Connectivity Analysis of the Habanero Enhanced Geothermal System


Chaoshui XU, Peter Alan DOWD, Doone WYBORN, Rosemarie MOHAIS

Key Words:

stochastic rock fracture modelling; discrete fracture network;

Geo Location:

Habanero Field, Australia; Cooper Basin, Australia


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Enhanced Geothermal Systems



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A realistic fracture model that adequately describes a fracture-stimulated reservoir is fundamental for subsequent flow and heat transfer analyses of the system. This paper describes a method to create such a model using seismic events recorded during the fracture stimulation process. The method is a Bayesian framework in the form of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation that effectively produces a fracture model conditioned by the seismic point cloud. The method is applied to Geodynamics’ Habanero reservoir in the Cooper Basin of South Australia and detailed connectivity analysis between Habanero 1 and 3 is reported. The freeware FracSim3D is used for the analyses.

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