Geothermal Power Plant Concepts in the Pannonian Basin in Hungary


Attila Kujbus

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Pannonian Basin, power plant, model

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The Pannonian Basin has one of the best geothermal potential in the European continent. However, no geothermal power plant facility exists in Central-Eastern Europe. There are professional investors in Hungary, their focus is on geothermal power plant project development.
Having reviewed the available geological and geophysical data, the existing and potential geothermal areas, three main geothermal power plant model groups can be set up according to their power.
The first model has a capacity below 2 MWe. Medium depth sandstone reservoirs can be appropriate to achieve this capacity. In order to increase the effectiveness of these small-scale power plants hybrid systems are to be designed or existing technologies are to be utilized.
The capacity of the second model is between 2 5 MWe. From the output enthalpy direct heat can be provided in a cascade system.
From deeper fractured carbonate reservoirs the enthalpy of the produced thermal water makes the opportunity to establish 5 12 MWe capacity power plants. During the exploration of these projects there are really big challenges to be solved (extremely high overpressure, water salinity).
The development of the geothermal business strongly depends on the macroeconomic background. Based on the power plant models there is a pessimistic, a realistic and an optimistic schedule of the Hungarian geothermal power plant establishment process till 2020.
The presentation describes the models and the development schedules.

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