Modeling Energy Performances and Availability of Geothermal Structures


Ioan Felea, A.C. Blaga

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cascaded uses, power generation, space heating, district heating, reliability, balneology, biomass


World Geothermal Congress




38. Integrated Energy Systems, Cascaded Uses



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The first part of the paper describes the main equipment used for cascaded geothermal uses (CGU), defining the input and output values and the possible perturbations in the system. In the second part, the reliability” functions of the system and of its subsystems are defined. A mathematical model is then presented for the evaluation of safety and availability indices for CGU based on the elements and subsystems. The final parts contains references for the “objective” function of CGU systems and for the way of applying the “maximum economic efficiency” criteria, with the purpose of optimizing the diagram and the momentary operating structure of CGU.

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