World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021
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Instructions to Presenters (Virtual Meeting WGC2020+1):

The WGC2020+1 event will be be run as five live VIRTUAL events, scheduled one each month in March through July, followed by an IN-PERSON event in October held at the Harpa Convention Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland.

You will find some briefing notes for Chairs and Speakers here.

Getting ready for your virtual session:

  1. The World Geothermal Congress Program is available online on the Program Schedule website. The Program might be adjusted as papers move or are added, so you should check the status of your session again ahead of the session.
  2. You can preview the videos in advance of the actual event if you wish to (the links are in the Schedule page -- you must login to see them). The preview webpage may show written questions placed by viewers -- you can provide written answers. Not all viewers will be able to attend the session (because of time zones) so these written questions are an important part of the interaction.
  3. Please check your email a few days before the session, as you will be sent a Zoom link to allow you to enter the session as a speaker.
  4. If you do not receive your Zoom link email, or if you are unable to connect, send email to

Attending the virtual session:

  1. Speakers at virtual sessions are asked to be present (remotely) during the time of the actual session in order to answer questions.
  2. A few days before the event, you will receive a Zoom link from the event venue, that will allow you to connect to the session as a speaker. This login is not the same as the one you have been using to login to the Author/Reviewer web pages. It is also not the same as normal attendees use to enter the program from
  3. We request that you enter the Zoom session 30 minutes after the start of your session (when the session videos are already running). This will allow time for you to liaise with the technician and the chairperson, before the live Q&A part of the session.
  4. You will be entering with video/audio access, using the Zoom program (you do not need to have a license for Zoom, just click on the link provided in the email that will be sent to you a few days in advance of the session).
  5. If the chairperson is not present (perhaps due to connection issues), the first speaker will take the role as chair.
  6. As a speaker, you will be entering with video/audio access, using the Zoom program. The technician will welcome you into the 'Green Room' with the chair, and then will put you live into the session when it starts.
  7. The chairperson will not introduce the speakers. The technician will start the videos at the start time of the session.
  8. Each session will have 6 papers (or sometimes fewer), which will be played consecutively using videos. The Q&A session will be 30 minutes long at the end of the session, not after each paper.
  9. If there are fewer than 6 videos, the Q&A will begin as soon as the last video ends.
  10. The chairperson will moderate the Q&A part of the session.
  11. To the right of the screen, you will see a chat box called Slido. Questions from the audience will appear here. The chairperson may ask you one or more of these questions during the Q&A session.
  12. Speakers are welcome to add questions to Slido for the other speakers.
  13. When you are asked a question, unmute your microphone and give your answer verbally.

All speakers are asked to make a video in advance:

  1. ALL speakers are asked to upload a video of their presentation, including those who will speak in person in Iceland in October (this is in case of emergency, and to make it feasible to move the talk to a virtual session if the speaker is unable to reach Iceland).
  2. All speaker videos must be in English.
  3. We do not need your Powerpoint files for the virtual events.
  4. As online presentations, your video will work best with an aspect ratio of 16x9, please use that size in your presentation. You may use a slide design of your own choice -- if you would like a template, there is an example here, but you are not required to use this example template.
  5. The duration allowed for your presentation is 15 minutes. So please make your video no more than 15 minutes long. Please do not upload a video that is longer than 15 minutes.
  6. Please be sure that your voice is loud and clear, as the videos will be hard to hear if audio volume is too low. It is best if you pretend that you are speaking in a large room (not sitting in front of your computer) -- project your voice.
  7. Please upload your MP4 or MOV video file to the website. Files should be uploaded no later than Tuesday 30th March 2021.
  8. Your presentation video file will be put online during and after the Congress, but will not be included in the Proceedings.

How to make your video:

There are two easy ways to make your video:
  1. Using Zoom. You can install a personal version of Zoom for free. Open a personal meeting, share your screen with your presentation, and record the talk as you give it. Zoom will save the MP4 file on your computer, which you can then upload to this website.
  2. Here's a link to a useful video that shows how to do it:
  3. Using Powerpoint. Later versions of Powerpoint (2013 and later) allow you to record your talk when in SlideShow mode. This adds an audio file to each slide (Office 365 and version 2019 can add a video file also). When you're finished, use Save-As and save as an MP4 file. Then upload to this website.
  4. Here's a link to a useful video that shows how to do it:

Of these two, Zoom is the preferred choice, because the MP4 file is smaller and it is easier to include yourself in the video.

There are two ways to upload your file. Please try the first one first. If you have trouble uploading (you may see a response Invalid file upload) then your file may be too big (the limit is 140MB). In this case you could try the second method shown on the Upload page -- in this case, it is very important that you name the file exactly as specified (which is by your PaperNumber).

Please do not upload your video more than once. Check that your video is the way you want it, before uploading. Replacing videos that have already been uploaded is actually quite difficult for us, and may lead to errors in which video finally ends up online.

If you'd like to use it, here is a useful Zoom background that you may choose to use for your video: HarpaZoom2.png.

Thanks for participating in the World Geothermal Congress -- see you there!
Last updated: Sunday 18th April 2021

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