Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) – Fluid Handling and Evaluation


Kristinn Ingason, Albert Albertsson, Bjarni Pálsson, Claus Ballzus, Halldór Ármannsson, Jónas Matthíasson, Sverrir Ţórhallsson, Teitur Gunnarsson

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Iceland Deep Drilling, supercritical steam, superheated steam, geothermal utilization


World Geothermal Congress




39. Iceland Deep Drilling Project



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The first IDDP well was drilled in the Krafla geothermal area in the first half of 2009. The plan was to drill into a high-temperature hydrothermal system with the aim of finding superheated or supercritical fluid at a temperature of 400 – 600 °C at a depth below 3.5 km. However, the drilling was stopped at a depth of 2100m , as it became clear that the drill rig had drilled into magma. The thermodynamic and chemical properties of the fluid expected to flow from the well are unknown. The IDDP fluid handling and evaluation group (FHE) has been developing a plan for the characterization of the fluid and its subsequent utilization for energy production. This plan is outlined in the paper. The design and material selection are discussed, and the logging and measuring programs are described.

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