World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

Preparation of the Abaya Project for Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP) in Ethiopia

Muhammed ADEM, Brynhildur DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR and Sigurður st. ARNALDS

[Ethiopia Energy Authority, Ethiopia]

The aim of this project is to assess the Abaya Geothermal Development project, developed by Reykjavik Geothermal using the Draft Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP). This assessment is a partial test of the Draft GSAP as time and data availability does not allow for a full assessment. The primary objective is to learn about the applicability of the protocol which was adapted from the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol to geothermal power projects. A secondary objective was to gain insights into the performance of the geothermal project under assessment and to identify opportunities for improvement of this and other geothermal projects in Ethiopia. The study site is located in the Abaya region, Southern Nations Nationality People Regional State, Southern Ethiopia. Part of the Abaya Geothermal Development is the installation of a 300 MW power plant with the potential for future expansion. The assessment was carried out in collaboration with the Reykjavik Geothermal management staff. The results illustrate that the GSAP is comprehensive and applicable in an Ethiopian context and as such, it has the potential to support the legal frameworks applicable to geothermal energy development projects. The geothermal development was assessed with regard to 6 different issues and scored at level 3 (basic good practice) for 5 of them, and at level 2 for one. In general, the Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol is an important management tool to secure that future potential projects will be developed in accordance with international standards and best practices. Furthermore, it can help secure social acceptance as it fosters community development and stakeholder engagement.

        Topic: Policy, Legal and Regulatory Aspects Paper Number: 03005

         Session 3C: Legal and Regulatory Aspects 3 -- Moving Ahead [Tuesday 13th April 2021, 04:00 am] (UTC-8)
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