Development of Measurement Method of Steam-Water Two-Phase Flow System Using Single Frequency Waves


Khasani, Indarto, A. Harijoko, T. Dwikorianto, and S. Patangke

Key Words:

measurement, flow rate, single frequency wave


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Production Engineering



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The measurement method of steam and water flow rates by using several single frequency waves has been carried out. The measurement apparatus consists of transmitter, receiver, mixer, sound card, and laptop. The transmitter is clamped on the pipe and used for emitting the sound which will be absorbed by the fluid. The receiver is used for capturing the signal. In order to magnify and to make the signal softer, the mixer is required. Due to the number of input signals, the sound card is utilized for recording the signals. Software Cool Edit Pro Version 2.0 is chosen for generating frequency signal where locked frequencies of several values are selected. Installing all hardware, several measurements of different mass flow rates are performed to obtain the correlation between mass flow rates and the amplitudes of the signals. The study showed that the correlation between measured flow rates and the response amplitudes may depend on the flow rate and the fraction of each phase.

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