Study on the HEMS Technique to Control Heat-harm and Utilize Geo-thermal Enegy in Deep Mine


He Manchao, Guo Pingye, Yang Jun

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Deep mine, high temperature, heat-harm control, mine discharge,deep geothermal energy

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World Geothermal Congress




38. Integrated Energy Systems, Cascaded Uses



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With the increasing of exploitation scope and intensity, the shallow resources is getting less and less, which make the deep mining more and more essential. While the exploitation depth getting deeper and deeper, the heat-harm of high temperature becomes one of the main barriers of deep mining, and has seriously impact on the utilize of deep resources. Through the investigation of high temperature coal mine in northern China, three models of high temperature heat-harm mine, that is Jiahe model Sanhejian mode and Zhangshuanglou mode, was summed up. After summarizing the cooling technology of the mine at home and abroad, and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and the existing problems, the HEMS(High Temperature Exchange Machinery System) technology of heat-harm control in deep mine is proposed, which put the mine discharge as the cold source. Meanwhile, with the example of JiaHe Coal Mine, this technology of heat-harm control is introduced systematically. It accomplishes its operations by disposing three main workstation that has corresponding functions in different exploitation level, such as the extraction of the refrigerating output by refrigeration equipment, the transportation of the chilled water by closed circulation line, the decompression of the circulation line and equipment by pressure transformation machine, and the heat exchange and cooling of workplace by heat exchange between wind stream and the chilled water. Particularly, the exchanged heat form the workplace is taken to ground heating by the circulating water being acted as a carrier, which reflects the design concept to protect the environment and to reduce the emission of deleterious air. The results of the project illustrate that the HEMS-technology to control the heat-harm is efficient. The temperature of the workplace is brought down to 26-29 centigrade, which is 4-6 centigrade lower than the original, and the relative humidity is 5-15﹪ lower than before. It greatly improves the working environment of the workplace where the heat-harm of high temperature and high humidity lasts for a quite long time. On the other hand,It extracts deep geothermal energy successful replacing ground fired boiler for heating, reducing environmental pollution. And it is worth generalizing in deep mine and related fields.

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