An Analytic Study of Geothermal Reservoir Pressure Response to Cold Water Reinjection


Y.W. Tsang and C.F. Tsang


Stanford Geothermal Workshop







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Various aspects of reinjection of cooled geothermal water into the geothermal reservoir have been studied by many authors. question of practical relevance is the calculation of reinjection pressures required. These pressures on the one hand determine the pumping requirements which are important inputs to the technical and economical feasibilities of the project. On the other hand, they may also be used as baseline data. As time goes on, if the pressure measured becomes much in excess of the calculated values, some kind of plugging may be occurring and remedial action would have to be taken.

For isothermal cases where the injected water is at the same temperature as the reservoir water, the pressure change is simply given by the Theis solution in terms of an exponential integral. shows that this pressure change is directly proportional to the viscosity. temperature. viscosity changes by a factor of 3 (whereas the density of water changes by about 20%). The solution It turns out that the viscosity is a strong function of Over a range of temperatures from 100?C to 20%). This is illustrated in Figure 1.

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