A Prospect Geothermal Potential of an Abandoned Copper Mine


AnikÛ TÛth and ElemÈr Bobok

Key Words:

abandoned mine, Hungary

Geo Location:

Recsk, Hungary


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Reservoir Engineering



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In the '70s an important copper ore mine was implemented in Recsk Northern Hungary. Unfortunately as soon as the driving of the roadways have finished the activities had been suspended, because the decreasing price of the copper in the international market. The mine became abandoned, roadways and the shafts were flooded by mine water. The abandoned mine has got a substantial geothermal potential. The terrestrial heat flow is anomalously high: 0,108 W/m2, the temperature is 59,5 0C at the lower level in the depth of 1160 m. The heat transfer surface is more than 150.000m2. Using a heat pump this potential is suitable for heating of the nearby wellness area.

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