The Natural State Numerical Model of Takigami Geothermal Reservoir, Oita, Japan


Saeid Jalilinasrabady, Ryuichi Itoi, Hiroki Gotoh, Toshiaki Tanaka

Key Words:

Takigami,geothermal power plant, energy, exergy, single flash, Japan

Geo Location:

Takigami, Japan


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Production Engineering



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The natural state model was developed in the takigami geothermal field, using TOUGH2 simulator.
Conceptual model of the field was constructed as well as grid blocks. The rock types were assigned to each block in several layers. Initial and boundary conditions were defined according to available data. Model validation was done by matching available downhole temperature. The best model could successfully reproduce the initial temperature profiles of 10 wells located in the production area.

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