World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

Applied Statistic on Gas Geothermometry to Determine Temperature Geothermal Reservoir of Lumut Balai Field


[Pertamina Geothermal Energy, Indonesia]

The reservoir temperature identification on exploration stage is usually determined by geothermometer. Based on experiences,abundant surface manifestation data can confuse a geologist or geochemist to determine appropriate temperature due to the difference of interpretation and insight. Otherwise, the Pressure and Temperatur downhole measurement usually show a slightly differences. Application of basic statistic method can assist classifying all the data and simplifying the determination of temperature geothermometers quantitatively. The data is classified into several population based on the similarity of population’s characteristic. Combining all the data with Histogram dan P-plot diagram can assist to understand the normal distribution on each population. Outlier data, which is caused by extreme value will be excluded from population (top cut). The result shows P10 (the most optimistic) from the histogram have relevant value with downhole temperature. The value of geothermometer is range between 243-273oC, which is the most optimistic temperature that we can get. This result match with the range of maximum temperature reservoir from PT data several production wells, which is 221-266 oC. Hence, this method is reliable in determining the temperature geothermometer quantitatively.

        Topic: Geochemistry Paper Number: 14069

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