Geothermal CO2 Bio-Mitigation Techniques by Utilizing Microalgae at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Indra Suryata, Halldor G. Svavarsson, Sigurbjörn Einarsson, Ása Brynjólfsdóttir and Grzegorz Maliga

Key Words:

microalgae, CO2 sequestration, photobioreactors, svartsengi, iceland

Geo Location:

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Field Studies



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This paper describes the techniques used to sequester the CO2 from geothermal power plant’s flue gas by means of photosynthetic microalgae. Some fundamental parameters of microalgae growth (pH-level, CO2 feed rate, temperature and illumination conditions) were analyzed in the process of optimizing its growth. A unique microalgae species that thrives in the geothermal area of the Blue Lagoon at the Reykjanes peninsula was investigated. The preliminary results published here provide additional alternatives for managing CO2 greenhouse gas emission from geothermal power plant and also provide additional value for the microalgae biomass production. It is demonstrated that geothermal flue gas can be efficiently used as a feedstock for microalgae cultivation.

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