World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

Structural Controls on Geothermal Activity in the East Anatolian Contractional Province-Turkey: Case Study: Mus and Varto Basins

Taygun UZELLI, Alper BABA, Hasan SOZBILIR, M. Furkan SENER, Iskender DOLEK, R. Kadir DIRIK

[Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey]

East Anatolian Contractional Province (EACP) of Turkey provides a natural laboratory for studying active tectonics, volcanism and related geothermal activity. There are over 50 thermal springs in the province that reveal a significant potential for the region. Quaternary volcanic centers (e.g. Nemrut, Süphan and Tendürek mountains) and active tectonic zones such as North Anatolian, East Anatolian, Muş and Varto fault zones are responsible for the deformation and recent morphology of the region. Formation of active tectonic structures along these faults zones such as strike-slip faults with pull-apart basins, extension cracks, thrust/reverse faults, caldera-forming faults and intrusion-related structures are the main controlling factors around the investigated areas. These structures create secondary permeability in reservoir units and widespread cover units of Solhan and Nemrut volcanism. Important surface manifestations (hot, cold and mineral springs) are associated with N-S directed extension cracks that form as a result of the interaction of the step-over and intersection areas of NW-SE strike-slip fault segments and the regional N-S compressional regime. There are many geothermal springs located in Muş and Varto basins where the surface temperatures of springs range from 20° to 60°C. In addition, geochemical geothermometer results show that the reservoir temperature of the region reaches up to 156°C. It is possible to use fluid of this temperature for power generation and /or district heating systems.

        Topic: Geology Paper Number: 12062

         Session 56A: Geology R2 -- Structural Geology 1 [Wednesday 27th October 2021, 05:00 am] (UTC-8)
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