Hydrogen Production from Water by Using Hydrogen Sulfide as Reducing Agent in Hydrothermal Reactions


Cuixiang Ma, Fangming Jin, Guangyi Zhang, Xu Zeng, Jianglin Cao, Takeo Mogi, Atsushi Kishita and Heiji Enomoto

Key Words:

Hydrogen; Hydrogen sulfide; Hydrothermal reaction; Geothermal energy


World Geothermal Congress




37. Advanced Technology (Magma, Geopressure, etc.)



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The aim of this work is to investigate the hydrogen generation from water using H2S as a reducer in hydrothermal reactions. The effects of reaction temperature, reaction time and initial pH values of reaction solution on the production of hydrogen from water were studied. The experimental results showed that hydrogen could be produced from water only when the reaction temperature was beyond 200oC. Moreover, the hydrogen production strongly depended on the initial pH values of the solution. Under strong alkaline conditions the hydrogen production from water was much higher than that under acidity or weak alkaline conditions. The possible mechanism of hydrogen production was discussed.

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