World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

Scenarios of Sustainable Development for Geothermal Projects

Zayre I. GONZALEZ., Marco A. GARCÍA., M. Lourdes GONZÁLEZ., Bernardino R. EATON., M. Alejandra SÁNCHEZ., Virginia G. LÓPEZ., Luis R. MORENO., J. Claudia LEYVA., Julio E. VALENCIA., Estrella ZARCO., Isabel ISRADE., Edgar ZARAGOZA

[Center for Scientific Research and Higher Educatio, Mexico]

As occurs for any type of energy technologies, the development and utilization of geothermal energy bears the possibility of causing undesired impacts on the environment, society and economy (ESE). Hence, it may be worth to assume if the amount of energy is to be maximized and the impacts minimized, thus generating benefits according to the principles of sustainable development. At the (testing) site and technology level, the degree of impact on ESE will depend mainly on the natural characteristics of the reservoir, the social complexity of the human communities and the applied technology of the project. Therefore, it is critical to integrate the three ESE aspects of sustainable development during every stage of the planning of any geothermal project (exploration, production tests, construction and operation). In this work, we present the first approximation of the monitoring, update and prospection of the aspects of ESE. As well as, developing plans of sustainable development and territorial planning in Mexico at Acoculco, Puebla, an exploration site (greenfield); and Los Humeros, Puebla, a geothermal power plant operating more than 25 years (brownfield). The first results show that the environment is equally affected in both areas, even in Los Humeros the forested area is increasing within the time in comparison with Acoculco, were is the opposite. In both sites, society is similar, but in Los Humeros, are settlements of indigenous groups. Economic development is marginal in both areas and poverty indexes are high.

        Topic: Sustainability and Climate Change Paper Number: 05035

         Session 9B: Sustainability and Climate Change 3 [Tuesday 13th April 2021, 04:00 pm] (UTC-8)
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