho SURANTA, Muhammad Aulia FIKRI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22019] "Study on Calculation Method of Low and Medium Temperature Geothermal Well Bottom Pressure," WANG Shufang, LIU Jiurong, LIU Kai, GAO Xiaorong, YIN Ming, PANG Jumei [Abstract]

[22020] "Simulation of Gas Production from Hydrate Reservoirs with Geothermal Energy," [Presenter: Panpan Zhang], Panpan ZHANG, Shouceng TIAN, Wenhong ZHANG, Yiqun ZHANG, Chao YU [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22023] "The Characteristics of thermal Reservoir Hydraulic Field in Wumishan Group, Tianjin," [Presenter: Haiyan Lei], RUAN Chuanxia, FENG Shuyou, ZONG Zhenhai, YAN Jiaxian, CHENG Wanqing [Abstract]

[22025] "An Update on the Geothermal Wells Drilled in Aluto Langano Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Teka Nigussie], Teka NIGUSSIE, Svanbjörg H.HARALDSDÓTTIR, Kifle KAHSAI, Lúðvík S. GEORGSSON [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22031] "Cryogenic Cooling Enabling Increased Performance of Logging Tools Utilizing Vacuum Flasks," [Presenter: Magnus Hjelstuen], Magnus B. HJELSTUEN, Thomas HØVIK, Gunnar ANDERSEN, Ketil VOLLAND, Morten H. RØED [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22032] "Characteristics of Geothermal Reservoirs and Utilization Direction of Geothermal Resources in Southeast Coastal Areas of China," Ying ZHANG, Jianyun FENG, Jun LUO, Herong ZHENG, Xuhui XU [Abstract]

[22040] "Uncertainty Quantification of a Realistic Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Yang Wang], Yang WANG, Mark KHAIT, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, Denis VOSKOV, Sanaz SAEID, David BRUHN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22044] "Performance of Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs: Utilizing Water Jet Drilled Laterals," [Presenter: Hamidreza M Nick], Luis F.L. TORRES, Saeed SALIMZADEH, Teeratorn KADEETHUM, Hamidreza M. NICK [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 55D)

[22051] "An Approach for Characteristics Determination of Initial State in a Geothermal Field," Alfonso ARAGÓN-AGUILAR, Georgina IZQUIERDO, Abel HERNÁNDEZ, Miguel RAMÍREZ, Siomara LÓPEZ, Dominic BECERRA, Aldo AZOÑOS [Abstract]

[22072] "Estimating Individual Injectivity Indices for Two or More Feed-Zones in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Thorsteinn Egilson], Þorsteinn EGILSON [Abstract]

[22076] "Clarification of Regional Seafloor Hydrothermal System in a Japan Back-Arc Basin by Numerical Simulation with TOUGH2," [Presenter: Shohei Tomita], Shohei A. TOMITA, Katsuaki KOIKE, Tada-nori GOTO, Katsuhiko SUZUKI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22079] "A General Solution of Heat Transfer Model in Heterogeneous Enhanced Geothermal Systems with Temperature-dependent Variables," [Presenter: Junrong Liu], Kai WANG; Bin YUAN; Caoxiong Li; Wendong WANG; Junrong LIU; Boyue XU [Abstract]

[22081] "Reservoir Parameters Determination Using Well Tester Software in Las Pailas Geothermal Field, Costa Rica," [Presenter: Sergio Castro], Sergio CASTRO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22082] "Twenty-Seven Months Performance of Silangkitang Reservoir, Sarulla Geothermal Working Area, North Sumatra, Indonesia," [Presenter: Lingkan Christi], Lingkan F CHRISTI, Aditya HERNAWAN, Doddy ASTRA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22086] "Geothermal Well Discharging: Short and Long Term Periods," [Presenter: Manuel Monterrosa], Manuel MONTERROSA [Abstract]

[22095] "Increase Geothermal Energy Generation Due to Matrix Stimulation Techniques in Mexico Geothermal Fields," Lilibeth MORALES ALCALÁ, Miguel RAMIREZ MONTES, Gabriel LUEVANO GARCIA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22099] "Changes in Production Capacity at Hellisheiði and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Palmar Sigurdsson], Pálmar SIGURÐSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Íris Eva EINARSDÓTTIR, Iwona Monika GALECZKA, Þorsteinn Ari ÞORGEIRSSON [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 56D)

[22109] "The Unloading of Water Coloumn and Annular Velocity to Discharge Geothermal Wells," Erwandi YANTO, Gamal HASTRIANSYAH, Ahmad Fahmi FANANI, Muhamad Bayu SAPUTRA, Fernando PASARIBU, Marihot Saut P. SILABAN [Abstract]

[22138] "Natural-State Reservoir Model of Sorik Marapi Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Kunhwi Kim], Kunhwi KIM, Stefan FINSTERLE, Sabodh GARG, Jill HAIZLIP, Nicholas HINZ, Steven FERCHO, and Yan TANG [Abstract] [Event Video]

[22145] "Classification of Lithology and Minerology Using Icelandic Rock Properties," [Presenter: Cari Covell], Cari COVELL, Samuel SCOTT, Ágúst VALFELLS, Juliet NEWSON, Egill JÚLÍUSSON, Halldór PÁLSSON, Birgir HRAFNKELSSON, María GUÐJÓNSDÓTTIR [Abstract]

[23002] "Addressing Clogging Risks When Injecting Heat-Depleted and Oxygenated Hot Springs Water: Lessons Learnt from Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia," [Presenter: Martin Pujol], Martin PUJOL, Charles DAVIDSON, Ian BRANDES DE ROOS, Grant BOLTON [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 36C)

[23009] "The Characteristics of Suspended Solids in Sandstone Reservoir Injection," [Presenter: Ji Luo], Ji LUO, Zhonghe PANG [Abstract] [Event Video]

[23011] "Injection Triggered Occlusion of Flow Pathways in a Sedimentary Aquifer in Hungary," [Presenter: Maren Brehme], Maren BREHME, Kerstin NOWAK, Abel MARKO, Siklosi ISTVAN, Cees J.L. WILLEMS, Ernst HUENGES [Abstract] [Event Video]

[23012] "Practical Experience and Research in the Reinjection Into Sandstone Reservoirs in Tianjin, China," [Presenter: Liancheng Wang], WANG Liancheng [Abstract]

[24033] "Managing Multiple Projects: the Story from Indonesia," Marmelia Puja DEWI, Tavip DWIKORIANTO [Abstract]

[25001] "Feasibility Design of Binary ORC Using Wet Cooling Tower (Existing) of Unit V and VI in Lahendong Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Adhiguna Satya Nugraha], Adhiguna Satya NUGRAHA, Priatna BUDIMAN, Tumpal Parulian NAINGGOLAN, Ahmad YANI, Salvius PATANGKE, Páll VALDIRMARSSON [Abstract]

[25002] "Utilization of Waste Brine to Enhance an Existing Production Through Hydrothermal Turbine and Double Flash Cycle (Back Pressure) in Lahendong Geothermal Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Adhiguna Satya Nugraha], Adhiguna Satya NUGRAHA, Priatna BUDIMAN, Tumpal Parulian NAINGGOLAN, Ahmad YANI, Salvius PATANGKE, Páll VALDIRMARSSON [Abstract]

[25003] "Methods of Support for the Steam-Water Well Operation in Self-Discharge Mode," Aleksandr SHULYUPIN and Ivan CHERNEV [Abstract]

[25006] "Comparing Murdock Equation and Mubarok Equaton with the Tracer Flow Test to Get the Right Flow Rate Calculations in the Field X," [Presenter: Akhmad Sofyan], Akhamad SOFYAN, Bambang Yudho SURANTA, Suci Ayu WULANDARI, Hari Sumantri AKA, Rafiska Chelsie HOWITZERNI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25013] "Interconnection Design Strategy in Pipeline-406 for Kamojang Unit 5 Power Plant, Indonesia," [Presenter: Rani Febriani], Rani FEBRIANI, Mulyadi ABDI, A.Novi PURWONO, Wawan DARMAWAN [Abstract]

[25017] "Heat Transfer in High Enthalpy Geothermal Wells," Pedro SANCHEZ-UPTON [Abstract]

[25018] "Well Flow Testing in “Sol de Mañana” Goethermal Field in Bolivia," [Presenter: Pamela Verduguez], Pamela VERDUGUEZ [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25020] "Graphene: the Key to Revolutionise Geothermal Energy," Vishwadeepsinh SARVAIYA, Preyansh MALAVIYA, Kuldeep SANAVADA, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[25022] "Pipeline Debottlenecking Project to Maintain Steam Supply of Geothermal Power Plant Unit 1-4 at PGE Lahendong," Achmad Sani ZAHID, Mukhamad NASHIR, Viqar Adly GANI, Bagus Reka SUSILO, Manda Wijaya KUSUMAH, Apriyansah TONI [Abstract]

[25023] "Developing New Tracer Method for Determining the Steam Wetness in Geothermal Field," Ahmad IMAN, Ahmad YANI, Mukhamad NASHIR, Henny FIRDAUS, Hendra HADRIANSYAH [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 49B)

[25025] "Fluid Flow Simulation from Wellpad to Separator to Recognize Changes of Steam Fractions in X Field," [Presenter: Hari Sumantri Aka], Akhmad SOFYAN, Bambang Yudho SURANTA, Margrit KARATEM, Hari Sumantri AKA, Joshua Mesak Mahok KILIKILY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25027] "Numerical Simulation of a Steam Pipeline Network Using Dymola," [Presenter: Maurizio Cei], Maurizio CEI, Mirco LUPI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25037] "Application of Multiferroic Alloy to Convert Waste Heat from Brine to Electricity," [Presenter: Levi Kulundu], Levi Mukubi KULUNDU [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25051] "Darajat Unit 2 and Unit 3 Upstream Pressure Optimization," Agus RIYADI, Asep Cahyana SUARSA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[25055] "Two-in-One Apparatus for Measuring Temperature and Pressure in Geothermal Pipelines," [Presenter: Fidel See], Fidel S. SEE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26002] "Compare Water Consumption in Geothermal Power Plants and Other Power Plants," [Presenter: Iraj Ghaderi], Iraj GHADERI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26004] "Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Solar-Geothermal Power Generation System," [Presenter: Jialing Zhu], Jialing ZHU, Yushi WANG, Yanhua YAO, Yingchao ZHU [Abstract]

[26006] "Main Considerations in Protection Systems Design for Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Luis Aguirre], Luis AGUIRRE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26010] "Thermodynamical and Economical Valuation of low-temperature ORC with Alternative Working Fluids," [Presenter: Hans-Joachim Wiemer], Hans-Joachim WIEMER, Vincenz SCHNEIDER [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26014] "Improvement of Condensing Equipment in Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generation Systems," ZHANG Jiaqi, ZHANG Wei, LU Xinli, GUO Dawei [Abstract]

[26016] "In-situ Measuring Technique for Heat Capacity Determination of Steam-gas Mixtures at High Enthalpy Geothermal Sites," [Presenter: Elisabeth Schrder], Elisabeth SCHRÖDER, Klaus THOMAUSKE, Dietmar KUHN [Abstract]

[26017] "Thermoeconomic Comparison Between ORC and Binary-flashing Cycle for Geothermal Energy," Lingbao WANG, Xianbiao BU, Huashan LI, Yulie GONG [Abstract]

[26023] "An Evaluation of Single Flash Power Plants with ORC Bottoming Units at High NCG Content," Baran KAYPAKOGLU, Ugo BARBON, Giuseppe PALUMBO [Abstract]

[26025] "Energy and Exergy Analysis of Sabalan Pilot Single Flash Geothermal Powerplant," [Presenter: Behnam Radmehr], Behnam RADMEHR, Saeid JALILI NASRABADI [Abstract]

[26027] "Analysis of Recuperative Transcritical Organic Rankine Cycle Using Mixture Working Fluids in Low Enthalpy Geothermal," Jui-Ching HSIEH, Shao-Min Zheng, Bo-Heng LEE, David T.W. LIN, Chun-Ping JEN [Abstract]

[26030] "Numerical Simulation of a Low-Enthalpy Mini Geothermal Power Plant Operating in ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and Optimization of System Components," [Presenter: Julien Rajomalahy], Julien RAJOMALAHY and Lala ANDRIANAIVO [Abstract]

[26034] "How to Decide the Design Ambient Temperature for a Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant," [Presenter: Reza Agahi], Reza AGAHI [Abstract]

[26036] "The Present Situation and Development Prospect of Geothermal Power Generation in China," [Presenter: Ji Duo], DUO Ji, FAN Xiaoping [Abstract]

[26037] "Operation Challenge of Aging Geothermal Power Plants Gn. Salak 180 MW and Kamojang 140 MW – West Java - Indonesia," [Presenter: Sugeng Triyono], Indra JAYA, Sugeng TRIYONO [Abstract]

[26040] "Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Existing and Perspective Russian Geothermal Power Plants," Grigory TOMAROV, Alexander NIKOLSKIY, Valery SEMENOV, Andrey SHIPKOV [Abstract]

[26043] "Thermodynamics Analysis of Kalina Cycle System (KCS) 11 for Jailolo Geothermal Field - Halmahera, Indonesia," Yose A. FARASI, SIHANA, KHASANI, Deny KURNIAWAN [Abstract]

[26044] "Technology Selection Criteria for a Geothermal Power Plant: Greenfield Development," Jose Luis HENRIQUEZ MIRANDA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26046] "Applying TLBO Algorithm for Optimizing a Double Flash Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Hossein Yousefi], Hossein YOUSEFI, Ashkan TOOPSHEKAN, Fatemeh RAZI ASTARAEI [Abstract]

[26048] "Design and Analysis of Two-Phase Geothermal Energy Turbine in Project Combi-Gen," [Presenter: Neil Burnside], Sham RANE, Li HE, Zhibin YU and Guopeng YU [Abstract]

[26049] "Field Performance Evaluation of an Organic Rankine Cycle at a Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Rodrigo Alarcon], Rodrigo ALARCÓN, Héctor AVIÑA, Oscar DE SANTIAGO, Pedro DOMÍNGUEZ, Uriel RUSSELL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26051] "Final Design for Construction Phase of Lumut Balai Geothermal Power Plant, Indonesia," [Presenter: Hanifah Bagus Sulistyardi], Hanifah Bagus SULISTYARDI [Abstract]

[26063] "Turbine Exergy Efficiency of Patuha Geothermal Power Plant," Hary DARMAWAN, Cahyo SETIAWAN [Abstract]

[26064] "Comprehensive Comparison Between Using the Main Big Separator in the Power Plant Site and Two Small Separator in the Near of Wells in Each Sites for 25 MWe Power Plant in Sabalan, Iran," [Presenter: Iraj Ghaderi], Iraj GHADERI, Elham HASSIBI, Mehdi FALLAHZADEH [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26075] "Hybrid Cooling Tower Retrofit in a Geothermal Power Plant: Outcomes from H2020 Matching Project," [Presenter: Sara Montomoli], Alessio BARDI, Sara MONTOMOLI, Marco PACI, Alessandro LENZI, Luca BERTOCCHI, Andrea GARAGIOLA, Alessandro SANTINI, Lorena FREIRE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[26076] "Small Scale Geothermal Power Generation," [Presenter: Junichiro Maedomari], Junichiro MAEDOMARI [Abstract]

[26086] "Application of Artificial Neural Network to Exergy Performance Analysis of Geothermal Power Plant," [Presenter: Dimas Ruliandi], Dimas RULIANDI, DJANARTO, Agung Dwi SUSANTO [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 52B)

[27001] "Evaluation of the Interactions Between Hydrogen and Steel in Geothermal Conditions with H2S," [Presenter: Jean Kittel], KITTEL Jean, ROPITAL Francois, GROSJEAN François, JOSHI Gaurav [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 56C)

[27002] "Green Corrosion Inhibitors in High Temperature and Saline Geothermal Fluids," Neel AGARWAL, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[27006] "Development of an Advanced Electrochemical Sensor for Corrosion and Scaling Monitoring in Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Lorena Freire], Lorena FREIRE, Julio SÁNCHEZ, Rubén CASTRO, Alberto FERNÁNDEZ [Abstract]

[27017] "Statistical Model for Thinning Rates of Two Phase Wells in Leyte Geothermal Production Field," [Presenter: Anthony Ponce], Anthony S. PONCE [Abstract]

[27023] "Development and Application of a Multiphase Reactive Transport Model for the Scaling of Geothermal System," [Presenter: Lihua Liu], LIU Lihua, LI Dedong, ZHAI Haizhen [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27028] "Geothermal Water Purification by Green Adsorbent," Het TILALA, Hemil SAVALIYA, Deep KOTADIA, Manan SHAH [Abstract]

[27029] "Mitigation of Two-Phase Header Scaling in an Acidic System," Jansell JAMERO, Fritz Earwin MONTEROZO, Jasbir GILL, Jonathan SALIDAGA [Abstract]

[27030] "Thermodynamic Modelling of Water Chemistry in Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Ida Kirknel], Ida A. KIRKNEL, Thomas WERGE-GROSS, Dorthe J. KANN, Kaj THOMSEN, Philip L. FOSBØL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27033] "Abrasion by Particles in Suspension in Ultra High Enthalpy Geothermal Production (Super- Hot Geothermal Wells)," [Presenter: Heber Diez], Heber DIEZ, Cristobal CAMACHO, Víctor SORIA, Héctor MARTÍNEZ, Felipe SOLANO and Gabriel LUÉVANO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27043] "Scaling and Corrosion Mitigation in Olkaria Using Brine and Condensate Mixing Method," [Presenter: Eunice Bonyo], BONYO Eunice Anyango [Abstract]

[27046] "Evaluation of the Efficiency of an Organic Corrosion Inhibitor in the Upper Rhine Graben Under Geothermal Conditions," [Presenter: Linda Schindler], Linda MAKNI, Petra HUTTENLOCH, Roman ZORN, Hagen STEGER, Wolfgang HATER, Philipp BLUM [Abstract]

[27050] "Study of Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) for Innovative Coating Materials for Geothermal Plant Components," [Presenter: Mohammad Ashadul Hoque], Mohammad Ashadul HOQUE, M A H CHOWDHURY, A.K.M. ASADUZZAMAN, F FANICCHIA, M A RAHMAN, F CHOWDHURY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27054] "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Study of High Entropy Alloy Geo-Coat Technologies Deposited Through High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spraying, Laser Cladding and Electro-Spark Deposition Processes," [Presenter: Mohammed Chowdhury], M. A. H. CHOWDHURY, A.K.M. ASADUZZAMAN, F. FANICCHIA, , M. A. RAHMAN, F. CHOWDHURY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27058] "Corrosion Prevention of Underground Reinjection Pipeline Using Geothermal-powered Impressed Current Cathodic Protection in Lahendong Geothermal Area," Viqar Adly GANI, Achmad ARDIALIM, Ahmad Indra Sakti HARAHAP, Luhung PRAVUBINANTAKA, Muhammad Albarrosyah PUTRA, Heri SUSANTO [Abstract]

[27061] "Chemical State of Aluminum in Geothermal Water," [Presenter: Sachi Masunaga], Sachi MASUNAGA, Yuki SAKATA, Hitoshi INOUE, Kotaro YONEZU, Yumi KIYOTA, Koichiro WATANABE, Takushi YOKOYAMA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[27064] "Minimising Calcium Carbonate and Silica Precipitation in High Efficiency GeothermalPower Plants Through the Use of a Thermally Stable Polycarboxylate Polymer Additive," [Presenter: Mark Walker], W Mark WALKER, Norman Frederick HILL Emrah VAYDOGAN Engin HELVACI [Abstract]

[27076] "Identification of Failure Modes and Their Effect in Geothermal Power Plants," Helen Ósk HARALDSDÓTTIR, Sunna ÓLAFSDÓTTIR WALLEVIK, Sigrún Nanna KARLSDÓTTIR, Kolbrún Ragna RAGNARSDÓTTIR, Sæmundur GUDLAUGSSON, Kristján Friðrik ALEXANDERSSON, Jan PŘIKRYL [Abstract]

[28002] "Geothermal Direct Use in Iran: A Country Update," [Presenter: Younes Noorollahi], Younes NOOROLLAHI, Shahab ESLAMI, Davood NOOROLLAHI [Abstract]

[28004] "The Potential for Milk Pasteurization Using Portable Geothermal Milk Pasteurizer in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines," Christ QUINICOT, Angel HONCULADA [Abstract]

[28005] "Experiment and Modeling of Heat Extraction from a Cylindrical Saturated Porous Tank Using a Coaxial Open Loop Design," [Presenter: Chuanshan Dai], Chuanshan DAI, Jiashu LI, Fei LI, Jinhua LU, Haiyan LEI [Abstract]

[28006] "Development of Geothermal Greenhouses in Costa Rica," [Presenter: Eylem Kaya], Vanesa MENESES MORA, Eylem KAYA [Abstract]

[28008] "Hybridizing Pulp Washing Process with Geothermal System: A Case Study of Unai, Gujarat, India," Abhijit NIRANTARE, Kriti YADAV, Anirbid SIRCAR, Namrata BIST, Nilesh MALI [Abstract]

[28012] "Application of Distinct Configurations of Vertical Earth-Air Heat Exchangers for the Warm-Weather Population of Temixco, Morelos (México)," [Presenter: Ricardo Molina Rodea], Ricardo MOLINA-RODEA, Jorge Alejandro WONG-LOYA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28015] "Development of Low Enthalpy in El Salvador," [Presenter: Rosa Escobar], Rosa ESCOBAR and Mayra MEJIA [Abstract]

[28016] "Geothermal Direct Use to Overcome Frosts in Peruvian High Altitude Areas," [Presenter: Enzo Ochoa], Enzo Pedriño OCHOA MONTES, Ximena GUARDIA MUGURUZA [Abstract]

[28022] "Exergoeconomic Analysis of a Two Stage Absorption Refrigeration System Used Waste Geothermal Water," [Presenter: Yong Zhen Wang], Yongzhen WANG, Hongmei YIN, Yulie Gong, Shuai DENG, Jun ZHAO, Yanping DU [Abstract]

[28028] "Geothermal Space Heating Has a Promising Role to Play in the Reduction of Air Pollution in North China: a Success Story of the Xiongxian Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Zhonghe Pang], Zhonghe PANG, Jumei PANG [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28031] "An Update to Touristic Potential of Meshkinshahr Geothermal Resources, NW Iran," [Presenter: Seyed Zahed Mousavi], Seyed Zahed MOUSAVI and Saeid JALILINASRABADY [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28041] "Embryonated-Duck Egg (Balut) Incubator Utilizing Geothermal Surface Manifestation in Negros Oriental," [Presenter: Angel Angel], Angel HONCULADA, Ira Joshua SUMAEL [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28047] "Preliminary Characterization of Thermal Waters for Direct-use Application in Indonesia: Case Study Dieng," [Presenter: Gagas Pambudi Utomo], Gagas Pambudi UTOMO, Dicky MUSLIM [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28048] "The San Michkael Project, an Example of Multiple Direct Uses of a Low to Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Source for Developing Countries," [Presenter: Carlos Paiz Ramirez], Carlos D. PAIZ RAMIREZ [Abstract]

[28060] "Drying of Banana Through Geothermal Steam, Berlín Geothermal Field, El Salvador," [Presenter: Laura Cordero De Fuentes], Laura CORDERO [Abstract] [Event Video]

[28062] "Kawerau Geothermal Field – Making the Most of What We Have," [Presenter: Jaime Jose Quinao], Jaime QUINAO, Brian CAREY [Abstract]

[29000] "Experimental Performance Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) in Taleghan-Iran," [Presenter: Soheil Porkhial], Soheil PORKHIAL, Hossein LOTFIZADEH, Mohsen TAGHADOSI, Abbasali ABOUEI MEHRIZI [Abstract] (Reserve in Session 49C)

[29006] "Provide Legal Solutions for the Development of Geothermal Heat Pumps Using Exiting Energy Laws in Iran," [Presenter: Mahnaz Rezvanikhalilabad], Mahnaz REZVANIKHALILABAD, Mohsen TAGHADDOSI, Nasim SABER and Pouneh DADGAR [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29010] "Benefits in Coupling PCMs with Dual-Source Heat Pumps," Michele BOTTARELLI, Gang PEI, Yuehong SU [Abstract]

[29013] "Main Aspect of the Use Shallow Groundwater as a Heat Source in Households," [Presenter: Aleksandra Szulc-Wronska], Aleksandra SZULC-WROŃSKA, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29014] "Ground Temperature Profiles in Los Humeros, Puebla, México for Ground Source Heat Pumps Applications," Fernando RIVAS-CRUZ, Alfonso GARCÍA-GUTIÉRREZ, Daniel GONZÁLEZ-GARCÍA, Cesar ROSALES-LÓPEZ [Abstract]

[29016] "Numerical Simulation of Migration of Leaked Pollutants in Underground Buried Tube Under Periodic Temperature Boundaries," [Presenter: Haiyan Lei], Jiali HAN, Haiyan LEI, Chuanshan DAI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29019] "Environmental Impact of Open-Loop Geothermal Heat Pumps System on the Nagara River Alluvial Fan in Gifu City, Central Japan," [Presenter: Randa Permanda], Randa PERMANDA, Tomoyuki OHTANI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29021] "Economic Analysis of Semi-Open Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Systems in Different Parts of Japan," [Presenter: Saeid Mohammadzadeh Bina], Saeid MOHAMMADZADEH BINA, Hikari FUJII, Shunsuke TSUYA, Younes NOOROLLAHI, Hadi FARABI [Abstract]

[29022] "Numerical Simulations of a Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump System," Seongkyun KIM, Byoung-Ohan SHIM, Youngmin LEE [Abstract]

[29029] "Managing Urban Shallow Geothermal Energy (Preliminary Results of the MUSE Project)," [Presenter: Maciej Klonowski], Maciej R. KŁONOWSKI, Ignasi HERMS, Gregor GOETZL, Staša BOROVIĆ, Cornelia STEINER, Alejandro GARCÍA-GIL, Claus DITLEFSEN, David BOON, Fernanda VELOSO, Estelle PETITCLERC, Mitja JANŽA, Mikael ERLSTRÖM, Jan HOLEČEK, Natalya H. HUNTER WILLIAMS, Vincent P. VANDEWEIJER, Radovan ČERNAK, Boris MALYUK [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29034] "Optimum Operation of the Open-loop Systems of Ground Source Heat Pump by the Controlled Pumping Water Flow Rate," [Presenter: Ichiro Masaki], Ichiro MASAKI, Tomoyuki OHTANI, Yoshiro SHIBA, Koji TANIFUJI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29035] "Field Test and Numerical Simulation for Evaluating an Effect of Ground Surface Coverage on Slinky-Coil Type Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger," [Presenter: Shunsuke Tsuya], Shunsuke TSUYA, Hikari FUJII, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA and Saeid MOHAMMADZADEH BINA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29037] "Comparison Between Different Generations of BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) and Geothermal Heat Pumps," [Presenter: Birgitta Martinkauppi], R. LAUTKANKARE, T. SIVULA, J.B. MARTINKAUPPI [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29038] "Estimating Thermophysical Parameters from In-situ Tests in Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Massimo Verdoya], Massimo VERDOYA, Josephin GIACOMINI, Pierluigi MAPONI, Maria Chiara INVERNIZZI, Paolo CHIOZZI [Abstract]

[29039] "Long-Term Detailed Monitoring and Energy Performance Evaluation of a Ground Source Heat Pump System. A Study Case in Catalonia," [Presenter: Ignasi Herms], Ignasi HERMS, Jordi GARCÍA-CÉSPEDES, ARNÓ, José Juan DE FELIPE [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29045] "Experimental Study on the Impact of Two-Pipe and Four-Pipe Series-Mode Layout on the Heat Transfer in Thermal Response Test for Geothermal Heat Pump Project in Qanavat, Iran," [Presenter: Saeed Shayamehr], Aidin KAHRABI, Saeed SHAYAMEHR, Fateme MOHAMMADI [Abstract]

[29046] "Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems - Review," [Presenter: Aleksandar Georgiev], Aleksandar GEORGIEV, Rumen POPOV [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29047] "Implementing a Geothermal Heat Pump in a School in Coyhaique, Chile," [Presenter: Nicolas Hurtado Arroyo], Nicolás HURTADO, Nicolás PEREZ-ESTAY, Pablo VALDENEGRO, Diego ARAVENA, Diego MORATA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29048] "Ground Source Heat Pump Application in South-east Asian Countries," [Presenter: Arif Widiatmojo], Arif WIDIATMOJO, Yohei UCHIDA, Isao TAKASHIMA, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Punya CHARUSIRI, Srilert CHOTPANTARAT, Sasimook CHOKCHAI [Abstract]

[29049] "Nanotechnology Applied to Ground Heat Exchanger Pipes: A Review," [Presenter: Fernando Rivas Cruz], Fernando RIVAS-CRUZ, Eduardo Gamaliel HERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ, Leonardo REJON-GARCIA, Aldo AZONOS-FIGUEROA [Abstract]

[29050] "Studies on the Borehole Heat Exchanger Performance Enhanced by Ground Water Flow in a GSHP," [Presenter: Byoung Ohan Shim], Byoung Ohan SHIM, Seong-Kyun KIM [Abstract]

[29053] "Development of Resource Map with the Total Energy Consumption for Open-Loop Type Geothermal Heat Pump System," [Presenter: Tomoyuki Ohtani], Tomoyuki OHTANI, Koji SOMA [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29062] "Effect of Geological Formations on Thermal Performance Modelling of a Deep Borehole," [Presenter: Sevan Karabetoglu], Sevan KARABETOGLU, Z. Fatih OZTURK, Ayse KASLILAR, Christopher JUHLIN, Altug SISMAN [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29080] "Cascade Heating and Cooling of a Hotel Resort - 6 Years Operational Experience with a 400 m Deep BHE Alignment in an Alpine Dolomite Karst Aquifer," [Presenter: Ingo Sass], Ingo SASS; Clemens LEHR, Rafael SCHÄFFER, Friedl KAINZNER, Josef STOCK [Abstract]

[29092] "Grouting Quality of Borehole Heat Exchangers," [Presenter: Tim Lutz], Tim LUTZ, Yannick REDUTH [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29096] "Coupling Dynamic Heat Demands of Buildings with Borehole Heat Exchanger Simulations for Realistic Monitoring and Forecast," [Presenter: Jan Niederau], Jan NIEDERAU, Moritz LAUSTER, Johanna BRUCKMANN, Christoph CLAUSER, Dirk MUELLER [Abstract] [Event Video]

[29099] "The Socioeconomic and Environmental Assessment of Using Geothermal Heat Pumps in China," [Presenter: Jingxue Wei], WEI Jingxue, LEI Yalin, YAO Huajun, GE Jianping [Abstract]

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