World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
March - October, 2021

The Application of Comprehensive Geophysical Prospecting Methods in Tangtou Geothermal Exploration, Shanxi Province

WANG Huaxu, FU Changhong, XU Guanghui

[Beijing Institute of Geothermal Research, China]

Tangtou hot spring is a typical geothermal manifestation in Hunyuan County, Shanxi Province. Tangtou area is located in the intersection part of Mount Heng uplift zone and Tanghe fault zone. The reservoir is structural fracture type. Comprehensive geophysical prospecting methods are applied in geothermal exploration to identify the geological condition. Based on geological, hydrogeological data, the methods of gravity, magnetic and CSAMT are implemented in this geothermal exploration. The research indicates that Tangtou area exists two faults, NW and NS direction, which control the distribution of hot spring. The paper discusses the prospect of geothermal resources exploration and provides the basis for further utilization.

        Topic: Geophysics Paper Number: 13043

         Session 8P: Poster 2 [Tuesday 11th May 2021, 11:00 pm] (UTC-8)
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