Petrologic Evaluation of the Southern Part of Berlin Geothermal Field, El Salvador


Elizabeth Torio Henriquez

Key Words:

Stratigraphical changes, petrography, caprock, Berlin geothermal field

Geo Location:

Berlin, El Salvador


World Geothermal Congress




12. Geology



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Petrologic data has been used to determine the stratigraphical changes, mineral zoning, thermal history and permeability in Berlin geothermal field.
Petrographic and mineralogical analyses showed that the caprock at wells TR-17 and TR-18 is found at higher elevation (500 masl to sea level), composed of altered fine tuff and ignimbritic deposits, confirming the vertical displacement of the Berlín caldera.
Past and present thermal regimes were identified using microthermometry of fluid inclusions in different crystals. Measurement at depths indicated a temperature reversal of 256 – 258°C in wells TR-17 and TR-18, where temperature of homogenization (Th) obtained a maximum temperature of 346°C.
Geochemical data was plotted in variation diagrams to see the trend of the major oxides and relate to the hydrothermal alteration processes.
This paper will focus on the five production wells (TR-17, TR-17A, TR-17B, TR-18 and TR-18A) at the southern part of the field.

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