Well Intervention Case Study of Well MG-1, Leyte Geothermal Production Field, Philippines


R. N. Colina, J. B. Omagbon, G. E. Parayno, R. P. Andrino, D. M. Yglopaz, R. C. M. Malate, F. X. M. Sta. Ana and J. J. C. Austria

Key Words:

Leyte Philippines, wellbore simulation, side-view camera, downhole video camera

Geo Location:

Mahanagdong, Philippines; Leyte


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Reservoir Engineering



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Production well MG-1 in the Mahanagdong sector of the Leyte Geothermal Production Field (LGPF), was worked over in 2009 to recover its production capacity that has declined due to mineral deposition and mechanical obstructions possibly caused by casing or liner damage. Two technologies wellbore simulation and downhole video, became instrumental in guiding the course of the workover to its completion and maximize its results.

Wellbore simulation was conducted to predict the possible outcomes of different workover strategies or scenarios. Downhole video technology showed the actual condition of the casing and liner. This ensured the selection of the proper workover tools and application of appropriate strategies to address the downhole conditions.

Implementation of well intervention program have been enhanced and optimized with wellbore diagnostics reinforced by proper application of wellbore simulation and downhole video technology.

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