World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

Soil CO2 Flux and Temperature Measurements in Kızıldere Geothermal Field

Serhat KUCUK, Ali BASER, Onder SARACOGLU, Taylan AKIN, Erdinc Senturk, Mahmut Kaan Tuzen, Serhat AKIN

[Middle East Technical University, Turkey]

Geothermal fields in Turkey have substantially higher carbon dioxide content compared to a typical geothermal field in the world. Geothermal Emission Control (GECO) project aims to reduce carbon emissions by reinjecting produced carbon dioxide from a pilot reinjection well. A high-resolution CO2 flux meter is used to measure the surface carbon dioxide flux and temperature parameters in Kızıldere field, which is one of the demonstration fields in this project. The aim of these measurements is to map the natural variation of the soil CO2 flux in the Kızıldere Geothermal Field and to construct a baseline data to find out whether the injected CO2 leaks to the surface via faults and natural fractures during/after the prospective injection operations. The measurement grid is constructed in a way that the soil CO2 flux and temperature data will be as comprehensive as possible to include all the potential leakage sites. Monthly measurements are conducted to monitor the seasonal changes.

        Topic: Environmental Aspects Paper Number: 02050

         Session 4P: Poster 1 [Tuesday 13th April 2021, 11:00 pm] (UTC-8)
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